George Carlin’s Cynical Sayings That Will Make You Laugh And Think

Humor goes beyond slapstick jokes and lame one-liners. If you think about it, it is really powerful in making people sit up and take notice of their own complacency. It can be used to influence how we look at the…

George Carlin – Life is worth Losing (2005)

Life Is Worth Losing is the 18th album and thirteenth HBO special by American comedian George Carlin. It was recorded simultaneously with the live broadcast of the HBO special of the same title, his 13th HBO stand-up comedy special, and was his final special recorded from…

George Carlin – Complaints and Grievances (2001)

Complaints and Grievances is a 2001 George Carlin show on the Bacon Theater NYC. He begins the show talking about the 9-11 and the terrorism, he continues complaining about people needs and habits with his own way and he finally ends…

George Carlin – You are All Diseased (1999)

You Are All Diseased is the 16th album and 11th HBO live broadcast stand-up special by comedian George Carlin, recorded on February 6, 1999 at the Beacon Theater in New York City and released on CD in May of that year.

George Carlin – Back in Town (1996)

Back in Town is George Carlin‘s 15th album and ninth HBO special. It was also released on CD on September 17, 1996. This was also his first of many performances at the Beacon Theater in New York City.

George Carlin – What Am I Doing in New Jersey (1988)

What Am I Doing in New Jersey? is the 12th album and sixth HBO special by American comedian George Carlin. It was recorded at the Park Performing Arts Center in Union City, New Jersey for anHBO special and released on August 15, 1988.

George Carlin – Playin' with Your Head (1986)

  Playin’ with Your Head was recorded May 2-3, 1986, at the Beverly Theater in Los Angeles, and was released on July 30, 1986 on the Eardrum/Atlantic label.It was also Carlin’s fifth HBO stand-up concert special. In the HBO airing there…

George Carlin – On Campus (1984)

Carlin on Campus is the 10th album and fourth HBO special by American comedian George Carlin recorded April 18–19, 1984. The show features mostly new material. The opening features Carlin in Catholic School with a short version of “Class Clown” and animation shorts.