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THIS Sickening Reason Is Why You Should NEVER Buy Food From Jimmy John’s Again!

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  1. 10 dollar mediocre sandwiches were bad enough

  2. I wouldn’t spend 5 cents with this company.

  3. Haven’t ever eaten there and never really considered it. The commercials annoy me enough

  4. boycott this man, he seems to have enough money

  5. Tim Fetty says:

    I’ll never eat there again

  6. They just opened one here. I will never eat there.

  7. Paul Biolsi says:

    Too bad we as a country don’t care about our unborn babies being slaughtered everyday through abortions as much as you care about these animals. Get your priorities straight!

  8. Timothy Mark says:

    I’ll gladly take his right thumb, left ear and entire jaw as trophy.

  9. it will happen when his time is up, his soul leave the bodyshell and he will have to meet up the gods and goddess

  10. ….. yeah, okay…..

  11. Helen Mazian says:

    It is possible to care about both, as many of us do.

  12. Since January of 2016 900000 plus and counting babies have been aborted. Where is the outcry to that? Get your priorities in order.

  13. Pamela Cohen says:

    We vote with our dollars.

  14. I am through with Jimmie Johns. Didn’t really care for it .

  15. This post isn’t about abortion. Duh

  16. What about all the homeless kids?? How many have you adopted??? And this post isn’t about abortion. Duh

  17. No shit, it’s all about nature

  18. Tam Wear says:

    I agree never again will eat there ..

  19. This is sickening, these sort of people need to be stopped, it’s just ego, to try to prove they’re big and strong, it makes me sick to my stomach…… It was on the news last night saying that within a decade most animals such as the lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos etc will be extinct. It’s all because of these cowards who kill for pleasure. Something needs to be done to stop these people

  20. Rob Macormac says:

    This subhuman is an arsewipe of the highest order.

  21. Old and outdated news folks. Not only were his hunts perfectly legal (whether you approve of hunting or not, he didn’t break any laws), but it’s something he no longer does anyway.

  22. Why isn’t he imprisoned, when he is clearly breaking the law??

  23. Donald Wilk says:

    Went there once. Not impressed. Dinky portion, too much money. Never went back. That was 10 years ago.

  24. Please pass this on & share. Sorry for his employees but he needs to end this.

  25. JimmieBallgame says:

    I would personally love to shove that rhino’s horn up his ass. ALL THE WAY.

  26. Gwen Pruitt says:

    This is so pathetic. I just don’t understand how some one can kill an helpless animal. Hope he rots in hell

  27. Blake Canham-Bennett says:


  28. Blake Canham-Bennett says:

    And furthermore:

  29. Jerry Dunnagan says:

    Jimmy Johns is a franchise folks! Not spending money at your Jimmy Johns won’t hurt this dude at all. Just the family that spent their savings to open it!

  30. Victoria Warnar says:

    NEVER will I go to JIMMY Johns again…

    Thank YOU for bringing this MONSTER in the light…
    Killing for WHAT… So you can tell your LOSER friends you killed a defenseless animal.

  31. TriangleTeaParty says:

    Skank, how do you know this? How?

  32. ozarkgrannie says:

    Why do you spread lies. Educate yourself b4 running your mouth!

  33. Leslie Namet says:

    Lol, because he is not

  34. M Nov says:

    She’s not spreading lies. Check the internet…there are tons of pictures of Trumps looooooser sons trophy hunting.

  35. M Nov says:

    Get your priorities right and save your rants for a forum that’s about the right to choose.

  36. Jeremy Wilburn says:

    Elephants kill 500 people a year……nah, we’ll just overlook that little nugget. Carry on.

  37. Teresa Long says:

    Never go to Jimmy Johns, I hope this is not true and this is fake news as he sucks as a human being and as far as being able to work within a 3 mile radious. What is he going to do? It is your right to work where ever you want to work, even if it is next door. What is he afraid of??? You might be able to create the same flipping sandwich that subway and everyother sandwich shop makes! Get over it Jimmy Johns!

  38. mdtuch says:

    It’s called a no-compete clause.

  39. MisterLiteral says:

    World Elephant Population: around 700,000 (700 thousand)
    World Human Population: around 7,000,000,000 (7 billion)
    Percentages sure do make your comment seem ridiculous.

    Nah, we’ll just overlook that little nugget. Carry on.

  40. MisterLiteral says:

    This was exposed about Jimmy John’s CEO years ago (around 5 years ago I think). Glad to see it’s making rounds our social media again. JJs used to be my absolute favorite sandwich place, but haven’t been back since I saw this about 3 years ago.

  41. MisterLiteral says:

    What about the 10s of millions of potential children that died on your mom’s face last week? Where is the outcry for that? Get your priorities in order.

  42. Lara Meier says:

    This is so old! His head quartes is in my town and he is a good man that gives back to the community. If you don’t agree with the hunting ok I get it but look into it before judging and coming up with bs arguments and believeing what someone else has posted and writing about someone who is better off or has diffrent beliefs. He is not the reason these photos have gotten out but someone that had a gruge and made a quick judgment call about him. This is sad and heart breaking I do not condone but I don’t know all the details so I will not make up an excuse but I do know that what this post says is not accurate and the pics are at least 10 years old if my memory serves me right. STOP WORRYING ABOUT OTHERS IM SURE YOUR NOT ANY BETTER, YOUR JUST A HORRIBLE PERSON IN A DIFFRENT WAY!

  43. Rachael says:

    Thank you, MisterLiteral, for explaining that to him. Elephants are extremely endangered. Also, many times elephants kill people because people are invading their space. We are stealing their land. Their numbers are plummeting. Do some research.

  44. sonotaliberal says:

    True, and also legal. But then, legalities don’t seem to matter to this bunch.

  45. sonotaliberal says:

    Please, do, go live with them and protect them. They need you.

  46. sonotaliberal says:

    When you have researched the laws yourself (absolutely possible with the internet these days) do come back and let us all know why he is still a free man.

  47. Ole Man says:

    This is so bogus!

  48. jill says:

    Maybe one will step on you

  49. Lorraine Stanton says:

    Still shows what kind of person he is. Sickening to see him there with his thumbs-up and acting so gleeful over a dead elephant, a noble, kind and beautiful creature he took the life of, we will never get the ones he already killed back.

  50. Eric Superfluous Man says:

    I’m going to buy an extra Jimmy John’s sandwich just to make up for someone who isn’t because of this.

  51. Stan Kane says:

    Go ahead. I think their sandwiches suck.

  52. Terri says:

    This has NOTHING to do with Trump……Stay on track

  53. terri says:

    Not about TRUMP, did you see headlines on article????

  54. Janine Boneparth says:

    I pray you keep your tight little ignorant comments and the body that houses them well inside the boundaries of the United States. Shocking, the idiocy.

  55. Dubayew says:

    He broke the laws of common decency. Anyone that gets a thrill from simply killing, no hunting involved, no risk to himself is mentally unbalanced.

  56. Steve says:

    So, he likes to ‘hunt’. There are proclivities much more abhorrent to me;Trump supporter, Clinton supporter. The only determinant as to whether I patronize a restaurant or not? The food tastes freaky good. (Jimmy John’s doesn’t pass.) Unfortunately, there are too many freaky lazy people who think a sub-mediocre-at-best sandwich delivered is a freaky super idea, which lets this guy do whatever he wants with his cash.

  57. Thomas Lupo says:

    His sandwiches ***!

  58. teacher says:

    For god’s sake. Go back to school and at least get literate if you cannot do anything else to improve your meager intelligence. Your=possession. You’re=you are.

  59. teacher says:

    Skank–because stories about his idiot, privileged, creepy sons have been all over the place for months.

  60. teacher says:

    Yeah. We can pretty well tell that people like you without any iota of conscious are not liberals. You don’t need to advertise that.

  61. teacher says:

    Knock yourself out. Hope you don’t choke on it while swallowing.

  62. teacher says:

    I believe it’s called compensation for tiny hands or whatever else happens to undoubtedly be really, really tiny.

  63. Curben Justic says:

    He gave up and recanted this practice about 15 years ago . Of his own accord mind you.

    Also the other things that I saw the article listed about Jimmy John’s hiring practices are also not true.

    That’s what the article claims yes he used to do this but I think the last time he did was 2003 and he eventually came to see it as a bad practice and dessisted on his own.

    Long before any boycotts for mentioned. And technically the purpose of a boycott is and should be to get someone to change a policy or behavior which he didn’t help the boycott so really this isn’t even a reason to boycott. Now if you don’t like the food that’s one thing. Or maybe there’s something else that he does that is currently true but this isn’t one of them.

  64. Joeb says:

    I bet you believe everything on the internet is true as well as what the MSM tells you.

  65. Warren Meneghello says:

    This was back in 2010 !! Now that he has buckled to pressure, that makes him a good guy now ?? People are so easy to forget others indiscretions !! Well I am not one of them !! It s says a lot about a person that was even willing to do something like this !!!

  66. animalkingdom8 says:

    His sons host hunting fundraisers. This is fact. They have no problem admitting killing wildlife. It isn’t at all shameful to them.

  67. Warren Meneghello says:


  68. Warren Meneghello says:

    Me, I hope he does !! LOL

  69. Curben Justic says:

    Available records show his last hunt in 2003. He looked at the practice himself and decided to quit nothing came to light about it like it has recently until many years after he quit the practice.

  70. Curben Justic says:

    I’m trying to wrap my head around your statement. You’re pointing out the things are legal but then saying legal doesn’t matter to them?

  71. Curben Justic says:

    Big game hunts were when he was doing these legal and still are. He has however stop the practice back in 2003

  72. Jsplash says:

    statistically it is estimated that annually over ten thousand people are killed by animals in Africa. (most by big game) To all of you bleeding hearts out there remember these are wild animals that have no feelings toward human. To them we are food. Wild animals in many cases kill humans with less discretion then “big game hunters”, mauling or trampling innocent men, women and children simply to show dominance. So to all of you whiny little self righteous hypocrites “Human lives matter” more than animals.

  73. Nic Cherches says:

    Did you idiots know that big game hunting in many parts of the world provides the needed money to save a species… Hear me out… Wealthy American’s often go to very pour nations to hunt big game and pay a lot of money to not only companies but to the country for a permit. This VERY EXPENSIVE permit often provides funds for game wardens, conservation efforts, etc to help control their un-regulated killings by poachers. Do some research and you will see that what Jimmy is doing is actually doing a lot of good in the animal conservation movement.

  74. dgr says:

    A better solution would be to kill off the trophy hunters since this world has an over-population problem. Then use all their riches to help with these poor people and animal conservation. This is all about choosing who lives and who dies for the good of everyone right?

  75. gunny55 says:

    Yeah, and I can make one of you trophy hunting too. Numnuts.

  76. gunny55 says:

    You GUYS lost, or didn’t you hear about it? SMH!!!

  77. gunny55 says:

    I have heard a lot about the hunter and the animals he was hunting. I have heard how bad the hunter is and how endangered the animals are. But I have heard no one say one thiing about the government who is selling the permits to him to LEGALLY hunt. If its that important to you then stop the permits from being issued. He can’t hunt those animals LEGALLY without those permits. SMDH!!!

  78. Ron says:

    I would never go except to hope I could meet him and punch his fat *** nose

  79. Harbinger08 says:

    Total bullshit. Do you have a serious issue with reading comprehension? Go back to drinking your Brawndo.

  80. Kayla says:

    the part about requiring staff to work when sick is not exclusive to JJ’s, many places discourage staff from calling in and if they are down a person or two they dont ask other staff to cover either way the customer suffered. when i was 19 i worked kitchen prep at a small chain, almost always down to one person when we had enough work for two. got bronchitis, this wasn’t enough to take time off, no clue how many customers got sicks because i was handling their food. think about this next time you eat out

  81. Tryrun Smith says:

    Killing for sport is wrong period.

  82. debbiehm says:

    Actually, Trump had nothing to do with their hunting- they learned that sport from their mother’s father- But I know you probably don’t want to be confused by the facts-

  83. debbiehm says:

    But Trump has nothing to do with it- HE doesn’t hunt-

  84. Clarence J Renouard says:

    I found out about this goon about 3 years ago, and never went to his sheet hole place again.

  85. Alex LeClair says:

    Do your own research Jesus Christ, stop believing everything you see on the internet.

  86. Alex LeClair says:

    That’s great, now go take it up with the people who sell these animals lives to be legally poached, not one man who doesn’t even do it anymore.

    If you think boycotting jimmy johns is somehow doing anything then you’re a fool.

  87. Paul B says:

    Maybe he doesn’t beat his wife anymore either. His past activities are enough for me to judge his character. The people who sell these animals are desperate for money. A millionaire has so many choices on what to do with their spare time.

  88. Paul B says:

    Crocodile tears for his lost profits – nothing more.

  89. Paul B says:

    What a bizarre, backwards way of looking at the world.

  90. Victoria Lea Courter says:

    He may have done this, but IT DOESNT MEAN THE FOOD OR THE EMPLOYEES ARE BAD TOO.. most of us are just trying to make a living like everyone else. Just because he did this YEARS ago doesn’t mean he is still doing it, nor does it mean that you need to be so dramatic about it. If some redneck did this, you wouldn’t be so dramatic now would you?
    Move on and grow up. Geez.
    He didn’t do anything illegal.

  91. Teresa Haugen says:

    But people don’t seem to be bothered by killing helpless babies smh

  92. MidgardMortal says:

    Perfectly “legal” certainly does not equate with moral or decent….
    Strikes me as being one sick ba$tard.
    No JJ for me.

  93. Kurt Ainsworth says:

    I love to hear how these dumb a$$ people say “I used to love them sandwiches until I heard he is a hunter” What the hell do you think those sandwiches are made of? Animals that’s what! Wild meat or raised on a farm is no different. Do a little research on that, that you condemn. Every where where hunting is allowed and regulated the animal population is thriving. Where it is outlawed is where poaching runs out of control. The person that wrote this is just plane full of elephant dung.

  94. MidgardMortal says:

    How many kids have you adopted? How many single mothers have you helped? How many low-income people have you helped pay for contraceptives?
    Where are your priorities?

  95. Mark Stevens says:

    Teacher… That’s low! If you can’t argue with what she wrote, there’s no need to look down your nose at her.

  96. Anne says:

    He should be convicted, and serve the maximum sentence in a zoo, next to the cats. Eat the same thing… or near the elephants eating leftover pumpkins!

  97. Cook says:

    So what….Starbucks needs to be boycotted, but I bet most of you still go there. Go jimmy! If they are going to let you do it , then keep doing it. I think I’m going to eat JJ today. Black Rhino sub……

  98. dat_MF says:

    SMH — you’re pathetic for making that comparison. And you’re a woman, too???
    Geeeez, wake the “F” up… it’s the 21st Century!!!
    I actually feel sorry for all of you religious people… ‘cuz when your time comes, you will find out that there is no “GOD” or “Heaven”… just nothingness.

  99. AlmostaCowboy says:

    The only thing this fairy tale was missing was “Once upon a time”.
    What a load of BS!

  100. Cee Hep says:

    When you read about crime and they give you all the prior crime one commits, you judge then. This is no different.

  101. Shelly Burg says:

    That’s eye opening and makes me actually sick. How this people find this fun and don’t care how they are ruining how animals are supposed to balance each out so there isn’t more animals starving to death. Some humans are an embarrassment and make me ashamed that’s also why I love people that can go and help and make a impact for animals that cannot. Thank you to all of u that do everything to help animals. I hope Jimmy John is bankrupt and shut down within the month!!!!!

  102. Soloved says:

    Actually it is a great comparison. As both are quite defenseless! And what does being in the 21 st century have to do with anything? If it has anything to do with abortion, it should be that we have such wonderful machines and science now to prove that there is a living human being in the womb and it should be protected, just like our animal friends.
    For instance; Federal law provides that people can actually go to prison and a maximum fine of $5,000, for taking, shooting, shooting at, poisoning, wounding, killing, capturing, trapping, collecting, molesting or disturbing a bald or golden eagle “egg”.
    I’d really like to know why an eagle egg is treated the same as an adult eagle (isn’t it only a “potential eagle”) when an unborn child is treated like a non-human.
    Well, tell me, why?

  103. tmf_x says:

    Comparing him to a poacher is intellectually dishonest.

  104. tmf_x says:

    easy. you pay the money to do so, go out, take aim, and pull the trigger. Its quite easy.

    Now having to walk up to, say, an injured deer and slit its throat, thats a bit more messy.

  105. tmf_x says:

    NO its actually not “bogus.” But by all means, cite your sources for BOGUSNESS. After all that video cited their sources.

  106. tmf_x says:

    Personally, I think we need more abortions.

  107. tmf_x says:

    so if I stab a mouse through the neck as I hold it under my shoe, is that bad? If I kill 3 deer in a season, is that bad? If I mow over a small nest of bunnies in my yard because they will grow up and eat the garden, is that bad?

    I just dont get what wildlife is okay to kill and what isnt.

  108. animalkingdom8 says:

    Yes, all of those things are bad. It’s not ok to kill any of the wildlife. If you sincerely don’t get that, you’re a miserable person and lacking in compassion or conscience. I suspect you’re really a troll and just have a lot of time to waste irritating people though.

  109. animalkingdom8 says:

    He he really stopped hunting big game and endangered animals? If so, that’s great. But how do you know?

