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People Whose Minds Work Differently Than Ours

People are different and their minds work differently. What you see as a normal thing can be thought in a different way by someone else. The result can be an ingenious innovation or plain laughter.  Check out these acts and…

People Who Resist Their Age And Won Time

Nobody likes getting old. But it is an inevitable phenomenon, and everyone has to get on with it. Although people cannot stop from getting old, they sure can resist their age and won time.  According to scientific researches, if you…

Stephen Hawking’s Perfect Advice For People With Depression

Depression drives away hope from one’s life. It is a real energy drainer. People diagnosed with depression find it difficult to deal with every aspect of life. It takes time to feel better and live every day in a positive…

Lucky People Who Found the Rarest Things

Most of us do not feel very lucky, but there are many lucky people around the world.  They find their luck in discovering anything startling which can be worth a million dollars or has some message hidden within itself.

10 Parents Who Managed To Make Life Easier With Kids

In today’s modern world, parenting young minds is often considered to be a difficult task because it has its own challenges and complications. But these difficulties do not mean that the parents put their hands down with respect to their…

10 Ingenious Teachers Whose Classes Are So Good That One Would Not Want To Miss

Whoever says that the job of a teacher is easy needs to review the statement because it’s high time they know the inside story. It’s not only a thankless job but also one where stagnation seeps after a short duration.

Powerful Couples Who Show Love Transforms People For The Best

Love transforms people! It is a fact. We gear ourselves up for the upcoming transformations in our life when we are into a relationship. But what if those changes are for good! What if the love of your partner motivates…

Founders Of Our Most Favorite Brands Who Don’t Usually Show Their Faces

Mark Zuckerberg is a name that immediately reminds us of Facebook. But he’s not the only one who’s given us our favorite brands.