  110. Mark Rosen says:

    I will never patronize Jimmy John’s again, and I will make sure all my friends know about this too.

  111. Curben Justic says:

    All his hunts were legal and this there was paperwork for them. The last hunt that can be found was from 2003.

    Plus his own systems can be found about why he gave up the practice.

    Yes it’s possible he could still be somehow, but there is no recent documentation anywhere that anyone has been able to produce showing any such activity.

  112. Scott says:

    In other words the stories are true. I for one will never eat there again. The only reason he stopped was because it was hurting his business. Your point makes no sense.

  113. Scott says:

    Who cares if it was a few years back. It’s obvious the only reason he stopped was because of the publicity. I for one will never eat there again. And it’s disgusting that you fall back to ‘he didn’t break any laws’

  114. Scott says:

    Those are separate issues – get a clue. That doesn’t make what he did any better.

  115. Scott says:

    seriously? he did horrible things and the only reason he stopped was because of the publicity. stop worrying about others???? get over yourself – this isn’t about what other people do, this is about the horrible things this man did, and he needs to be held accountable for his actions. it’s disgusting you’d defend his actions.

  116. Scott says:

    Open mouth, remove all doubt.

  117. William Strong says:

    Good analogy.

  118. Helen Wolfenden says:

    I really don’t understand the thrill him and others like him get from killing a living breathing creature. Are humans next on their list?

  119. Faith Allen says:

    Does he hunt with Ted Nugent???

  120. Della McGaw says:

    do you eat what you kill? to most people that is the test to deciding what is okay and what isn’t. Most people have no problem with hunting if you are going to use the animal for food, just as most people do have a problem with trophy hunting.

  121. Borissgal says:

    First of all this CEO is spending money made from his business, not directly taking the money from “your” sandwich. That’s ridiculous. Second, if you don’t like him or his business, don’t eat there. Lastly, there are permits issued by the African Government for each animal. Americans cannot bring any part of an animal back to the states or have it shipped here if it does not have a permit so maybe your anger should be aimed at them first. How much anyone spends on one of these hunts is irrelevant, what is relevant is who they are getting permission from.

  122. Deez says:

    You are retarded how about dat_mf’r

  123. Alaina Hickey says:

    Eagles are endangered.
    Humans are not.

  124. William Johnston says:

    Very enlightening.

  125. skidtwo says:

    Perhaps it is time to hunt Jimmy. Yes I think so. What a pathetic excuse for a human. Perfect justice would be a gut shot to destroy his digestive system and deprive him of ever enjoying food again.

  126. Sarah Lockwood Plain says:

    well at least it looks like he ate most of the elephant, lol

  127. nickw says:

    I’ll eat there, twice as much now……The trophy fees he paid as a hunter helped 100s of game animals, The African Countries which have embraced, and encouraged sport hunting, ALL have growing herds….The countries where it has been banned, are ALL in trouble….This article just shows the level of hysterical ignorance, surrounding hunting…..every ounce of meat, every square inch of hide, and even the bones are used from safari meat….This guy spent close to a million bucks, which goes much farther to sustain the animals, and people of Africa, than any of the weeping Sallys posting here….Hunters are conservationists, learn the facts, and don’t let your emotions rule your brain…The REAL threat to wildlife in Africa, is POACHING, Habitat, and drought….NOT sport hunting!

  128. Roger Reid says:

    The only reason he stopped was hurting his business? Is that not the reason for boycott? Should you not be proud and forgiving that the boycott worked? If not why boycott in the first place?

  129. Ron04 says:

    One sided anti gun anti hunting biased as always. All emotion zero fact.

    If the species were “endangered” they wouldn’t be being legally hunted in the first place.

    How about you talk about what that safari hunting income means for wildlife management in Africa? It finances nearly 100% of it. Why don’t you talk about what that income means for infrastructure in the villages and provinces where these preserves and parks are located? It pays for clean water and schools and health care. In many cases it is literally the life blood between life and death for residents of these areas.

    But none of that fits your narrative.

    Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one. Don’t like hunting? Don’t hunt. What does that have to do with this guy? I am absolutely certain that his activities were 100% legal in the areas where they took place. Otherwise he’d be an absolute fool to post pictures on public media. I’m also fairly certain that many of these animals were at or nearing the end of their natural lives, but again, you didn’t bother to ask.

    There are two or more sides to every story. Perhaps you should consider all of them.

  130. Ron04 says:

    are you a vegetarian? Where do you think MEAT comes from?

  131. Ron04 says:

    did you seriously just write that? REALLY??

  132. Ron04 says:

    are you a vegetarian?

  133. Ron04 says:


  134. Ron04 says:

    because he did absolutely nothing wrong or illegal….that’s why.

  135. Ron04 says:

    no one here cares about the truth Nick. They’re too busy planning their next trip to save the gay baby whales while working on their child labor produced Ipad and driving their strip mining battery powered Prius.

  136. Ron04 says:

    only if he’s lucky….

  137. Ron04 says:

    are you a vegetarian ?

  138. Ron04 says:

    convicted of what? Supporting the African economy?

  139. Ron04 says:

    The stupid is strong on this thread – I hope they’re all vegetarians because if they’re not they’re a bunch of hypocrites. Then again, aren’t most anti-hunters?

  140. Ron04 says:

    too much fact and common sense Nic – no one here has time for that !!

  141. Ron04 says:

    Uh huh. Wal Mart largest employer in the country. Who do you hurt by not shopping there? Surely not the Walton family…..

  142. cookies4u98 says:

    Maybe you should do some research. Well I have never eaten there. BUT These stories leave A LOT out like for example. The animals he is allowed to kill are elderly or have ailment like a bum leg and they are not in the wild. They are in a specific area. Now he has to pay 100’s of thousands of dollars to get the license to hunt said animal. That goes to the local Tribes. Next he doesn’t get to keep any of the Ivory or the meat that goes to the local tribes as well and can feed them for months! So an animal they would have hunted and killed anyways for food, they now get some rich idiot to do for them they get money to help sustain them for the year and get to eat. There is always a flip side to this. We as a country may not like what he does, but those in other countries who literally still live off the land and Only the land rely on idiots like him to pay for those hunting licenses.

  143. Darrell Neubauer says:

    Not from south africa jackass

  144. Darrell Neubauer says:

    stfu jackass making a complete fool of yourself ARE YOU A VEGETARIAN???????FOOL

  145. Doug Thomassen says:

    can i mount his head for a trophie ?

  146. Helen S Haynie says:

    Just for the fun of it, suppose you are wrong and you die and find out…oops…I made a mistake! There is no turning back. If I believe and it gives me comfort & hope, what have I lost? No, nothing plus I had the security of my belief…free! Think about it.

  147. rjhudson says:

    This moron needs to be taught about virtual reality that doesn’t destroy wildlife. Abn his company, while it employes people, needs to bear the wrath of the public.
    Any person supporting this business, supports this deviant activity – period.
    Boycott Jimmy Johns.

  148. Yexan says:

    Perhaps those rallying for more abortions should demonstrate their sincerity by have a Post Birth Abortion performed on themselves……

  149. John Ward says:

    Great point

  150. Tracy Thomas-Lilley says:

    Never will eat there again!

  151. Paul Gargulak says:

    jimmy john you are a sick mother f***er

  152. Teresa Miller says:

    I once ordered a sandwich to be delivered (Don’t drive) and it took 2 hours! I Kept calling. Was put on hold. Was also told I ordered at shift time and that was why sandwich was delayed. What a bunch of BS! No shift change anywhere takes 2 hrs! I no longer buy anything from JJ’s.

  153. Ron04 says:

    I think I made my point….

  154. John Eargle says:

    I find this killing of these magnificent animals distasteful and even vulgar, but not nearly as bad as killing an unborn human child. I’m afraid all the self-righteous judges are going to be shocked on judgment day.

  155. dang says:

    Get rid of the poor with PPH!! YAY Eugenics at work in the hood.

  156. dang says:

    Yes, it is only OK to kill humans. Humans are the only animal that kills for fun and profit,

  157. dang says:

    Yes, it is only OK to kill humans. Humans are the only animal that kills for fun and profit, Plus they make good trophies.

  158. wendykh says:

    we got plenty of people to spare. Not so much with elephants.

  159. Audra Teeter Ross says:

    That is the truth. Like it or not.

  160. tmf_x says:

    Trophy hunting provides the food to locals. It gets eaten. So its not that bad then right?

  161. tmf_x says:

    but they arent bad. I dont get why you would even remotely say that. I mean, I doubt had I substituted “snake” or “cockroach” for “mouse” you would have cared.

    hunting is a colossal adrenaline rush. and those thee dead deer, including the one whose throat I slit, they all tasted very good. Made some great jerky, let me tell you.

  162. rkress says:

    Disgusting. Sad he has such a warped view of what it is to a human being and living on this planet. Will never eat at his establishment again.

  163. tmf_x says:

    Because its hunting. Why should it be shameful?

  164. tmf_x says:

    Well I dont eat the mouse or the chopped by the lawnmower clutch of baby rabbits. But actual game animals? yeah, totally. But I also shoot them because there might be a glut of males one year. so I steer clear of the does. Or maybe we have a couple of old bucks that are domianting the females and its better for the entire regional population to take them out so we get some more genetic diversity.

    There is planning and conservation to hunting. To insinuate because someone goes on a trophy hunt and kills an elephant that he is a bloodthirsty savage is just insane.

    “”These bulls no longer contribute to the growth of the population and are in a lot of ways detrimental to the growth of the population because black rhinos are very aggressive and territorial. In many cases, they will kill younger, non-breeding bulls and have been known to kill calves and cows,” Carter said this week”

    350K later, a license to hunt that aggressive old endangered Rhino was sold, and the money went to benefit the population. Tell me how any of that is bad?

  165. animalkingdom8 says:

    You’d be wrong. Killing mice and insects is also awful. Again, proving you’re a troll…keyboard shock tactics aren’t shocking at all.

  166. flyboydale54 says:

    Before you try that on a Buck, I suggest gripping his horns with both hands as tightly as you can and have someone else slit the injured deer’s throat. You better hope that deer is injured seriously enough that it can not thrash you violently and attack you. Friends have told of stories where they rescued their son after he shot the deer and thought he was going to gut the deer. Luckily his father was strong enough to jump on also and slit that deer’s throat. They were a needy poorer class of people with good values who needed some meat to feed their family, but that day could of easily ended their son’s life. If it was not for the yearly season on various wild animals, the population of those species would get so large, travel by car would be a very dangerous situation, not to speak about the increase of diseases these animals would get and spread throughout the herds. They kill cattle, chickens, sheep, pigs, for feeding the populations of people, so for those that take part in the yearly hunting seasons, are actually doing society a favor. Now the hunting licenses are so expensive that there are thousands less of hunters, and no longer feasible expense wise. For those that can afford to hunt, I want to say thank you for controlling the populations and helping to keep diseases of these wild animals from becoming epidemics. In my readings I have seen where Wild Pigs have become a real genuine problem with their ridiculous increase in numbers. They are destroying lands, injuring people walking around on lands and in the woods. I believe it would be better to have year round hunting seasons on these Wild Pigs so people could supply their families with Pork meat. The populations have gotten out of control on a lot of wild animal species. They need to be controlled, but not by increasing and increasing the cost of hunting licenses, which is counter productive.

  167. Heather says:

    this yahoo has enough money to do whatever he wants. who are we to complain? want to get pissed off at someone for a black rhino being sold? the LAST? for the horn? why not give AFRICA a call. THEY allow it. THEY license it, THEY sell it. TELL AFRICA NOT TO DO IT. how come the africans aren’t complaining?

  168. Dolphin Lover says:

    They both are helpless but abortion is not the subject here. So one really does not have anything to do with the other at this point. Wow…..some of you folks are really missing the point of the real subject and you all like to ramble on about other crap! Do you all have A.D.D.? You can’t seem to stay on the subject!!!! I never ate at a Jimmy Johns but I had my own reason….I knew nothing about him and his big game hunting!

  169. Richard J. Waldron says:

    I love Jimmy Johns and I have been there and this tree hugging nut job is lying through her teeth. The animals in South Africa are all owned by the land owners and are conserved because they don’t want to deplete the heard or they won’t have an income next season. And tell me how you lure a rhino or elephant off of a national park land buy playing other animal sounds or bait? They eat trees and grass. Stupid! Really? The last female black Rhino I don’t think so. Very hard to belive. I do know you can Hunt them for the right amount of money. But poachers are the ones who are depleting the hearts not LEGALLY HUNTING AMERICANS. So get your story straight and quit lying to people to get your agenda through!

  170. Heather says:

    who’s common and who’s decency? your’s? mine? theirs?

  171. Robert Ford says:

    Alaina…Your logic is idiotic!!. Liberalism=mental disorder

  172. Scott M. Wright says:

    On an actual official hunt, they do pay a high $ amount to hunt, the meat does go to the local village or however they dole out this food. If a person goes on an illegal hunt, then sure the animal does lie their and rot. How are people really to know if this is a legal or illegal company taking them out to hunt? If someone wants to show me police reports showing both sides of the story then I will make up my mind. Just because someone on the internet says something doesn’t make it the truth. Show me the facts and proof of what you say. My family went out deer hunting every year on Thanksgiving. The saying was you kill it you clean it. Everybody had food for a few months with deer jerkey and other types of deer meet. Most people eat meat, eggs (dead chicken fetuses), milk from cows. If you wear leather or sit on leather seats in your cars, where do you think that comes from? If you use electricity where do you think that comes from? This planet is a circular event. Humans are usually on the top tier of the food chain and goes down. Wasting the use of an animal for no purpose is bad. Until I hear both sides of a story, that’s what it is for now.

  173. Scott M. Wright says:

    Humans are the most weakest animal on the planet. These animals kill each other just as we do. Whomever is the biggest and strongest usually gets the spoils goes to the victor. defenseless they are not but usually humans are the victor when it does go to hunting.

  174. Daniel Olsen says:

    dude looks like he needs a spanking over and over again, till he comes too from the fast lane he’s in.

  175. Dave Buti says:

    I stopped eating there after I ordered an italian hoagie without tomato, took it back to my table, opened it up and saw they put tomatoes on my sandwich. I walked back up to the counter and showed them the tomatoes, and they made me another one. While at the same time, they wrapped up the sandwich, which I had my fingers in, and sold it to another customer.

  176. Kendell Riley says:

    Killing for food is one thing, killing for sport is just messed up. Ain’t but a few of some of these animals left and these jackasses are killing them for trophies.

  177. diablodejalisco says:

    takes a real brave person to kill some of these animals. what an asshole. No more JJs for me.

  178. Thomas Collins says:

    It is a comparison a retard would make. Humans are OVERpopulated not underpopulated and definitely not endangered lol. The world does not need more people. If you are not adopting unwanted children then you are an asshole hypocrite to even bring it up.

  179. T says:

    Well that sucks..another reason is cause Kevin Harvick drives the Jimmy John car!!

  180. Curtis says:

    The local tribes get the meat from these animals.

    Besides these animals could have been causing
    damage to local farmers and or may have killed

    some people.
    Once these animals go “rogue” they are put down.

  181. Jamie Berry Brown says:

    Another asshole that needs to be shot! I hate you and the rest. You have so much money you have to spend it shooting inocent animals! Just for a damn horn! I will never set foot in your pos restaurant ever!

  182. Jamie Berry Brown says:

    You are quite stupid! We know what’s going on! You stupid men care nothing about animals so shut up!

  183. Jamie Berry Brown says:

    Hell yeah!

  184. Rhonda Barry says:

    He is Fu*king DISGUSTING!!!~!!! :/

  185. Marnee says:

    Yeah, I’ve read about this [email protected]$$ a few years ago. What an @$$ and hopefully an elephant does him in.
    Sharing to spread the word.

  186. Opine says:

    never eat their. so Im already boycotting him I guess.

  187. CB says:

    What Lara Starr forgot to mention is the money being spent on these game animals is going back into the program for these species. You can’t go and draw an animal out of a park and shoot it the government is involved all the way through. Unfortunately to make it more sensational reading the truth has not been represented and the hunter who by the way is usually more of a conservationist than the so called authors of these stories do put their money where their mouths are.

  188. roscojim says:

    Do we know these pics aren’t photoshopped? You guys fall for too much garbage. I will gladly double my Jimmy John’s visits and keep people working.

  189. Rockyballbuster says:

    What a crock of crap. This is b.s. journalism at it’s best.

  190. Alaina Hickey says:

    Well I think I did… unless my mind was probed by aliens or I’m being brainwashed by the government. Yeah I stand by my statement.

    It’s really not logic. It’s a fact. Eagles are in danger of going extinct, in case you need a definition of endangered.
    Humans are far from it, in fact humans are more like an invasive weed species pushing everything to extinction.

  191. Alaina Hickey says:

    It’s not “liberalism” but your emotional arguments are amusing you guys. I needed a good laugh.

  192. Alaina Hickey says:

    Then that’s our problem isn’t it? Plus if your god is real then isn’t it his business if he’s to forgive us? Look you take comfort in whatever way you want and live by whatever rule book you want but do not push that system onto the rest of us.

    It’s not free btw. Seriously do people read the Bible? I somehow doubt anyone follows every single rule and guideline just the ones they deem fit for their life.

  193. Neil says:

    This type of fun as they call it should be outlawed every where. I wonder how Jimmy would feel if it was the other way around. Him in the cage being hunted instead of those poor animals he so likes to hunt.

  194. pfvayda says:

    Disgusting behavior. There was a time and day when game hunting was a legit way of feeding people … but in this day and age that is not so.

  195. Soloved says:

    They were endangered, but not any more, but that does not grant them more any more value.
    But the catch word is, “potential.” They saved the eagles by believing there was a potential eagle during the gestation period of the egg, which contains the same development as does a womb of a human.
    And this from the same Federal institution that allows human development to be unprotected! Not cool, these “potentials” should be afforded the same protection we all have under our Constitution. Other wise, you and I may one day not fit their “potential” description of being potentially viable (euthanasia)!

  196. Gerry Jones says:

    What grinning sack of crap.

  197. Tim Lambert says:

    You sound like you ‘feel really sorry’.. for your sake dat_MF, I hope you’re right. But I wouldn’t count on it.

  198. Lauren Cavaliere says:

    I’ve worked there for years now and I’ve heard the story several times it’s all bullshit happened years ago and yes he did do it but he no longer does it he has it for years now he doesn’t even look like that anymore. And are you kidding me there are employees calling out all the time for stupid reasons. Please don’t stop eating Jimmy John’s just because of this article it’s bullshit don’t believe everything you read online my goodness guys really?

  199. Lauren Cavaliere says:

    and also these companies are owned by random people not just Jimmy John people that are good people that worked really hard and actually work at their business, most owners even work in their own sub shops it’s like a small business for a person and Jimmy John’s gets only some very small percentage of that so the next time you think you want to hurt Jimmy John’s because of that guy just realize that there are other people who actually owns the business

  200. Scott says:

    Forgive? No, I will not – in the sense that this is who he is and what he believes – he only stopped because it hurt his wallet. I will choose to spend my money elsewhere. his actions were heinous in my opinion. simply because the boycott worked isn’t reason enough for me to go back. others may feel different, that is fine. We shouldn’t have had to boycott in the first place. I am looking beyond his actions to send a message to anyone who would do what he did, that there are serious consequences to their actions.

  201. Nature maintains its own balance even better without human help, that is before humanities numbers has invaded their range and habitat. Don’t kid yourself talking about deer when endangered species like the Grey Wolf, that help to maintain balance by preying on deer, are set-up, by a monetized system, to be killed, so that humans can have the pleasure, of killing both predator and prey, making them ‘top dog’ with their weapons. Lunatics are running the asylum.

  202. Dennis Mullen says:

    I rarely ate their food and will certainly never go in again. I worked with a group of people who would periodically go in and I now use my powers of persuasion to go elsehwere. So essentially by myself I was one diner maybe five times a year. I exercise my veto power and that becomes five times a year times 4 in the group for twenty meals.

  203. Scott says:

    Yes, you made your point. That you ask pointless questions.

  204. LibertyDwells says:

    Wait, did you just imply opposing infanticide has something to do with religion? It’s the 21st century, not the 1960’s. Genetics tells us it’s human from conception. Medical science affirms it is alive by any medical standard at 5 weeks. Psychology confirms the mental damage done to most (rational) women by abortion. In short, science offers no support for your desire to have irresponsibility “fixed” after the fact. Time to enter the modern age.

  205. Kate says:

    Make sure you let him know why, please.

  206. LibertyDwells says:

    Let’s start with you.

  207. Kate says:

    I’m vegetarian. I’m also a decent person, unlike these small package hunters.

  208. LibertyDwells says:

    Definitely have to start doing business with this place.

  209. LMC5 says:

    if there is no God then why are there morals? if there is no God and no morals, that means we can run around with guns and shoot those people who tick us off and spout nasties at us right dat_MF????? 😀

  210. LMC5 says:

    you cant talk sense to a concrete post. stop trying. only God can save him now.

  211. LMC5 says:

    Robert Ford thank you so much for explaining your situation. I would ask that you come over to the conservative side..the RIGHT side. There was nothing wrong with her comment. now for yours…it was undisciplined.

  212. LMC5 says:

    Gee Thomas by your comment, you have never worked with “retards” 1. if you have, you would have never used them in this reference. 2 you would find that your heart is bigger than you think it is because you would love those people with all of it. 3. they are incapable of thinking in this capacity. You sir are what you just called her. for shame

  213. LMC5 says:

    Alaina Hickey, yes we people read the Bible. I see no one here pushing anything on to you. We are stating our facts. take or leave it. We know the truth and we know whats going to happen. We like and love people and we read out to guide those people so they dont perish when they die. There were many ways we could prove that Jesus walked the face of this earth. But they are taking it or destroying it. One way is by the time line. It will be gone by the next two generations. The kids wont be taught that but the new terms. BC/AD. Before Christ. Now if this man was not so important, why would they set time on his birth and death? Ok besides that…if there were no God we would have no morals. why not get a machine gun and kill smart mouth back talking people and be done with it? right killing is not a good idea. if you kill someone you go to jail. abortion is killing. go to youtube and put in abortions and you will change your mind. especially watch that one where he induced mom and she had the baby whole and he tossed it in a cold metal bowl. during her clean up, he poked the baby over and over to see if it were still alive. It lived for quite a while without life support. I cried. I wanted to hold that baby as it died. I wanted to keep it warm as it died. I hated to hit that dr for being so crass. God loves you. He sent Jesus to die on the cross so you can ask Him to forgive you of all your sins so you can go to heaven. God gives us a path to get back to Him. I have no doubt that He is real.

  214. Thomas Collins says:

    Which just means you completely missed the point lol

  215. Thomas Collins says:

    Exactly lol. Trying to pretend abortion is even remotely the same is dumbest the thing ever lol. A small child’s like logic.

  216. Carl Al Thompson says:

    Empty your bank accounts. Cash in your IRA. Send it to the parks where the rangers risk their lives every day. They need weapons and body armor. A few drones would help. Really, put your money where your social media mouth is. It’s easy to post and comment but doing something meaningful not so much. Even better,go over there and risk your life chasing poachers.

  217. Ron04 says:

    If all humans thought like you do the species would have died out before we walked upright……

  218. Ron04 says:

    Funny how you were quick to realize that. Yet if there was a national organization that received a ton of tax dollars to go around and crush eagle eggs, she and her ilk would be screaming from the rooftops

  219. Ron04 says:

    but not as big of an asshole to compare a human fetus to a raptor…..

  220. Ron04 says:

    thanks for deciding my morality for me as I was totally incapable of doing so without your learned input…..

  221. Ron04 says:

    so that justifies killing the ones that weren’t CONTA conceived?

    Just step back from this whole discussion if you can, and remove the emotion.

    People are numb, immune, insulated from the daily killing of thousands of humans, but just go out of their minds insane over the lawful taking of an animal by a hunter.

    We are truly doomed as a species……

  222. Eric Carr says:

    Why not the simple fact that the food sucks?
    I have tried 6 different Jimmy Johns’ locations just in case it was my local shop, but no-I felt I wasted money at EACH one-it was awful…

  223. LMC5 says:

    I cannot find the exact video but will keep looking for watch this if you think it is so great. and then check out the ones on the side.

  224. whippetmom says:

    Thanks for posting…I will NEVER go back there

  225. tmf_x says:

    Nature may maintain its own balance. But we live here, and we directly affect the natural balance. So we artificially balance the populations though hunting. Don’t kid your self, it is very necessary. There are no grey wolves around here. We have Coyotes and bobcats, but not a ton of them. Man is the only real predator of deer in my state.

    Not to mention the fact if you start introducing wolves and higher number of predators, you will see them sliding into suburban areas. Domestic dogs and cat deaths will rise. Even children in some cases.

    So hunting seasons, especially for deer, are VERY necessary for the populations of game.

  226. tmf_x says:

    sure punish the kids that just work at a place trying to make sandwiches and have an income, all because a really rich guy years ago went and did legal trophy hunting.

  227. whippetmom says:

    fat ugly pig

  228. Kat Kük says:

    Is anyone going to hold the government of Africa accountable for allowing these “hunts”? Just blaming the Jimmy John’s of the world is like arresting the prostitutes and not the John’s Jimmy or otherwise! No arrests because no crime. Don’t let the people who offer this hunt just to make money off the hook. Suddenly zoos don’t look so bad especially the ones that breed with care of endangered animals.

  229. tmf_x says:

    was that supposed to move the needle at all? I literally could not care less, even after seeing that video.

  230. Steve Bigler says:

    Her name is not Jesus Christ, I googled it… on the internet. That was some hippy Arab dude like a thousand years ago.

  231. Ron04 says:

    because you don’t agree with him? That makes him an idiot?

  232. Ron04 says:

    perhaps because you’re severely lacking in reading comprehension?

  233. Ron04 says:

    you’re comparing video games to wildlife management in Africa?

    Let that sink in for a minute……

  234. GEORGE1948 says:


  235. sandi n. says:

    Who gives two shits that it’s legal. Did he eat those elephants, giraffes, and rhinos? The answer is no. If he was starving and needed food to survive I’d look the other way. There are what thousands of food chains those youngsters can work at. Glad you support such a cruel person. It’s legal to have sex with a horse in many states in the USA but it’s wrong, I bet you support that behavior as well right?

  236. sandi n. says:

    You disgust me as a woman and guess what I am a woman. Maybe you shouldn’t have sex if you don’t want to take the chance of having a child you didn’t want. You had sex what did you expect a flat screen tv? It is the 21st century and guess what that book you’re referring speaks of things that are happening now that was written about 2000 years ago. Even science has proved that God and Jesus do exist therefore, your theory is flawed. You want to kill a baby by all means go ahead, you will have to be the one who answers for it on judgment day not me. Why is it so wrong that I believe in God and you believe there is not? Guess we will all find out when we meet the creator. I would rather believe in God and die and find out there was none, versus never believing he exist and die and finding out he was there all along. Hell doesn’t sound like anything I want any part of.

  237. tmf_x says:

    Its illegal to eat a horse too. Why is that? Ive done it, its great meat, Id love to grill some up again. Explain to me why I cannot?

    Ill pass on the horse sex.

    SOMEONE ate the meat. He might not have. After all hows he going to transport all that elephant meat back? But someone there locally is benefiting from the harvest.

    If I had the cash to, damn right I’d go out and pay the fee to shoot a lion. Then I would mount its hide on my wall.

  238. dan says:

    He’s a Conservative & we all know what their motto is, “Do like I say, Not like I do.”

  239. Snr Capon says:

    Print the pictures and put them on the front door!

  240. handsomish says:


  241. Anthony Papadopoulos says:

    although this guy looks like a tool i think this article’s motivation is other than just jimmy john. I believe the person writing the article is against hunting, period. i do believe in hunting the right way not the ways mentioned above. Also, killing majestic animals and especially endangered animals should be eliminated. I would also want to ask who sold the Rhino to Jimmy for 350K? Are they not also responsible? Also, if the countries know this i going on why dot they stop it? could it be possibly because they are receiving kick backs?

  242. handsomish says:

    This isn’t about being a vegetarian or anti-hunting for food, but about trophy hunting endangered species, and in the manner in which they do so. When you go out hunting your deer for meat, you don’t have someone go out there and eventually present a buck for you to shoot like you are at some store. You actually have to hunt and track that animal, then get a clean shot, and if not, continue to track it down then finish it, clean and dress it, and haul it out. These guys aren’t some talented, brave and courageous warriors protecting people from threats or feeding a hungry family, they are essentially a kid with a big bag of quarters having someone else do all the work, so they can have a “trophy” of their “conquest”. Wow, it takes a real man to do something that they could exhibit with a paper target. NOT!

  243. tmf_x says:

    if you say so. but i’m a coward with a lot of venison Jerky. and it is very good.

  244. Shai Yammanee says:

    It is a terrible comparison.
    Trophy hunting is about profiting from the death of animals for the sake of a momento.
    When people start hanging pieces of humans off their walls, and paying a small fortune for the opportunity, then you can make the comparison.

  245. handsomish says:

    Afraid of a wolf, not deer. And yes, you are correct. Venison jerky is good.

  246. congame says:

    You really believe someone ate the meat? Were you there? And this comment is asinine. You’re saying that a CEO can do anything he wants because he employs people? Where does it stop? Where does social responsibility come in, not to mention the respecting of life that is too quickly becoming extinct because of jerks like this guy – and, apparently, like you.

  247. congame says:

    I think we should start culling people like you.

  248. Paul Revere says:

    people, people.. please relax. People are flipping out about this guy but have no qualms about killing unborn babies or have no problem with after birth abortions.

    Hypocrisy much?

  249. Abby says:

    He can pay 350k to kill it but it’s too difficult to haul it off?? 🤔

  250. Kenny_Bania says:

    There are a hell of a lot more people killed by deer than wolves.

  251. Soloved says:

    You kidding me, and “abortion mills” are not profitable? They are very profitable, as for the unborn organ trade — These body parts are not “hanging off walls” but is undeniably lucrative from those that are,”paying small fortunes for the opportunity,” now you can make the comparison, in this light!

  252. Nicholas Kringle says:

    It’s a pity the locals don’t eat lion, rhino, or elephant. I’ve had all three and they’re very tasty!

  253. Nicholas Kringle says:

    I wish he’d offer some of them as sandwiches. It would be a nice change from the usual, and maybe it would silence some of his critics. Yeah, probably not.

  254. Nicholas Kringle says:

    Seriously. if you continue to boycott after the change, you remove all future motivation for people to change in response to boycotts.

  255. Opine says:

    and selling their body parts for $$$.

  256. Claudia Verde says:

    That makes me sick! What an ego maniac!

  257. Flame says:

    Go back to the “stone age”…they hunted for food and clothing (used hides for many purposes) Today we have slaughter houses to provide food for the population. There are other areas of this world that the human still hunts for food. However, hunting for “pleasure”, for “bragging rights”, is the issue here. Hanging trophies on the wall or going to a place where a fee is collected for these “hunts” is deplorable. There are many species that we are trying to protect so that future generations can enjoy seeing these animals. I am a conservative Christian which may offend some…however, I believe that using logic and factual information is necessary for any discussion in a rational manner. Name calling provokes anger and doesn’t solve a thing. Whatever your personal beliefs try to make your point using factual information and go from there.

    Whatever the reasons this man stopped game hunting in Africa demonstrates the power of opposition and consequences to his behavior. However, to keep rubbing salt into the wound is not an answer either. It is good that he recognized his egregious actions and is now trying to amend his ways.

  258. jan orth says:

    why can’t he be arrested?????

  259. Liz Ham says:

    Didn’t do anything illegal????

  260. Paul Lasser says:

    Never been there….no plans to go

  261. Alaina Hickey says:

    Um… I can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me. The all caps is super distracting and I have trouble separating the letters lol.

    But yes. Humans are invasive and aggressive.

  262. Alaina Hickey says:

    You guys kill potential lives every time you cum into a sock watching porn by yourselves, but no one will take that away from you. If only.

  263. Alaina Hickey says:

    Again. There are significantly more humans than eagles. Eagles were only endangered in the first place because of humans. Your argument is a fallacy in itself since it’s all based on emotion and not actual facts.

  264. Lorraine Stanton says:

    Are you a little dense? Why would that imply that I am a vegetarian? Lots of people who eat meat are against ENDANGERED animals being killed.

  265. Chris Knox says:

    So, tell us. What do you think would happen to a mature black rhino if it had not been lawfully harvested at a substantial price? Last I heard there wasn’t much market for hyena poop.

  266. John Fuller says:

    Them natives swarmed that carcass as soon as whitey stepped away. Damn straight someone ate that meat.

  267. handsomish says:

    You shouldn’t be afraid of either. Just aware. Stick with your Ovaltine routine.

  268. patweir says:

    There are a lot of people in prison for crimes they would never commit again. They were sent to prison anyway. He hasn’t hunted since 2010. What has he done to make amends for the animals he killed. Where are his trophies? Why did he stop hunting?

  269. patweir says:

    Of course he changed because it hurt his wallet. That was the point. You cannot force someone to think like you think, you cannot legislate thought, you can only ask that they behave in the manner of their fellow citizens.

  270. patweir says:


  271. Lee Limbeck says:

    Yup.. Even though its not their fault.. Hit this asshole in his pocketbook. I agree it’s not his employee’s fault but life ain’t fair is it? Iit is what it is.. Boycott.

  272. ROB says:

    Pinhead. You just identified yourself as a liberal. You folks always want to be protected from anything and everything, you don’t agree with… as if the mere mention of it, is too gut-wrenching, for your delicate sensitivities. Ha, ha.

  273. ROB says:

    It does, for those IN South Africa,

  274. toadrw says:

    What crime was committed other than a crime against your sensibilities? I don’t like seeing dead animals like this, but you might want to read about his philanthropy as well. It would probably still not be enough for you, you perfect soul.

  275. toadrw says:

    Jimmy John is irredeemable just like Hillary said! It’s all true! My liberal mind is exploding with rage right now because I can never understand anyone having a change or heart. Punish them for my cup of blood!!! BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  276. cerpas says:

    God bless him! He’s gave hundreds of thousands of dollars to villages in Africa on those hunts…What a great guy!

  277. Jennie Washington says:

    I can’t eat there after seeing this. How can you have love for human if you don’t have respect and love for these magnificent animals. I never eaten at a JJ but one has open in my community but I will not be eating there.

  278. Scott says:


  279. Stephen Penton says:

    about as weak as your grammar?

  280. Hmm OK first the Noncompete clause, Can’t work at another sandwich shop in a 5-mile radius. I haven’t read it but even if the article I just read was absolutely correct, and I have my doubts, No Judge would enforce it. Second of all, I bet a 12 pack of doughnuts that it says you can’t start a sandwich shop in a 5-mile radius, and that is pretty standard.

    Now let us go to the EEEEEEEVIiiiiiLLL hunting portion. First off this article says he drops about $250,000 for a trophy. That is a capitalist spreading his wealth around. He is making other people who come in contact with him richer. The employees of the airlines that the vile evil hunter uses to get paid a portion of the money they receive from Ol’ Jimmy John.

    Many times Big game hunters are allowed to make bids to hunt a problem animal, like Cecil the Lion, he was killing local villagers. They were happy Cecil was killed by that dentist. So if this person who looked a little closer they might actually see there was a reason that Rare female black rhino was shot. Add to it that he added $350,000 to the conservation park’s coffers. Yet the writer of this post views that as a bad thing. I guess Lara Starr wants poacher to increase their spoils from 94 elephants.

    But the amount of Money this evil vile dude spreads to those with less money than him I think would be praised. But apparently not. I thin I will go get a sandwich you with me?

  281. Steve Marsden says:

    His philanthropy? The part where he fcks over his employees and lobbies to be able to fck them over more than the law presently allows?

  282. David Robert Grate says:

    I’m getting a #13 today

  283. Elizabeth Bates says:

    There are so many better sandwich restaurants than Jimmy Johns. There are so many better fast food restaurants than Jimmy Johns. Go buy some quality sandwich deli meats and make sandwich yourself.
    Support your local mom and pop sandwich places.

  284. Ron04 says:

    Apparently you’re the one who’s dense. If they were ENDANGERED they couldn’t be hunted legally

  285. Ron04 says:

    I just can’t get over the fact that a young woman of reproductive age is making an argument that places the life of an incubating egg over that of a human being.

    Is this what our “modern” society has become?

    How’s that for a FACT?

  286. windbourne says:

    If he did it by bow and without backup, I would be impressed.
    But by gun? Like the animal EVER had a chance.

  287. A says:

    If you’re such a researcher then you should know not to use WIKIPEDIA – this site can be edited at any time.. This is a known fact – if you ever have or ever going to take college courses please do not get caught using WIKIPEDIA as one of your references.. WOW!!!! So please – DO SOME RESEARCH ONCE IN A WHILE.. LOL!!!

  288. Daniel Bearce says:

    All the more reason to support Jimmy John’s. Good food and good sports.

  289. flagirl336 says:

    Seriously? Some folks need to get a life and concern themselves with real issues. Like getting a job.

  290. DME says:

    why not get mad at both of them?

  291. Matt Ellison says:

    if you read this, then you should make the connection that animals on wildlife refuges cannot be shot, so luring them off with bait is illegal…

  292. DME says:

    I’m willing to bet you don’t feel the same way about Michael Vick. I wonder why…

  293. DME says:

    if you’ve been taught that legal = right, you must be a millennial.

  294. hadawiga says:

    We need to direct the outrage where it might help some. Our government allows people to trophy hunt endangered species. Obama pretended to help by outlawing the sale of ANTIQUES containing legal (taken before 1978)Ivory, and other banned substances. No ban against NEW Ivory was made, since there is a law already which apparently doesn’t get enforced!

  295. DME says:

    no, being conditioned to filter the world through an imaginary hyper-partisan lens is a mental disorder. And it’s destroying the country.

  296. Bill (Class of 81) says:

    Wikipedia is NOT a credible source for anything. Stop quoting it like its fact.

  297. Mark Anthony D'Andrea says:

    You just said “don’t believe everything you see on the internet” and then cited a wikipedia article…

  298. Alaina Hickey says:

    Contrary to popular belief, my body isn’t popping out children anytime soon if ever. I know it’s hard for you to understand, obviously, but women do not have to have children if they don’t want to.

  299. Mike Nordlander says:

    Just had Jimmy John’s for lunch.delicious. maybe they could use that meat on their subs

  300. Mark Captain says:

    These animals have to be thinned by the game wardens or hunters. No choice in the matter they will eat to much and then they will all die. Do some research people.

  301. Mark Captain says:

    This author is a moron. If he really lived there he would realize that rain is sparce and so is food. If these animals are not thinned they will become extinct from starvation. Another thing the author knows so this is bs and hunting is important whether it be a hunter or a game warden somebody has to do it. So the game wardens sell tags and use the money to help conservation of habitat.

    Now poaching on the other hand and is infuriating. Not going to Jimmy Johns well whatever I dont really give a crud.

  302. Windrider_HD says:

    Most likely he got his “top 5”.

  303. Windrider_HD says:

    I wasn’t aware anyone is being forced to work there.

  304. Windrider_HD says:

    Wiki is a great place to begin and for the most part has decent information. No one should use just one source for their knowledge.

  305. Windrider_HD says:

    Can you actually discredit anything being credited to Wiki? Condemning anything out-of-hand isn’t very bright…

  306. Windrider_HD says:

    Well, what did YOU do about it?

  307. Windrider_HD says:

    No, it’s not illegal to eat horse meat. Many consider it a delicacy.

  308. Windrider_HD says:

    You and everyone voting this up are psychopaths.

  309. Windrider_HD says:

    You are a psychopath.

  310. Windrider_HD says:

    Maybe you should get some help…

  311. Dr. Gonzalez says:

    “there’s a lot of people”…now, there is a strong data-backed argument.

  312. Dr. Gonzalez says:

    So, you will punish the local managerial staff and the local kids working there with your boycott? Unless your a Vegan, it might prove insightful to review the slaughterhouse process that leads to your hamburger or fried chicken.

  313. Dr. Gonzalez says:

    Yes they are and they make up the ranks of PETA and the Sierra Club.

  314. Dr. Gonzalez says:

    Written like a true humanitarian. I have never, nor would ever hunt in this manner, but your commentary is juvenile and reactionary.

  315. Dr. Gonzalez says:

    SAVE THE WHALES, ABORT THE BABIES…the liberal mantra.

  316. Dr. Gonzalez says:

    I will eat there twice as often, not that I approve of this style hunting, but the local staff have nothing to do with those events and if it offends liberal-snowflakes…all the more reason.

  317. Bruce Velocity says:

    From the Harvard Guide to Using Sources:

    “In fact, some instructors may advise their students to read entries for scientific concepts on Wikipedia as a way to begin understanding those concepts.”

    and this from Oxford University (2013)

    The results suggest that Wikipedia articles in this sample scored higher altogether in each of the three languages, and fared particularly well in categories of accuracy and references. As the report notes, the English Wikipedia fared well in this sample against Encyclopaedia Britannica in terms of accuracy, references and overall judgement, with little differences between the two on style and overall quality score. Similar results were found when comparing Wikipedia articles in Spanish to Enciclonet. In Arabic, Mawsoah and Arab Encyclopaedia articles scored higher on style than Wikipedia, but no significant differences were found on accuracy, references, overall judgment and overall quality score. None of the encyclopedias considered in this study were rated highly by the academics in terms of suitability for citation in academic publications.

  318. Bil Comly says:

    This discussion is as old as JJ’s! We all know that these hunts are 100% LEGAL! They help out the local government, locals themselves and is a part of wildlife management. Nothing wrong with any of this. Yawn. Snowflakes have been butt hurt for years over things like this but fail to do anything THEMSELVES to help out ANYONE but themselves. Yawn. Must go now.

  319. Bil Comly says:

    Then ask the question, “why was he not arrested?” Answer: he did NOTHING wrong!

  320. Bil Comly says:

    Good! More for me. I eat there every day.

  321. tmf_x says:

    True, its very common across Europe. And almost made a resurgence here. But in order to run a slaughterhouse, producing meat for human consumption, you need Federal meat inspectors to regularly visit the plant. Due to such a backlash from bleeding heart whiners, Congress pulled funding for meat inspectors to horse plants in … 2013 or 2014 I think. That effectively banned horse slaughter in the US.

    Now, thanks to those tools who freak out about eating horse, we ship about 160k domestic horses to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico, and the meat goes overseas.

    I’ve eaten it locally. Someone I knew had a horse and they slaughtered it, and I got a few steaks from the harvest. They were a stunning red, no marbling on them and were a very dense flavorful meat. Its a shame I cant get it regularly without finding some black market source somewhere.

  322. John Smith Sr. says:

    He is still a despicable ”Ba$tard” ! Even if it is 5 year’s later !

  323. tmf_x says:

    Not worth the hassle. having to slaughter, then refrigerate on the entire way home. Its not worth the cost of the meat itself.

    What happens to an elephant after its killed? Doesnt look like it goes to waste. Why do you want to see people not get free food?

  324. tmf_x says:

    He never committed a crime. what he did was legal, and benefitted the populations of the animals, conservation efforts in the region, provided some income for the country in question, and provided food for the locals.

    Even comparing this to a crime is intellectually dishonest.

    Trust me, if I had the cash, I would go kill a lion in a heartbeat.

  325. tmf_x says:

    Thats an outdated way of thinking. Wikipedia is not the be all end all, but it easily can be used today with certain cautions.

  326. Suzanne Morrison Dixon says:

    He’s talking about taking the trophy hunters body parts.

  327. Kevin Schmidt says:

    They are called conservation hunts and the only animals that are allowed to be shot are the ones who are either sick and dying or are very elderly. This is one of the only ways wildlife conservation’s can make money other than through gov subsidies witch are few and far from availability, and private donors. Many of which said donors tend to be the hunters themselves. It might not be something you want to see, but it isnt an evil thing he’s doing.

  328. Suzanne Morrison Dixon says:

    And why do Christians always say that they would rather believe and God not be real, then not believe and God be real. Who would want to live their life that way? Basically scared into believing something? Talk about scare tactics working. Which is why religion was created in the first place….to keep civilization in check. To have society live by rules and guidelines, like an invisible police force. Lol. Funny how you “christians” want to always bring up abortion like the bible spoke against it or something, when “God” killed babies and innocent children all the time. And what happened to everything being “God’s plan”. Don’t you think he plans for women to get abortions? Lol. Another typical christian hypocrite. That doesn’t know anything about the bible, and cherry picks it to fit their current narrative. Lol.

  329. Crys says:

    I don’t give a damn if he did this in 2010 or straight out of the womb….he’s a sick, selfish @sshole who should be castrated with a rusty spoon while sharks circle him. And you’re just as bad for DEFENDING him and absolving him from any responsibility!

    Not to mention…these people can’t SELL them if HE didn’t MURDER them in the first place!

    Vile and despicable.

  330. Patricia Garland says:

    I don’t care if he hasn’t butchered any animals since 2010. He should be horsewhipped for ever killing one of these magnificent animals. I will certainly never buy from Jimmie Johns.

  331. Airedale58 says:

    Heartless comment. Some people have few choices. But I am pretty sure you do not care about that. Or them.

  332. JAM661 says:

    Why? Are so sick that killing something make you feeling manly.

  333. JAM661 says:

    Just because you dont agree with it. I find that other sources back them up unless they are alt-right and have a agenda.

  334. Stompbox says:

    You are an idiot.

  335. Stompbox says:


  336. Stompbox says:

    Because they are idiots.

  337. Gabe says:

    So what? If he was killing dolphins or goats or penguins (my favorite animals) then I’d have a problem. Problem is that jimmy johns is another sub-par sandwich place, been there once n haven’t been back, because everyone knows the best sandwich place ever is JERSEY MIKE’S.

  338. Aaron Graham says:

    Dog fighting was around “long” before Michael Vick was born. Stop attaching his name to something he didn’t start. Because it still goes on to this day. Bet money on that.

  339. Les says:

    Have never had one of his sandwiches but i might now. Hunting does support about 90% of all conservation in the world.

  340. Snap says:

    Trust me if it wasn’t illegal, I’d wipe you off the face of the earth for free!

  341. nate forrest says:

    If he isn’t poaching or breaking any laws in the countries where he hunts then go blow off. You little Libbies are not the social arbiters for the rest of us.

  342. nate forrest says:

    Wow. Aren’t you the eloquent debater.

  343. Windrider_HD says:

    And that would be just one more thing you are wrong about. Don’t you ever get tired of it?

  344. Windrider_HD says:

    Yes I understand that, they and you are psychopaths.

  345. Windrider_HD says:

    I don’t necessarily support eating horses just that it’s legal.

  346. patriot_act says:


  347. patriot_act says:

    People eat muskrat too.

  348. Practical_Guy says:

    Jimmy John Liautaud claims that he no longer hunts “big African game”. Does anyone know if this is true? If so:
    (1) it means this boycott is no longer relevant and people should not avoid Jimmy John’s;
    (2) it means boycotts are effective. Keep up the good work! (but don’t boycott someone who doesn’t deserve it)

  349. stellar1 says:

    What have You Done to make amends for what You have Done???That’s what I Thought so STFU

  350. Lois Malizia says:

    By that very logic jimmy John didn’t start hunting big game either, he just participated.

  351. Kelli Mistry says:

    Great reply

  352. Kelli Mistry says:

    He still abused animals there’s no excuse for that

  353. Scott says:

    Yes, sadly the employees have nothing to do with it – but it is the owner that ultimately benefits the most (by far). I for one won’t reward horrific behavior. It’s sad to see people put their preconceived political views over humanity. I will say that it’s not surprising however – especially from right-wingers.

  354. Jewels says:

    This guy needs to stop paying for animal kills anywhere and put it to good use. Like feeding our Veterans and homeless with the tons of Good Food tossed out daily from his sandwich Shops. the bread and meat cheese all sandwich fixings . the drinks that are wasted tons of food every year .why not make the sandwiches and wrap then and send them to the local feeding centers and shelters in each area. I for one have not tried and will not try any Jimmy Johns .

  355. Mabel Davis says:

    Luring animals onto private property for a “hunt” is illegal.

  356. Mabel Davis says:

    Where did he shoot them?

  357. Todd Sanders says:

    Tell me what is the difference between these animals and the ones that ended up on your sandwich as you were eating it? If you are so offended and outraged for these animals what is the difference?

  358. Teri Dawson says:

    My son was diabetic and had not been doing well and it was known at his work, Jimmy Johns. He did not show up to work (was reliable) and no one called his contact number on his employee file nor did anyone call for a health check. A fellow employee/friend went to his house the next day and found him dead. He had his uniform on and was lying on his bed. He had given his insulin and was getting ready to leave for work and had low blood sugar. HIS LIFE COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED BY ONE PHONE CALL! It has been 10 years and I cannot even stand to see a Jimmy Johns Ad or look at a location. ONE CALL!!! He was only 27 and he worked his rear end off for them and lived walking distance to two locations that they had him work and always showed up when called to cover for someone. It just breaks my heart to see this man in these pictures. He is a creep.

  359. tmf_x says:

    Oooh internet tough guy. How original of you.

  360. Tammy 57 says:

    You are not alone.

  361. tmf_x says:

    well if you cant really formulate an argument, I guess you can just use silly threats and try to appear tough. By all means, you keep doing that. And keep thinking you should “cull” the people who actually own and know how to use firearms. That would be entertaining.

  362. Alan Stevenson says:

    Why, and would you use a spear and a shield like the Masai youths? Or would you use a powerful rifle and stand where the lion cannot see you, coward.

  363. Evolved One says:

    P H U C K off…..he paid for the service and he knew what he was doing….he is another entitled male with money and a small dick.

  364. Evolved One says:

    P H U C K OFF — he is another greedy capitalist, getting rich off of slave labour.

  365. Evolved One says:

    P H U C K OFF….friggin’ conservaturd.

  366. Evolved One says:

    You are missing his point.

  367. Evolved One says:

    Put some horns and a tail on….go wander around some redneck paradise and see how long you live.

  368. Evolved One says:

    Still doesn’t make his dick bigger.

  369. Evolved One says:

    oh p h u c k off with that bs

  370. mtorrey04 says:

    He ‘Very last black rhino in the Mangetti National Park.’ Explain how that benefits animal population when it’s listed as an extremely endangered species?

  371. Evolved One says:

    the people working there are not treated with dignity

  372. Evolved One says:

    What makes you so sure of that? Your white privilege? P h u c k you

  373. Evolved One says:

    More whiners on the right wing side.

  374. Haha Fuck off broke ass hater says:

    Whoever wrote this sounds like a jelous *** that the guy has alot of money, good he should fire you if you call off lazy ***. This won’t hurt them at all,their food is great. Hahaha Trump hater too i bet.

  375. Lorraine Stanton says:

    What led you to believe that elephants are not endangered? BOTH Indian and African elephants are endangered… not to mention rhinos. What led you to believe that it is illegal to hunt endangered species? It should be, but it is not in some places. Regardless of its legality, it is highly unethical. As far as verifying any of this – I know you are capable of doing a simple Google search, but I will provide references and links if you need them.

  376. psychosally says:

    my friend just ignore these azzes-remember you cant fix stupid so dont even try

  377. psychosally says:


  378. psychosally says:

    redneck??? you little woosie

  379. HtownRN says:

    Jimmy johns sandwiches are cheap crap regardless of how he gets his kicks..

  380. tmf_x says:

    Not quite accurate:

    In documents filed with the High Court it was claimed that Liautaud shot the cow in a situation of sudden emergency when the animal charged at the hunting group, which was following the tracks of what was thought to be a rhino bull. The hunting group included two game wardens from the ministry, Thormälen, and a big game professional hunter. It was also claimed that the group had been informed that the rhino cow in the park kept to an area far to the east of the area where they were following tracks.

    Either way, that wasnt what was supposed to be hunted. Thats like claiming all cops are evil because one of them shot an innocent kid who had a toy gun.

  381. tmf_x says:

    your comment literally makes no sense to any discussion here.

  382. Ron04 says:

    African elephants are not “endangered” – meaning at risk of extinction.

    African elephants are considered threatened under the ESA and vulnerable on the IUCN red list. Would you like the references and links?

    I’m not defending this guy – I’m defending the practice of trophy hunting as a vital industry to the survival of human beings in those parts of the world subject to massive poverty and strife. I think its completely disingenuous for those of us in the west sitting in our heated or air conditioned homes typing on our Ipads or PC’s and feigning outrage over a practice we know little or nothing about.

  383. JillnDon Willett says:

    I hope one of those animals trample you to death and you feel every lb as it smashes your head and pops it like a grape.

  384. Judy Jackson says:

    The food isn’t that good, the owner is an uber douche so JJ has NEVER been on our list of places to eat.

  385. Phil Belinfante says:

    1 sick evil obese sadistic ***, hope he chokes on his own vomit food,, a genuine *** coward..i read some where he couldnt get any p***y or young c***k so he took it out on the animals n his over eating

  386. JzzE1 . says:


  387. William Kennard says:


  388. Jeff Horton says:

    On the surface this sounds terrible. But there’s more to this than is being discussed and a man whom you’ve never met is is being unfairly condemned. Old rhinos (past breeding age) become violent and kill younger rhinos. The parks put them down because they have to. The NPR show Radiolab did a great episode called “the rhino hunter” on this topic. The hosts of the show are disturbed with killing an endangered animal but understand in some cases it must be done and it helps pay for conservation. Give it a listen.

  389. Edward Bigham says:

    Gotta love all these people who cry about animals being killed while eating a hamburger, chicken or fish. I guess a cow doesn’t have any rights. Elephants are dying more because of loss of habitat because we are taking their land. By the way before you say it they are not endangered they are threatened.

  390. Edward Bigham says:

    Yes they are secretly enslaved. Shhhhh!

  391. Edward Bigham says:

    So was killing elephants. Whats your point? Mike Vick Is still a scumbag for doing it.

  392. Edward Bigham says:

    Vick was smiling until he got caught.

  393. Lorraine Stanton says:

    This may be true overall but also depends on the areas of Africa we are talking about. Elephants are considered at risk of extinction in Tanzania and Mozambique (National Geographic, 2015). Whether it is legal hunting (which is allowed in some places despite endangered status) or poaching, I cannot fathom why these people find such joy in killing,
    rather than simply observing, photographing, and enjoying these animals alive in their habitats. But again… I see these animals as precious and something to protect. Apparently, not all people do.

    The killing of rare species seems hardly sustainable. Additionally, the idea that the local people or even rare animals are helped is very debatable, due to widespread corruption. This article does a good job of explaining various sides of the issue:

    In my opinion, there is enough of an argument that other forms of tourism could bring greater revenue to some of the impoverished areas, while doing less harm. African governments should help their people develop more sustainable and less harmful means of income, and ensure that the money is distributed fairly, while doing as much as they can to preserve threatened or endangered wildlife and their habitats. A lot of this depends on what tourists *value* too. So educating potential tourists about the inherent value of keeping these animals alive would help to that end as well.

  394. Scotty Collins says:

    BS. Stop and think. There were a lot more of these animals when trophy hunters were more active. Its not big game hunters that have caused the decline in numbers. Its the population explosion among Africans. They are destroying the habitat. Combine that with the fact that the Chinese now have the money to create a booming market for the body parts of these animals and you have the perfect storm of destruction.

    Sure. All this virtue signaling may assuage whatever faux White guilt you got going there but it is complete and total BS.

  395. John Smith says:

    So, who gives a crap if these animals are endangered? Those who sell these animals’ lives are criminals and the creep who seeks their services should be made to help authorities make arrests.

  396. John Smith says:

    YES HE DID. the criminals who run this *** are wanted by the governments of those countries, along with *** up African poachers. Doing business with them is the same as buying body parts from a serial killer. These animals are on the brink of extinction. What you gonna do, build Noahs ark???

  397. John Smith says:

    raping and murdering has been around since long before Gary Ridgeway was born, so why is he in prison?

  398. skw says:

    I don’t want food from a restaurant whose employees are sick. So done with them!!! As for the hunting, let Africa take care of that, after all God put the animals on earth for our food.

  399. Paul Self says:

    Here we go with this crap again. First these animals aren’t poached, they are legal hunts. The host country holds a lottery for a ticket to take an animal (usually these are trouble animals that have attacked a village or killed a human. Some of these lotteries cost as much as $200,000 non refundable just for a chance to do a big game hunt. Once the hunt happens the hunter is escorted by game officers and directed to the ONLY animal the hunter is allowed to shoot. The get some sort of a trophy i.e. Tusk horn, but the nearest villages get the meat and usually skin. Enough with the carrying on about how upset you are that this “endangered” animal was shot, not everyone needs a safe space, nor cares about your feeling. If you’re going to go off about something research it first.

  400. Christine Blant says:

    It does NOT matter WHEN he did it! HE DID IT NONE THE LESS & that makes him a jerk! he does not deserve to be even CONSIDERED human! He is a sick freak from the bowels of the earth!

  401. Paula Struwing says:

    He sold the company so boycotting JJ isn’t changing anything…. he has already made his money and moved on. FYI.

  402. Denise says:

    Once he lets you go as an employee he can’t tell you where or how far your next job is. I would laugh in his face.

  403. Nightshade says:

    Well, I robbed a bank but didn’t get arrested. By your account “I did nothing wrong”

  404. Nightshade says:

    How does killing endangered animals help anyone, but his HUGE ego, as very clearly seen in the photos?

  405. Nightshade says:

    That’s also like claiming “I didn’t mean to murder him, I was just trying to rob a bank” “That isn’t what was suppose to happen”.

  406. Nightshade says:

    Exactly, thank you for that excellent comment.

  407. Nightshade says:

    I’m pretty sure we can be mad at both.

  408. jmi0112 says:

    And I’m voting JJs gourmet sandwiches. Hope he’s coming out with a black rhino one soon.

  409. jmi0112 says:

    Legal hunts genius. I hope he takes it up again.

  410. jmi0112 says:

    If they don’t like it they can hit the road.

  411. jmi0112 says:

    You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  412. B David Greenwell says:

    Going to Jimmy John’s today! I don’t buy the story.

  413. jmi0112 says:

    As opposed to a greasy, greedy communist?

  414. jmi0112 says:

    You do understand the difference between bravery and stupidity right? Do you live in a mud and *** hut because that’s how the Masai do it?

  415. jmi0112 says:

    Another pussyhat wearer envious of both his Dick and his money.

  416. Thomass22 says:

    That is because you’re a POS coward just like Jimmy .

  417. JanHug says:

    He paid the price and made amends. That’s the difference.

  418. JanHug says:

    And you socialists don’t???? Move to Venezuela.

  419. JanHug says:


  420. Dayle Craven says:

    if there were no hunters, there would be no industry

  421. Trevor Evans says:

    Before I even heard about the trophy-hunting sociopath, I was in a band that rehearsed next to a Jimmy John’s. We ate there all the time. One day, I went in with a $100-bill and 6 singles and they wouldn’t sell me an $8-combo because they couldn’t make change for a $100, I know First-World-Problems….but still I told them, “We’re gonna be here for 2 1/2 hours practicing, can’t you give me my order, take the $6 until we’re done and surely you will have done enough business (6-8:30 PM) to give me $98 out of the $100, right?”

    This was not some rinky-dink garage band; we were a working band that had professional rehearsal space in the next-door unit. We all had some outside income…we weren’t a bunch of stoners (well, I AM, but…) bumming around looking for a hand-out. I had to walk 3 blocks to a Harris Teeter deli and decided NEVER to eat there again.

  422. David Chang says:

    Couldn’t care less what this idiot does in his spare time, most CEO types are *** so if we cared we wouldn’t by anything from anyone. As far as the employee goes the States dictate the laws and these corporations take full advantage. If you live in a State that allows your employer to fire you and then dictate where you can work you should move.

  423. BeckyMansour says:

    Snowflake LeClair. Played. Bye Gurl, Bye.

  424. Jason Walker says:

    Obviously none of you know how hunting these animals works or who it benefits. Pull your ignorant heads out of your asses.

  425. BeckyMansour says:

    Another “more, more, more” worthless fat F mountain of human flesh. Go on a diet America. No wonder health care is through the roof. Killing animals for humor, testosterone, power and the pure fact that one can says volumes. Pig, go find some mud to roll around in.

  426. Blueboyo says:

    The crime is against our natural heritage of a wide variety of animals, particularly endangered species – we will never, no one will ever, see one black rhino again ! Ever. Not now, not in a million ears. Now, “toad” (appropriate name, apparently) the black rhino joins the ranks of so many animals of which we only have pictures, drawings or skeletal remains, etc, shoved into musty museum drawers. Thanks, Jimmy John. Even for the religious, we were given animals to use and in trust. We were not charged to wipe out species. I sincerely doubt that the man has spent as much on his much touted philanthropy as he has on his hunts for trophy animals – at an average of $300,000 a pop..

  427. Blueboyo says:

    Typical Republican response. If, Windy, anyone were to stop working there because of terrible or degrading treatment, you and your ilk would be the first ones on your high, self-righteous horses, yelling about what a deadbeat the person is and holding yourself up as a paragon of a godly work ethic to be emulated by all such deadbeats. I am always aware that such bilge comes directly from people who would not themselves tolerate the conditions in which many people are forced to work. Be happy ….. no be grateful to God, you have never had to put up with such humiliation and even degradation. You have just been lucky. You have not “earned” your fortunate condition.

  428. Tinker Mellinkoff says:

    Anyone that does this is a scumbag whether it was yesterday or 100 years ago . You can see by the look on his face this is what gets him off. So now what gets him off? Sicko’s don’t change their brains are wired that way. He will just find another fix. This is huge and someone that can do that is someone to be very worried about.

  429. Charles Freeman says:

    I have deer hunters in Arkansas that run their hunting dogs across my land to drive the deer into their kill zone off my property. It should not be legal, but guess what, it is! Don’t get me wrong, if you attract a deer or other game on your land, I am perfectly fine. In my opinion, this is poaching and the law should be changed. I am actually better with what this man did than what happens on my property without my permission.

  430. Scott Smith says:

    BS and stop putting down hunters.

  431. Debbie Tompkins Victory says:

    Go suck a conservatives *** dimwit.

  432. Debbie Tompkins Victory says:

    Go play with your *** dimwit

  433. Debbie Tompkins Victory says:

    Suck a rat’s *** psycho

  434. Debbie Tompkins Victory says:

    Nice, thank you

  435. MikeJwF says:

    The only time people reject Wikipedia is when it doesn’t support their confirmation bias.

  436. Hartley H Cole says:

    All hypocritical Cry-Baby if you all are so worried about these animals. Take you money give it all to the reserves and they will steal it or spend it on other things. Just ask the Wounded Warrior Project!!! Wait here is one better get on a plane fly to Africa with you pretty white sign and protest. Just make A LOT of noise so the lion’s know you are helping them. See how long you last. You all complain and sit in you pretty little house and do nothing. Go got and do something to change the world. You probably but your meat from the store and think man I and doing so wrong great because not animal was killed or injured for this. Your idiots. They come from slaughter houses go visit one of them.

  437. gentlerain says:

    Just because it was around way before Vick was does not make it right.

  438. UncleBullFrog says:

    You’re a peice of ***.

  439. Yrral Noxid says:

    He still a *** *** just like you.. Dumb ***!!!

  440. tmf_x says:

    Except in your example robbing the bank is illegal. Trophy hunting is not. Nice attempt though.

  441. tmf_x says:

    Its sad this has to be pointed out, YET AGAIN, because some people are too dense to get how this works.

    In a legal, above the board hunt, someone pays for a license to hunt a certain animal. Generally the ones allotted are bast breeding age, or otherwise overly aggressive to others. In order to protect genetic diversity of the population of animals, this is sometimes necessary. That’s why deer hunting rules change from season to season. If there is a glut of young males, they might become legal one season. but Large, older bucks are ALWAYS legal, because taking them out of the breeding equation helps the population as a whole.

    So the population of animals as a whole benefits. The preserve in question benefits from a large influx of money, which gets turned around and goes back into the preserve, paying salaries, buying equipment and helping maintain the conservation efforts on the whole.

    The country gets tax revenue from the sale of this hunting permit.

    Then once the animal is shot, and whatever trophy or whatever is taken, the rest of the carcass is harvested for meat by a team from the preserve, or just by the locals that live in the area and come in to carve it up.

    Yes, sometimes someone effs up. But there is a definite benefit to this practice. But don’t take my word for it. This is from a 2014 article in Conservation Magazine. Granted, I assume you will just ignore it and spout off something more akin to an insult than intelligent discussion, but you cant say I didn’t try to explain it to you.

    “Still, the elephants of Zimbabwe and the white rhinos of South Africa seem to suggest that it is possible for conservation and trophy hunting to coexist, at least in principle. It is indeed a tricky, but not impossible, balance to strike.

    It is noteworthy that the Leader-Williams’ 2005 paper recommended that legal trophy hunting for black rhinos be focused mainly on older, non-breeding males, or on younger males who have already contributed sufficient genetic material to their breeding groups. They further suggested that revenues from the sale of permits be reinvested into conservation efforts, and that revenues could be maximized by selling permits through international auctions. Namibia’s own hunting policy, it turns out, is remarkably consistent with scientific recommendations.”

  442. Michael Tichonuk says:

    hate bait for mental defectives and emotional cripples….

  443. David says:

    Excuse me but I’ll get mad at both!
    And saying he hasn’t hunted since 2010…well, how would you defend a rapist that hasn’t raped in 7 yrs? He’s a good guy now…stfu

  444. Jason Murphy says:

    Written by a liberal crybaby who wants something to *** about. Reposted because they’re not getting enough attention in their lives. You can take this bs, which I couldn’t even stand to read the entire thing, and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  445. Karen Guittar Cox says:

    So does hunting.

  446. sherwood says:

    Let’s hope Karma visits him soon. When it does, he’ll be in hell….where he belongs.

  447. Trish Dillery says:

    Their sandwiches are nothing to be amazed about anyhow I had one and it was simply edible. It was not anything special in fact it was very similar to something I can make at home. Of course all sandwich shops or something you could make it home but usually food tastes better when somebody else prepares it I think it’s something to do with if you smell the food while you’re making it when it comes time to eat it you’re already sort of over it.. the same as when I make dinner I usually am not really that into eating it but rather make dinner to care for my husband since I am a housewife. I don’t know if there’s any dark money or trophy hunting behind Jersey Mike’s Subs but I certainly hope not because there’s something special about those sandwiches it’s probably just personal preference. I have no issue with hunting I don’t care for trophy hunting. Law-abiding men and women who obey catch limits and hunting seasons and use their kill to the fullest in a lot of ways are more compassionate than purchasing your food from the standard supplier. At least those animals were allowed to live in a natural way and not overcrowded and may not even have known that their death was coming. Also of course most hunters for sustenance anyhow are very dedicated to the environment that they hunt in.

  448. Captain Diligence says:

    How stupid! You have zero proof that anyone is forced to work there, but still maintain they are, and worse- make another baseless accusation.

  449. Captain Diligence says:

    Do you know this person? Do you not even care if every thing you utter is a lie? What terrible degrading treatment are you referring to? I am of the same opinion as this poster you address, and I, and my fellow neighbors work more than one part time job to pay our bills, because businesses can’t give anyone full time work without being forced to pay for our health insurance. We all have gardens and many of us have chickens. We don’t get vacations anymore. We drive used, paid-for vehicles. We barter with each other at the local flea market. I have a great tan and no weight problems because I work outside or any where else that will hire me. But I’m not whining because I’m an American. My pioneer grandmother worked harder than me and I can do as well, and pursue my own happiness.
    You’re the one who doesn’t care about Americans because you slander them. FYI, Americans do not “earn” their inheritance; it it their birthright.

  450. Captain Diligence says:

    Foul, and unbecoming. (-5) Loves rhinos! (+1)

  451. petulantes says:

    Those rich parasites tend to have some SICK ,HIDDEN hobbies ..Their philanthropy is just the hush money. We KNOW how these monsters roll. To kill that many animals , see that much blood spillage, YOU GOTTA be sick. Hes not hunting to feed his family-thats different

  452. petulantes says:

    Hating people been around forever too,still going on, so therefore its ok.
    USING YOUR LOGIC. Quit defending sick phks !

  453. petulantes says:

    To do the crap Vick did you have to have a mindset and ideology of a sociopath. Going into the prison did NOT change his mind, no more than a rapist or child molester is changed.. These are SICK people.

  454. SCOTT says:


  455. GrumpyGundy says:

    I wont stop eating at Jimmy Johns because he hunts animals in a foreign land. Its up to those countries to enforce their laws. Personally I think he should be executed for kiling these animals but wont stop me from eating at their restaurants.

  456. GrumpyGundy says:

    How can Jimmy John’s stop ex employees from working at another fast food place nearby? Not legally. Even if you were to sign a contract at Jimmy Johns saying you wont work at another fast food place nearby Jimmy John’s couldnt enforce it legally.

  457. Debbie White says:

    He’s a self-absorbed sick f

  458. Chris French says:

    This is not sport and it’s disgusting to think that he does any good to make up for his evils

  459. Chris French says:

    God isn’t real

  460. fatherjoseph says:

    If you ain’t gonna eat it DON’T kill it

  461. baukti says:

    What an idiot.

  462. Christopher von freymann says:

    Just because he hasn’t done it in a while means it should be forgotten. Stop burying your head in the sand

  463. Christopher von freymann says:

    NAFTA People don’t have choices anymore

  464. Bob Builder says:

    I’m begging to wonder if this kind of stuff is native advertising. JJ isn’t worth the money. However, I support him helping improvesed countries by paying the outrageous fees to hunt there.

  465. Bob Builder says:

    Thats their own fault.

  466. Bob Builder says:

    The guy is a saint helping others out providing snow flakes and single moms a job.

  467. Bob Builder says:

    Now we see the problem is really dick envy.

  468. Bob Builder says:

    Not my white privilage, redneck common sense.

  469. Lynn Davidson says:

    Yes God is real and the life giver! If not for God you would not draw your next breath! God loves you so much!

  470. greenman615 says:

    Yuk– back to Subway

  471. patsijean says:

    I don’t care. He did what he did and thought himself swell.

  472. Robin Martz says:


  473. CDR_N says:

    I love Jimmy Johns. If I could afford it, I’d pay for an elephant tag too – your “arguments” are BS. Legal hunting DOES contribute to conservation, feed hundreds, and fund the local economy. How much have YOU contributed to African conservation efforts?

  474. TutorJuls Lee says:

    The photos don’t match the paragraphs. May want to do a bit of editing.

  475. Chris French says:

    I’m sorry retard but god is not real. You dumb ignorant tool

  476. Max Tsik says:

    Welp time to eat JJ to piss off you people… I don’t even like subs…

  477. Max Tsik says:

    I wonder if Rhino is any good? It probably tastes like horse or something

  478. Andrew McMahon says: actually you need to do more research. In Namibia trophy hunting is the main way they fund new wildlife consevancy.

  479. thinkingperson says:

    Blueboyo, you are absolutely right! There, but for the grace of God…

  480. thinkingperson says:

    I take it you have never met someone who has been disinherited.

  481. Dazzeetrader1980 says:

    No more. I have 10 people in my office who buy JJ’s daily. That just got over. What’s with these pigs who kill innocent animals??

  482. destroyeroflibs says:

    This article just made me a huge fan of Jimmy John’s.

    I will frequent the establishment more often.

    Lara Starr, you’re the asshole.

  483. Lynn Davidson says:

    I warned you because you will die one day!

  484. Ron says:

    The best sandwich’s I’ve ever had are made right in my own kitchen by my brilliant wife. Can’t be beat at any restaurant or sandwich shop.

  485. Philip Waterhouse says:

    He has something better than Rhino for ya. It’s called the sandwich maker just coughed a long stringy thing that was green and yellow under you meat and it’s hidden in a pool of sauces. Enjoy

  486. There’s a Jimmy Johns right here in my town!….Damn, I’m hungry…I think I might have me some Jimmy Johns tonight!….You see…..because I’m not an anal retentive snowflake…..I know the true facts of these sort of hunts.Ya’ll need to go to your safe space.

  487. Awwww….you poor little snowflake It’s still my favorite!…I just may eat there tonight!…..I bet you’rejust fine with abortion right?

  488. How many of you snowflakes here get as passionate about speaking out against the killing if unborn defenseless babies?

  489. Cat scratch fever says:

    Why do you have to name call? It is as it should be, everyone’s right to believe as they see fit. I do not believe in a God myself but I don’t tell others not to and call them names. Why can’t we just agree to disagree? You called Lynn 4 different names in one sentence without one comma in there, it seems you should not be calling out anyone’s “ignorance”, or “dumbness”. As far as using the R word that itself shows you true colors. Let’s try to keep it civil or be called out don’t you agree?

  490. psychosally says:

    roflmao at debbie-thats a good one deb-I just looked at your comments they all seem to be about the same-at least youre a consistent idiot

  491. James Barnhart says:

    Feeling some resentments, are you?

  492. Marion Downard says:

    I agree!

  493. Fletcher Wilson says:

    Ever state in the Union has laws about sick people working at food preparation places. Call the health department and let them know your boss want you to come and make sandwiches sick. They will not have a licenses to stand on. There are reasons why the Health food inspector call Talco bell Toxic Hell

  494. Jeannette C Thompkins says:

    Everybody pleaee ignore Chris French……he is just a wanna be troll…..

  495. mike cook says:

    Why not blame the real problem…the government of the countries involved. WHY do their governments allow animals to be lured next door to a private hunting preserve? Why blame JJ? The product was offered and he paid. PERIOD! You are aiming at the wrong target. The governments of these countries allow it. Grow some and go to the top. Blaming Jimmy John’s is a cheap copout. And it shows you guys protesting need better advice.

  496. Turkeyguy says:

    Very little truth to be had from this article. The major problem wildlife faces is loss of habitat due to human development. Poaching (taking animals illegally) is the other major problem. Sport hunting doesn’t even register on the same scale. If a wildlife agency is forced to cull animals due to population pressures, why shouldn’t they sell shooting opportunities to fund their operations? The animals will die anyway, it only makes sense for their death to finance protection for the rest of the species. You can’t stockpile individual animals like firewood, you need to preserve the population. Management of wildlife should be biologically driven, not politically or emotionally.

  497. Alex Huse says:

    I don’t understand why some dead animals in Africa should stand between me and a delicious 5$ sandwich.

  498. Anthony Morris says:

    And you believe God isn’t real why? Because you can’t see him? Look up at the moon. Can you see the moon? Or the sun (depending on the time of day). Can you see that? How can you see those things with all the hydrogen, helium, oxygen, etc. in the atmosphere? You can’t see them, can you? I guess that means they aren’t real either. I can’t see you right now. Does that mean you aren’t real? Just because you can’t see something doesn’t negate it’s existence, and just because you don’t WANT to believe in something doesn’t mean it doesn’t. You live your life and stop trying to tell people what’s wrong with theirs.

  499. Jim Lunsford says:

    Please tell me this was meant to be ironic.

  500. Jim Lunsford says:

    My guess is that it was bad for business. I doubt that he considered karma or conservation. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

  501. Elaine Jeffery says:


  502. superdough says:

    Awesome! I hope to be able to hunt Africa someday.

  503. Mike Zambito says:

    Whats amazing you guys chastise on them for legally hunting aged and older dying animals on organized Safaris where all the money’s been generated for local communities and all the fare goes to the villagers. You’re so outraged then back home here at the ranch you’re fine with killing unborn babies

  504. Darrell Getchell says:

    I have never eaten at JJ’s, never had a reason to. Now I have a reason not to. I guess they will just have to stay on my forgotten list.

  505. anthonyvop says:

    And hunters like us Have a hell of a lot more money than people like you.

  506. anthonyvop says:


  507. Blake says:

    Jimmy is best friends with Donald Trump, Junior!

  508. Superglider says:

    several of my friends have worked for JJ, and know him personally… and don’t have one kind word to say about him

  509. Mike Lee says:

    I’ve heard it tastes like Unicorn. I don’t know for sure as I only keep the horns.

  510. Mike Lee says:

    You are sure? Just pretty sure ? His employees could go to work at McDonalds.

  511. Mike Lee says:

    How high can you jump? You are very good at jumping to conclusions..

  512. Mike Lee says:

    Of course they do. They can take their own lives.

  513. Mike Lee says:

    Being nasty again Deb? Ohhhhhhhhhhh the shame of it all !!!!!!!!

  514. Mike Lee says:

    False logic Mr. Doomass

  515. Mike Lee says:

    The Ark build is a good idea. Kudos to you !!

  516. Mike Lee says:

    Of course there is an excuse. He was abused by his Uncle Ernie AND his Uncle Bill !

  517. Mike Lee says:

    wtf is the point?

  518. Mike Lee says:

    so does cunninglus

  519. Mike Lee says:

    He is innocent. The butler did it

  520. Mike Lee says:

    where did you see that?

  521. Mike Lee says:

    are you a doctor?

  522. Mike Lee says:

    BO shot his load at Moosecell

  523. Mike Lee says:

    His atavistic urges do seem to trump his sense of fair play.

  524. Mike Lee says:

    you should start your own ff company, pay your unskilled employees $16 per hour & see how wealthy you get off your high paid slaves

  525. Mike Lee says:

    I’ll loan you the money if I get to keep the testicles along with the scrotum

  526. Mike Lee says:

    Oh my, a tuff guy

  527. Mike Lee says:

    It’s a fckn lie

  528. Mike Lee says:

    they are

  529. Mike Lee says:

    No it isn’t you dolt

  530. Mike Lee says:


  531. Mike Lee says:

    know you are, but what am I ??

  532. Menchu says:

    Disgusting subhuman!!

  533. Paul V. Gentile Jr. says:

    Ya, stupid f******g a*****e, I wouldn’t visit his store if it was the last one on earth. Somebody ought to hunt him down and, not kill him, but make him suffer for all the endangered animals he destroyed. Gimme a good rifle and I’ll do it myself.

  534. Nathan Almquist says:

    Big whoop he killed animals on a safari boo friggin hooo he built a franchise of restaurants makes great money and spends it on what he likes to do.. the animals aren’t endangered. How about bitching about more pressing matters like kids going hungry in your community or vets not recieving care who fought for your rights which you choose to use them in a form of crying like little bitches. Friggin Bernie fans

  535. MisterLiteral says:

    You equate extinction of animals with snowflakes. Something is wrong in your head. I bet you’re a Trumpkin too, so facts don’t matter to you.

  536. MisterLiteral says:

    So, because his ‘eyes well up with tears’ when he was asked about posing with endangered species that he intentionally shot and killed, you think he’s remorseful? That’s some Christian Logic right there – Do all the bad you want in the world, but don’t worry because you’ll be saved when you accept Jesus into your heart. And who’s to say that I am not angry at the people who sell these animals lives? Now, please kindly pull your head out of your ***.

  537. Chris Nelson says:

    Let’s get this up to 1 million shares!!!

  538. Madam Arcati says:

    What a pity all that money couldn’t buy you basic literacy.

  539. anthonyvop says:

    That all ya got?

  540. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    BAH HA HA HA HA – You sound like a 4th grader having an off day. You understand, looking back at your sentence structure, the irony of your calling someone else a “dumb ignorant tool”, don’t you? This is why I love the comment section. It is simply delicious.

  541. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    Wowzers! You are highly evolved. Good for you. Kudos. Well done. Just wonderful. I really like how you take almost words and make an almost sentence. It is simply spectacular form. High marks all around!

  542. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    Are you insinuating someone is a master debater? See what I did there?

  543. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    How do you know? Have you researched the animals he’s killed? Maybe one of those animals have a larger penis. Maybe he, in some crazy Marvel villain world, got an organ transplant. So, in that scenario, yes, it would make his dick bigger. Just food for thought.

  544. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    Yes – because killing an animal is disgusting but mutilating a human is A-ok.. Up is down, left is right, dogs are mating with cats. This world is sliding sideways off it’s rocker.

  545. soniamayhem says:

    So, you’re saying you have a small penis, then? Cause there’s gotta be something wrong with someone who would get off on killing a lion….

  546. soniamayhem says:

    If you support trophy hunting then you’re probably a giant sack of sh*t. That’s all that needs to be said.

  547. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    DOY, their meat comes from a grocery store! What did you think, they like…went to the farm and killed a turkey for that lovely Tom Turkey sub? No – they went to the deli. Sheesh. hee hee hee

  548. John T. Rhoe says:

    Poor taste! Both you …. and your sandwich.

  549. soniamayhem says:

    Is that the best you’ve got? And you’re happy with yourself?

  550. soniamayhem says:

    If you’re calling people “snowflakes”, you might be the moron….

  551. John T. Rhoe says:

    No; just moronic!

  552. soniamayhem says:

    No, we just don’t need to kill innocent animals to feel good about ourselves. Anyone who supports trophy hunting is a low life piece of crap. Bottom line.

  553. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    But – doesn’t the “left-winger’s” political view on abortion, kinda make your last two sentences a little silly? I will say that it’s not surprising however – especially from left-wingers.

  554. soniamayhem says:

    Great. Now this is Obama’s fault too?

  555. soniamayhem says:

    Killing dear in more densely populated areas to control the deer population is NOT the same as trophy hunting. At all. Whatsoever. There are places in St. Louis County that allow bow hunting deer during the season b/c the large deer population is such an issue. This isn’t the same as going to Africa and spending $100,000’s b/c you have a small dick and get off on killing endangered animals. Not to mention deer hunters tend to make venison out of their kills and not take some animal part home with them as a trophy.

  556. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    So, let me get this straight. You belong to a group of people who believe the same thing. Sounds like religion. LOL

  557. soniamayhem says:

    See my post above. Reducing the deer population in areas that are more densely populated with humans is not the same as trophy hunting in Africa.

    And for all of you moronic conservatives: No one is trying to take your guns or stop you from deer hunting. But if you were really a skilled hunter, wouldn’t you be bow hunting?

  558. soniamayhem says:

    What? What are you a doctor of? Bull crap?

  559. Dianne Elizabeth says:

    They are ignorant!

  560. Gary Meadows says:


  561. Michael Ryland says:

    No, she just doesn’t want to place too heavy a burden on that pea-sized brain of yours.

  562. Stompbox says:

    Obviously one of the idiots.

  563. Linda Kelly says:

    We will never patronize his restaurants. Please share.

  564. Kilted Kelly says:

    Poor Jimmy John and his really small dick.

  565. anthonyvop says:

    Oh Look. So brave.

  566. Caroline Smith-Cruz says:

    Jimmy John sold off his shops so he doesn’t have to worry when people boycott his shops. Sickening fat pig he is .

  567. Julie says:

    He didn’t kill the last Black Female Rhino, it was a Black Female Elephant that he killed

  568. James Doriguzzi says:

    99% of these animals that are killed are taken by African poachers, but let’s blame the white hunters who take less than 1% because it would be politically incorrect to blame the Africans.

  569. John Bryant says:

    Planned Parenthood murders unborn children, Starbucks hires illegal immigrant terrorists, Home Depot indoctrinates children into the gay lifestyle, MSNBC and liberal media can’t report the truth, Obama allowed hundreds of disabled Vets to die…I think I can find a lot more issues to be upset about closers to home.

  570. John Bryant says:


  571. Bill the eighth says:

    Hunting is one thing, killing endangered species is another. I see money is your God, that makes you a shallow, low life loser.

  572. Bill the eighth says:

    So brave to kill an endangered species with a high powered rifle from the safety of a truck and plenty of back up. Loser.

  573. Bill the eighth says:

    I don’t give a single crap about his so-called “philanthropy”, he is a low life.

  574. Bill the eighth says:

    Prove it then, retard. The only dumb, ignorant tool I see posting is you.

  575. Bill the eighth says:

    Where did he jump to any conclusions?

  576. Bill the eighth says:

    Yes Mary, evolved one hasn’t made it very far has it?

  577. Chris French says:

    Oh I could care less I know I’ll die. I’ll get buried and eaten by bugs just like everyone else. You don’t go anywhere and you don’t meet god at the pearly gates. You just die. You don’t have a big purpose for being here. None of us do. Stop believing in fairy tales

  578. Chris French says:

    I don’t believe in fairy tale creatures and all seeing gods who torture humans. Bahah it just sounds crazy

  579. Grimmnir65 says:

    I bought a sandwich from them some years back. Pretty sure the wrapper would have tasted better.

  580. Lorna says:

    I completely agree with you, Bill the eighth! I will NEVER order nor eat one of JJ’s products! He should pray someone doesn’t do to him what he has done to the endangered animals! He’s sickening, poor excuse for human.

  581. anthonyvop says:

    In this case he was culling a rogue elephant who was destroying a villages crops and threatening it’s people. He did them a service and also gave them the meat so he fed the people as well.

    What have you done?

  582. anthonyvop says:

    Elephants aren’t an endangered species.
    There is no god.
    Feeling warm and fuzzy about animals when you couldn’t last a day in the wild makes you a wussy.

  583. CoDanimal says:

    God i hope they don’t find out anything bad about DelTaco! Not sure where i will eat 😉 LOL

  584. K B says:


  585. K B says:

    Really…why should she stop believing? It makes her feel good and gives her hope. Without that good feeling and hope, she might just be calling strangers retard and a dumb ignorant tool. How miserable would that be.

  586. K B says:


  587. K B says:

    Bullshit, proven wrong already. Try again.

  588. Tim Andrew says:

    Went to one once last year in Port orange. cheese was 50 cents xtra…. really?

  589. K B says:

    if he wasn’t there to hunt, it wouldn’t have happened.

  590. maddaddyssa says:

    Rhino, the other white meat.

  591. Connie bugeja says:

    Poor guy, has nothing better to do with his life than killing! Such a stupid human! Life is so wonderful!

  592. anthonyvop says:

    More than welcome to prove me wrong

  593. tmf_x says:

    The conversational logistics are the same. Sure, it sucks for the Rhino that gets shot. but he bred already, and needs to be removed from the breeding population so other bulls can breed to maintain genetic diversity in said population. It costs money to manage all that. And letting some hunter off the bull in question that has outlived its usefulness to the local population of animals, and at a really high monetary benefit to the preserve, is a win win for everyone, except that single animal.

    Deer hunting, by true hunters that own the land and care for the animals, is the same. My uncle lives on the land we hunt in mid MO. He has cameras up to watch the deer movements, he plants food plots across the land for dietary variety. He gets permission to take deformed, or diseased deer he sees on his cameras out by the MO Dept of Conservation. We limit acceptable harvest animals based on population trends he sees all year watching them.

  594. tmf_x says:

    Oh well I guess if all you can do is insult to make your point any argument you have is pretty weak. Now if you can come up with some actual reason why Trophy hunting isnt good, then lets hear it. But conservation science is on the side of trophy hunting, done properly.

    But I assume all you have is “small dick” insults. My wife will be disappointed to know I now have a small dick.

  595. tmf_x says:

    Then someone else would have hunted the bull. Or the bull that was supposed to be hunted would have been shot and killed by the preserve itself. And that would provide no income to the preserve to continue conservation efforts.

  596. tmf_x says:

    Conservation science agrees that trophy hunting, done correctly, is a boon and a giant benefit to conservation efforts for endangered species.

    But then, I actually provide quotes, and can cite my sources. You just say “Bullshit, wrong” as though that is your whole argument. You aren’t good at this, K B. Do you need me to show you how to look up information to back up your point, and how to type quotation marks and what a citation is?

  597. DoinTha DamnThang says:

    LMFAO!!!! Priceless…

  598. DoinTha DamnThang says:


  599. DoinTha DamnThang says:

    And with all that money you should buy you some business. This way you can mind it instead of someone else’s. Business that is….

  600. DoinTha DamnThang says:

    wow… you are the defender of all things, aren’t you, you special one, you… look at you go. I imagine that you’re an (Saddam) Hussein No Drama-Obama and Killary Cunton supporter as well. Which means you are an ISIS and Terrorist supporter. You should have been in front of the animal to spare its life. But wait… you democrats don’t do that. All you do is complain about how things are do nothing to change it. Well, riot, loot, and destroy, but that’s… wait is that a “thing” right? What an idiot.

  601. DoinTha DamnThang says:

    So dont eat there. No one cares. Jeez, you people act like the thing that you think and feel actually affect the rest of the populous.

  602. DoinTha DamnThang says:

    What have you done to make amends to all of the sperm cells that you swallowed versus (which is killing a baby by the way) in your throat? I mean that’s what you faggots do, no?

    Make amends? For real? Go vote again or something. Bring a refugee into your home so they can rape and torture your entire blood line so the future doesn’t have to be bothered with your kind. Its an act of mercy, I swear.

  603. DoinTha DamnThang says:

    Because you worked there right? So you know, right? Wow… I didn’t know they let “special” people work at JJs.

  604. DoinTha DamnThang says:

    Thank you.

  605. grumpygramps says:

    the only “birthright” is to breathe air. everything else you must earn. no one owes you anything. if you want it, earn it. if you don’t earn it, you cant have it and don’t deserve it. working for JJ’s is a choice made by many people who need or want a job and that fits their requirements for employment. if you don’t like working there, quit. go to subway, they are not going to be any better. just understand that these jobs are not designed to be able to support a family of 5+ in a 3000sf house with 2 BMW’s in the driveway. these are jobs for high school students, college students, and people who want a second job for extra money.

  606. Yvangel says:


  607. David Leonard says:

    Most of those animals are only endangerd in this country..Not endangered in their country !!!

  608. Charles Overy says:

    Erberts and Gerberts is far better than JJ’s pos sandwiches!

  609. Curben Justic says:

    Or you lack using logic…

    The two parts of your statement don’t relate to each other

  610. Lynn Davidson says:

    Your thinking is limited to your physical senses. You have a spirit and soul that will live forever. We are created in God’s image and He is a self-existent Spirit eternal being. He gives everyone life and since He is forever we are forever beings. It is no fairy tale!

  611. Scott says:

    Abortion? I (and most the liberals I know) think it is wrong, but we can’t vote for a party (the GOP) who only care about it every 4 years. I can’t believe you still honestly believe that anyone in the GOP leadership cares about abortion. They don’t. It’s an easy historical truth to research and discover on your own. They had control of all three branches numerous times and didn’t do a darn thing about it. They only care about it when they’re courting your vote.
    Second, republicans are not pro-life, they’re pro-birth. They don’t care about a child after it’s born. They vote to remove all financial, education & humanitarian support from the mother & child once the birth occurs. They vote to defund preschool, food stamps and aid to single mothers….even subsidized breakfast & lunch for the student. It’s the old southern strategy, the old Bible Belt claptrap. It’s well proven that liberals favor programs that are far more effective at lowering unwanted pregnancies and abortions.
    Face it, if you vote Republican, you’re voting to help the rich, and hurt the poor, the environment, the middle class, etc. Almost every step forward that this country has taken is because of the liberals – child labor, womens right to vote, civil rights, etc. I spent most my life as a hard core conservative. I have come to see (some with hindsight of the GOP’s failed economic policies that have significantly contributed to the deficits – so they’re answer is to take away your social security, medicare, etc., not make the rich contribute more or streamline the insane amount of defense spending) the nonsense I was voting for.

  612. Brandi says:

    These photos are over 10 years old and he apparently does not do this anymore, via Wikipedia.

  613. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    The basic problem is, and you sound about like I do, the far left and the far right are out there stomping their feet, puffing their chests, cheering for “our”side, condemning “their” side…while the majority of those of us, either leaning left or leaning right just really want to make a living, raise our family, worship – or not, and have the government leave us the heck alone. But our government has become so bloated, it is impossible any longer to live a life untouched on a daily basis. If I believed either “side” actually gave an iota for you or me, it would be different. Both sides worship themselves and their almighty dollar. It has become a bastardization of what our country was meant to be. Now, with the 24/7 news cycle – reports are reported before facts are verified – on all sides. Meanwhile – I think this guy is a creeper for killing an animal if the meat went to waste. If the locals got the meat, great. We are about half way down the slippery slope towards anarchy anyways. It is all an illusion.

  614. yobanjo says:

    That’s easy. Done with JJ’s. And I’m happy to pass that along…

  615. Highlander says:

    It’s a maddening grin he has as he shows off his prize kills. I don’t even think it makes much skill to kill an elephant or rhino.

  616. BigSteveB says:

    I ate giraffe at the Carnivore restaurant just outside Nairobi. It was more like pork. I think Wednesdays was rhino day but I didn’t go.

  617. BigSteveB says:

    Your loss.

  618. bonafidebadmufuka says:

    His *** must be microscopic! Killing a big animal makes him feel like a big man, what a ***!

  619. Lynn Davidson says:

    The FACT that Jesus died on the cross (as our sacrifice to pay for our sins) is a HISTORICAL FACT! It changed time from B.C. to A.D. Was He the Son of God? Even the Jewish people say he was a prophet. He was not known as a madman! Who would endure all such suffering to death for no valid reason? “But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our guilt and iniquities; the chastisement [needful to obtain] peace and well-being for us was upon Him, and with the stripes [that wounded] Him we are healed and made whole. All we like sheep have gone astray, we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord has made to light upon Him the guilt and iniquity of us all.” Isaiah 53
    Genesis 2:15-17
    15 And the Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and guard and keep it.
    16 And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, You may freely eat of every tree of the garden;
    17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and blessing and calamity you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die. (spiritually and eventually physically-obviously everyone dies so it was true)
    Genesis 3:5 9 satan said through the serpent-satan is a fallen arch angel and very powerful but not compared to God the Creator) For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing the difference between good and evil and blessing and calamity. (Many today believe the lie satan spoke to Eve in ages ago and consider themselves to be as God-their own God but that lie is as old as Eve in the Garden of Eden.
    God loves you so much!

  620. Chris French says:

    You are crazy. Bahaha no one died for “our sins”. Lunatic

  621. Chris French says:

    And someone dying was his own fault if that is historical fact. Bahahahahaha

  622. Chris French says:

    Also If people are created in this fake mans image that would mean he’s a rapist, a terrorist, an imbred, a murderer, and the list goes on and on. What a good thing he is

  623. alfalfa31 says:

    One wealthy hunter does more more for conservation of those endangered species than all of you who complain about those wealthy hunters combined. I don’t like it any more than you do but the fact is, without rich guys like this, poachers would have hunted the animals to extinction.

    Feel free to boycott Jimmy John’s but try to understand why big game hunts like this are not the net negative you make them out to be.

  624. Chris French says:

    It’s sad that you stand behind a racist homophobic, rapist, murderer, that you call god. You are a killer then if everyone is made in that delusional head of yours

  625. James Ludwig says:

    Your a total *** hope you get a chance to be hunted by a pig like jimmy one day and pray for extinction of your kinds bloodline fool

  626. Boro says:

    you are disgusting, sad POS

  627. Bob Builder says:

    yeap it was a busy day.

  628. Scott says:

    I see we’ve gone off-topic for the most part… However, in response – You don’t realize half of the freedoms you have simply because of the government. You think free enterprise is your savior; it’s not.

  629. Chris French says:

    Yes I actually can see the moon

  630. Chris French says:

    I never told her to stop believing in fairytales

  631. Chris French says:

    Well then since you are created in “his” image you must be. Rapist, a pedophile, a terrorist, a murderer, a child trafficker, and an all around evil soul… That sucks. Gawd no thanks

  632. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    yeah – I wandered a bit. And yes, my family has a long history of military folks. I’m not anti government. I feel many things, yes including abortion, should be left to the individual. I personally don’t believe in it, so I won’t get one. This article was about the moron who legally went overseas and killed an animal. I eat meat. I wouldn’t eat a dog. It sickens me to see animals being abused. But in parts of the world, they eat dogs. I wouldn’t morally judge a business owner who came from a part of the world where they eat dogs. I hope this owner sees the error of his ways and changes. I prefer WhichWich over Jimmy John’s anyway. 😉

  633. Lynn Davidson says:

    You need to understand the context of the scriptures if you have read them. You speak of satan not of God! God is love! God is just, fair, wise, holy
    and merciful!

  634. Chris French says:

    There is no god there is no devil. Just humans who do things

  635. Carolyn says:

    F*CK YOU Jimmy John Liautaud! You are a disgrace of a human being. Unf*ckingbelievable! Never eating at Jimmy Johns again.

  636. k716 says:

    If he cares so much for the villagers, he could’ve easily bought them an abundance of food since he’s so rich. However, he didn’t because he gets such a thrill out of killing and keeping a trophy from his victims. Just like a serial killer.

  637. k716 says:

    anthony, when you come back to reality, google “are elephants endangered”. You’re in for a rude awakening. Or else you’re already aware and just enjoy lying.

  638. anthonyvop says:

    And what would have that done about the rampaging Elephant.
    Admit it.
    You just are upset that a wealthy man is living the good life as he wishes and you are jealous

  639. Scott says:

    It’s about a man spending a huge amount of money, buying privilege – to pay someone to lead him to an endangered animal, and simply slaughter it for nothing more than an ego stroke. It’s disgusting and extremely sad.

  640. BigSteveB says:

    I also ate kangaroo and emu while in Australia. I suppose you disagree with that too? Certainly eating pigeon while in Bahrain is OK? I wouldn’t recommend the pigeon but the kangaroo was delicious (and lean).

  641. Chollie52 says:

    That is more than enough. Not being able to write a sentence is a reflection of all sorts of character deficencies.

  642. Chollie52 says:

    I want someone to show me proof of villagers eating an elephant that was destroying crops. This is an old wives (hunter’s) tale.

  643. Chollie52 says:

    So now the elephant was rampaging? And you know this how?

  644. Michele Waldman-Goodwin says:

    And why is this business still going since 1983? Wake up people!!! Locals need to wake up everywhere his business is located.

  645. Tin Man says:

    I think he was being sarcastic.

  646. TheGardenMaster says:

    Just can’t get away from the fake news.

  647. handsomish says:

    None of those are endangered species. So I wouldn’t have any problem with that. But the reality is that trophy hunters who go out to kill the endangered species really aren’t hunters at all. Sure, they may pull the trigger, but the tracking, baiting, and often the trapping of the animal for them to shoot is all done by someone else. And quite often the kill shot is done by a skilled hunter accompianing them. Most don’t possess the ability to shoot a moving target like a kangaroo, nor do they care to, as for them, it doesn’t have the cachet of being able to brag about killing one of the last of a species.

  648. Kevin Blankenship says:

    Him buying those expensive tags to take those African game animals is exactly how they pay the Wardens to protect the rest of them and it pays for the breeding programs and the vets to care for the herds. You animal rights sissies really need to learn conservation before you spout your anti-hunting idiocy!

  649. Kevin Blankenship says:

    Pick it up, smell it, taste it. Frog legs are delicious!

  650. deaton says:

    the first picture is a photo shop, he is not sitting on the elephant I quit reading after that

  651. Aris Moraitis says:

    I think that you are VERY stupid !!!

  652. Rockyballbuster says:

    The $$s from hunts like these protect the rest of the herds with armed patrols on the perimeter of the reserves. These poor countries can’t afford to protect them otherwise, and the people will do anything for money or food. Without protection, they would have been wiped out by poaching decades ago. It’s called “managing the resource”, much like permitting hunters to harvest deer for food vs. allowing the deer population to starve or endanger the lives of innocent people as they’re killed by deer strikes on the roadways. I’ll eat JJs any day.

  653. Brenda West says:

    I hope you don’t think you are being funny, because you are not!!!

  654. Terrie says:

    Did you even bother to read the article? It was a canned hunt. “The villagers do NOT eat lion, rhino or elephant, they eat fish, chicken, beef & pork, like the rest of the world.”

  655. anthonyvop says:

    Have you ever been to the African Bush?
    Have you ever tried Elephant?

  656. GRAYWOLF says:

    I’ve eaten there once and I’ll never go back. Piss poor service and crappy food. Suck it, Jimmy.

  657. TLC says:

    exactly. did you read the article? the author is anti hunting. period. end of story. have news for you. the local villages do get the meat from these hunts. it is illegal to bring the meat back. so, it goes to the villages no matter what this assclown who wrote this says.

  658. Victor Deutchman says:

    I would eat food from the street before I would eat Jimmy John’s “sandwiches”.

  659. Victor Deutchman says:

    He hasn’t hunted since 2010? Well, okay then! While we’re at it, we should release Charlie Manson from prison because he hasn’t killed anyone since 1969! If you stop doing a repulsive thing, everything is fine again.

  660. Mark Sheek says:

    I think he’s a jerk just for the constant, school boy “thumbs up” pose.
    What a loser…

  661. The Real Farmer says:

    That fat worthless trash should have his legs chainsawed off, then cauterized with a blow torch. Let his do a little screaming, be music to my ears. Only cowards kill animals for photo ops. Hope he is eaten by a pack pf Hyena’s alive.

  662. johngalts_brother says:

    Man, a baby elephant ribeye..with onions, garlic and mushrooms…yummy!

  663. J Will says:

    I hunt too, but the ones like this are just weird as hell about being a galactic narcissist.

  664. Mary Rose-Smith says:

    Anyone paying anything for any sort of “stroke” ego or otherwise is on the disgusting side. HA! We came to it in a round about way – but yes – I agree with your bottom line sentiment.

  665. ooohbonnie says:

    someone needs to sabotage his sandwiches and put some elephant meat or a rat or two in his sandwiches.. then lets see what he thinks, once he gets a taste of his own medicine.

  666. Tiffany Skalberg says:

    Have any of you stopped to think, why is the African government taking the hunters money and letting them hunt??? Where should the blame really lay.

  667. Bryan DeHart says:

    I wish we could round up small penile trophy “hunters”, turn them loose in a field, and watch their fat bellies run around as they try to dodge bullets from a scoped .308 Winchester rifle.

  668. MeanieHead says:

    Here’s a sentence for you — You’re a whiny, good-for-nothing asshat. Go stand in the middle of a freeway and hold a sign.

  669. kgbgirl says:

    hey kunckledragger…I hear a banjo in your backyard….

  670. kgbgirl says:

    gee your family doesn’t have a tree…it’s just a branch.

  671. Darrell Parscale says:

    We could all take to Yelp…talk about them spitting on sandwiches….and let Yelp do the rest

  672. Belinda Kotlark Denker says:

    What do u mean, ” there is no God” ? Someday u will find out there is a God, by then it will be too late! Every time u say something u show the whole world how ignorant u really are! Your parents really should have used a condom when u were conceived.

  673. anthonyvop says:

    You are more than welcome to show me proof that your Sky Ghost exists.

  674. Belinda Kotlark Denker says:

    Sky Ghost, really? Dude, all u have to do is look around, where do u think everything on this earth came from? Even though we can’t see or touch God we know that He is real. It’s called faith, and u would be amazed at how much better life can be with God by your side and peace in your heart! I do respect your right to believe what u want

  675. John Duffy says:

    The $350,000 he spent does a heck of a lot more for the animals than the author.

  676. Wright Michelle says:

    I hope this guy gets mauled by a tiger. He’s a POS and deserves to die a slow, painful & horrible death. So does anyone in his family who knows he does this and haven’t persuaded him to stop. This includes his wife and children.

  677. Chris Hansen says:

    Pig i will boycott this selfish pig .

  678. Chris Hansen says:

    hes not killing to Eat he is Killing to Kill Endangered species .. he has no right to take them from this world just to pull a trigger and pose next to a hunk of bloody meat that was once loved and
    revered by the rest of the world

  679. Chris Hansen says:

    Agree 100 percent maybe because he has smalldick syndrome

  680. sandie66 says:

    Stop using the word retard, ***.

  681. sandie66 says:

    You warned him?? WTF? You started dying the moment you were born.

  682. Michael Blanding says:

    No right? Were do you draw the line? Is it ok to take a roach out of this world, or the ant that you step on by mistake? They are living creatures also, but they are just not cute? Just curious, I don’t necessarily agree with what he is doing, but statements like this make me wonder.

  683. Michael Blanding says:

    This is the problem. Just because he doesn’t agree, he is a piece of ***

  684. Michael Blanding says:

    Someone doesn’t agree with you, so you hate them. More worried about animals and wanting another human beings life to be ended and his bloodline? As a society we have gone crazy. Just know this, no matter what you believe in, I love you. That is what I am called to do. Love thy neighbor.

  685. Kevin Rutledge says:

    He’s free to spend his money however he pleases, and so am I. This is just one more reason not to buy J.J.
    #worstsubsever #jimmyjohnssuck #rathereataratsass

  686. BigSteveB says:

    You’re kidding right? Research hunting and you will find that it not only provides millions with food and clothing, but it plays an important role in controlling the population of certain animals. You Suzanne don’t understand hunting or conservation. Your self-righteous opinions are the scam.

  687. BigSteveB says:

    Have you been to Africa? You obviously don’t know what the hell you are talking about congame.

  688. BigSteveB says:

    Thanks for putting some intellectual effort into the discussion kgbgirl.

  689. BigSteveB says:

    Chris, you watch way too many Disney movies. “Loved and revered?” We’re talking about wild animals right? We are talking about controlled hunts and the flow of money to impoverished areas that maintain these preserves right? What are you? 12 or something?

  690. Daniel S. Thompson says:

    I seriously doubt that this person was allowed to shoot “the last rhino in the park” nor take the rhino’s horn as a trophy. Usually parks pick out sick animals, or animals that are not breeding and even killing other animals, for hunters to shoot. This is how conservation is funded. Allowing trophy hunting is a net win for conserving species. These sorts of articles are really toxic. They allow people to mask debilitating ENVY with an aura of sanctity and saintly concern for animals.

    Furthermore, no one puts a gun to the head of employees who sign on with Jimmy John’s. They agree to the terms of their employment. They could choose to work elsewhere, invest in education at a local community college instead of buying a bigger tv, smoking, buying beer – whatever. “Capitalism” (i.e. civilization) offers everyone the greatest amount of wealth and the greatest amount of opportunity to amass it and benefit their community. Attacking prominent individuals for their wealth is dishonest, Communist subversion – and we should recognize it for what it is.

  691. Anon E. Moose says:

    Sport and Trophy Hunting does absolutely NOTHING beneficial for the environment or the communities that live near the places where these dipshits hunt. If there was real compassion to help out indigenous communities and be a conservationist they would put their money into helping impoverished African communities without wanting to arbitrarily kill just for the *** fun of it. They would put their money and resources like a true philanthropist and humanitarian into helping to protect the environment and species not kill them.(but with most of these *** its easier to kill than to protect just as its easier to dig a hole than to fill one up and THAT’S the real problem. These sorry excuses for human beings are NOT interested in “Helping” any outback nature preserve or any indigenous community. They could care less where the money goes. All they really wish to do is to satiate their desire to get their gun off and KILL something because their mentally ill narcissist superior attitude and desires want them to. Plain and simple.Oh im sure they like to rationalize it all by saying that the money they spend goes to helping people,but I say *** them royally with a hot poker. The very definition of a “deplorable” is a Trophy and Sport Hunter. They are mentally ill and if it were legal to go out and hunt humans they would do so at the drop of a hat and they would pay handsomely for it. They are worthless individuals who have not one *** clue as to how to be a true human being that respects life and the planet and the people and animals on it. I hope more elephants and rhinos get the upper hand whilst they are out in the bush taking a crap and suddenly gets a horn up their ***. Oh am I being to harsh and hateful and mean?? Awww Im sorry,,,go f yourself.

  692. Melissa White says:

    who is he paying to go on these “hunts”? THATS who needs to be stopped!

  693. Charles_F_Pierce says:

    Sportsman??? NO! ABSOLUTE COWARD WITH NO CARE FOR ANYTHING ON EARTH. What if the movie played out in Africa with a young person with a .22 putting about 27 shots into this a-hole?

  694. Lynn Davidson says:

    Exactly! That’s the point!

  695. Lynn Davidson says:

    Can you prove I’m a retard and anyway that is a hate term.

  696. Anthony Davis says:

    cry some more it might help your 5 year old cause

  697. DeMarcus Cousins says:

    My Favorite part was in paragraph #4, when you referred to the picture of the elephant above as an “EXTREMELY ENDANGERED female Black Rhino.” That was when I realized that this was a satirical website, similar to “the Onion.” Save my furr because I don’t curr.

  698. Jrue Holiday says:

    I see where you guys are all coming from, but I think one EXTREMELY ENDANGERED animal that doesn’t get enough attention is the pelican. All of the plastic and trash leaking into the ocean has forced all of the “non-privileged”, “ethnically diverse”, “bi-racially cisgender”, “safe space” pelicans to migrate to New Orleans, Louisiana to find a new home. So tragic.

  699. Dick sticker says:

    You don’t have anything better to do with your life than create profiles named after nba players in order to troll people? Someone should trophy hunt you.

  700. Daniel Valladares Espinosa says:

    Damn idk those sandwiches are pretty bomb.

  701. Pam says:

    Ironic coming from someone whose profile name is about a penis. LOL

  702. Dingosbaby says:

    All this killing and his penis is still teensy weensy.

  703. drsconti says:

    I have a theory about people who hunt. In prehistoric times, hunting was an important skill to have. As society evolved into a more agrarian one, the hunting gene, if there is one, became less important. My view is that those who still hunt just haven’t evolved.

    Suggestion: Why not even the playing field? Drop a hunter into the forest, jungle or Savannah with his superior brain but armed only with a knife or sword. Then let the battle begin and nature take its course.

  704. NikNak says:

    I ate one yesterday & mine didn’t taste like buffalo or elephant. I had the Italian #9 w/o onions. Funny thing was, it didn’t taste like Italians either….

  705. clydeconkey says:

    “and if you catch a hunter, shoot him in the nuts.” Lou Reed

  706. (((Sabyen91))) says:

    Pretty ironic coming from a cooking spray…

  707. Vallhund says:

    Read it again. Paragraph #4 didn’t refer to any one of the photos, just the trip which he killed the black rhino. Should the editor have placed the rhino photo closer in the article? Sure, but that doesn’t make the article less factual.

  708. bryan king says:

    Once the elephants are gone, can we move on the the native Africans lol

  709. bryan king says:

    Idk about you but my body handles cow milk fine so my ancestors must have been sucking cow tits for a hot minute

  710. bryan king says:

    Why don’t we just hunt the Africans since we get stuck feeding them with foreign aid donations and those tv commercials that ask for 20 dollars a month anyway

    Why do we keep sending them food/aid so they can reproduce and make more people that then in turn need more aid from developed society

    If it were up to me I’d make each one of them give up a kidney before they got one damn bowl of mush

  711. bryan king says:

    You gon earn dat mush boi

  712. bryan king says:

    Cut him some slack lol he’s black…what ya expect the reading comprehension level to be

  713. Jeremy Hardy says:


  714. zinjanthropus says:

    Geesh what a savage.
    Why not leave them alone and not cause the problems they’re having? Name a country in Africa and I can name you the western country or company which created those problems.

    The only thing they’re guilty of is being poor thus susceptible to bribes and not having a strong enough military to keep western countries out. You must be from Texas eh? Get yourself a well written, well researched, peer reviewed history book with primary source citations.

  715. Anne T Jones says:


  716. Lauren M. Doucette says:

    I spent a month in SA in 2002. Kruger National Park was an eye opener for this girl from the USA. our guide told us all about poachers and how evil they are, which explained the guys in the towers with machine guns. One of our shows was an AIDS benefit. The lead singer of one of the bands got jumped by poachers and was clinging to life in a local hospital. His band mates took up a collection to help with his medical bills. they said that they couldn’t recognize him at all. These bastards deserve to be shot on sight and pumped full of lead. Poor kid was put into a medically induced coma so he wouldn’t be awake to suffer the pain. I LOVE SA, but some people don’t deserve the life they were given since all they do is kill.

  717. Diane Williamson says:

    If this is all true – he can shove his lousy sandwiches!! Never had one and now I never will.

  718. P from Tx says:

    I agree with what you said to Bryan King, but if your argument became invalid when you said “you must be from Texas eh?” Well I’m from Texas, and I do not think so negatively as Bryan. I was in complete agreeance with you on your argument until you said such a thing. How can you make such an arguement and then point fingers? It’s obvious this Bryan character is here to purposely stir an arguement. Just let a sad individual be and not add more to his rants.

  719. BobFromDistrict9 says:

    I think you should be trashed for the racist you are.

  720. BobFromDistrict9 says:

    This trip, which does sound like it’s the photo it’s attached to.

  721. BobFromDistrict9 says:

    Perhaps because it’s all your fault.

    Shove your racism.

  722. BobFromDistrict9 says:

    You are a much of a bigot as he is then.

  723. jamesben says:

    Africa is and has been mostly regressing in the post-colonial period.

    Do some actual reading about the mess the continent is, or better yet, do like I have and talk to Africans who’ve been victimized by Islam, black nationalists and the rest of the trash seeking (or have gained) control of that beautiful place.

    And, for what it’s worth, I’m from Texas, and I earned my degrees here in Texas. We’re far from all being the gun toting yahoos as depicted in the media and Hollywood.

  724. zinjanthropus says:

    Yeah that was uncalled for. I apologize. I was making a jibe at the hideous text book debacle and made the error of insulting the entire population.

  725. zinjanthropus says:

    I Lived in Senegal for a couple of years and have visited several other countries for months at a time. I studied African politics for decades.
    Just as in Iraq, The US broke the country, eliminated all of its infrastructure, police departments, schools, banks and left. Into the vacuum came chaos, terrorists and corruption.
    This is Africa after colonialism.
    …but much of it is still there in the form of corporate colonialism.

    The western countries played one side against the other for a couple of centuries, created false borders, animosity between native nations, and when they left, they assassinated democratically elected leaders, interfered with the efforts at unity, and the result is as expected.
    Google The Lord’s Resistance Army, research the US Christian involvement and influence in the mass killings of gays in Uganda and surrounding countries.

    As far as the Texas jab, I was wrong…sorry, (see above reply)

  726. MisterLiteral says:

    Speaking with my dollar, so this is actually Jimmy John’s loss. I would have spent a hell of a lot of money there had it not been for this.

  727. purrna2go says:

    Interesting. The accompanying photos of the healthy black rhino and elephant however belie the rationale “sick, aggressive, harmful” animals being culled. This system relies on honesty and judgement, which are easily supplanted by corruption, greed, misunderstanding. It engenders a killing and disrespectful mentality. And Rose said these animals BELONG to that particular country. The cartoon depicts pride of the animal husbands breeding the game – no dif than cattle being bred in US for slaughter and consumption, really. The Adam video does not explore other possibilities. Maybe some solutions might come from the trophy hunters themselves in a brainstorming session. Why big game? Could they settle for shooting with tranquilizer darts for a great photograph, but the animal lives? Or shooting life-like robots? Or simply shooting overpopulated deer at home on the range, to be donated to food banks, with recipients showing proper adulation and love for said hunters? The problem with trophy hunting is the promotion of the killing ethic. If the trophy hunter here wants to persist, then he should also reckon with the consequences of his business being hurt; I would not eat at his establishment! Fair “game”.

  728. Luminous Flux says:

    Because you’re an idiot and are trying to protect animals that are being purchased to save other animals?

  729. Luminous Flux says:

    And if we catch you, we will give you the same treatment.

  730. Luminous Flux says:

    Because the pelican can be replaced by the seagull. And when you start labeling animals with gender tags, you should just go drink bleach and be done with life. Your [pathetic attempt at Humour is nothing more than insulting and feeding the lefts ignorance.

  731. Luminous Flux says:

    Why does he have to be From texas? That is far from a Texas Mentality and you’re an ignorant bigot.

  732. Lovemypets says:

    He needs to be the target!!!! Shoot to kill!

  733. augsksa says:

    what an a$$hole, business wise and hunting wise. i’ll never eat there.

  734. Pam says:

    Helps rude comments to slide right off.

  735. zinjanthropus says:

    Did you read this entire conversation? If so you would’ve seen my apology above, and also my mention of it directly above your reply. If after that you still consider me an ignorant bigot, then I chalk if off to yet another thing over which I have little control.

  736. JD says:

    for the win…

  737. PJParks says:

    And how do you know this is how he hunted? Did he tell you all of that or are you just guessing?

  738. Anna says:

    ( the horrific poaching aside) ya know the fact that ya’ll say these sandwhiches are the bomb are dumb get out more .. 3 pieces of meat on a freaking roll does not a sandwich make. I do not even know why this dude has a business his food sucks

  739. bryan king says:

    That’s because blaming the white man can be applied to every black person problem in the world in your eyes… How about this…

    We offer them the perfect life if they get sterilized this way they can’t have kids and reproduce so we can stop feeding the “pigeons” and end what ultimately equates to the perpetuation of poverty and a miserable existence when some of those places are just unsuitable for agriculture so we just enable them

    If it goes well we bring it to the inner cities and offer 10,000 dollars for people willing to get clipped/sterilized. Just think about all the future cash it would save

  740. bryan king says:

    I’m proud of my country and its warmongering ways. The only people who can defeat white people in what they do best (war) is MORE white people lol

  741. bryan king says:

    Leave them alone? No my friend not as long as they have free money ripe for the plundering in their lands. Africa aka the white nations of the world personal piggy bank will continue to be plundered. Why do you think the leader of Libya was taken out lol he wanted to unite the African nations and make them only accept gold for payment of their oil which would have cause a big problem for the American dollar being a world currency

  742. bryan king says:

    You mad because they don’t have your gluten free bread so you cant blog about your newly discovered gluten allergy?

  743. Anna says:

    Ha ! you’re funny ! Not… I don’t buy into that gluten free bologna but to each his own.. I don’t like being charged money for a freaking piece of bread with 3 lame pieces of meat

  744. Sammy Schultz says:

    What an absolute disgusting example of a sub-human being.

  745. Sammy Schultz says:

    OR SHOOTING ONLY WITH A CAMERA. People who kill big game are COWARDS!!

  746. Kevin Weir says:

    lol they can’t keep you from working within a 3mi radius of their place… what horse ***.

  747. Sandy Carrington says:


  748. van hill says:

    Mmm fresh meat !!! And great sandwiches!!!Win win!!

  749. bryan king says:

    Didn’t we try letting Africans govern themselves in Liberia and it turned into a corrupted disaster? I’m probably misinformed on that though

  750. bryan king says:

    Scientists actually have a theory that the gene that allows us to utilize/digest meat and the evolution of the killer T cell was due to the consumption of meat which over time allowed us to process the high amounts of cholesterol associated with animal meat

    Unlike a chimpanzee who would likely die fairly quickly if they consumed meat routinely in their diet due to the lack of this gene we all have

    Some scientist go as far as to hypothesize that this gene is responsible for speeding up evolution of the brain found in modern humans

    You’re underestimating the amount of time it take to devolve genes that aren’t advantageous to us. For *** sake we still have hairs on our body that stand up on end when we get cold because its a auto response inherited from our ancestors to keep us warm. They had a lot more hair and the hairs would trap heat when the hairs stood up on end from shivering. “vestigial response” I think it’s called

  751. Doris Casey says:

    Hes clearly deranged .

  752. NinaQueenoftheGreatLakes says:

    You have no idea how extremely empowering it is to have someone hate you for simply being black. You made my morning. Only people with low level IQ’s are as ignorant as you are. Good day!

  753. Chris Yokie says:

    I don’t support poaching. But sounds like a he’s paying to hunt what the article called “game” in reference to the animals he is pictured with, which is a reference to any animal hunted for sport or food, which is not illegal. SO I’m probably just going to go on enjoying my delicious #9s. Annoying liberals

  754. Brendan Holloran says:

    He has an advanced degree, do you?

  755. zinjanthropus says:

    You make the assumption that I’m Ugandan which I’m not. I’m born and bred in the USA. I just traveled a lot when I was a child- My parents worked for the State dept and also at various universities- and I still travel as an adult.

    You also make the assumption that there wasn’t a giant wad of money accompanying the gigantic Evangelical lobbying push by US Christians.
    Start here but by all means do your own research.

    As for the rest, If I meant what I said then I wouldn’t have apologized. If your statement “You will continue to stereo type people” was true, then I would’ve doubled down on insults rather than apologize.

    I have no problem calling people stupid when I think they are stupid.
    The entire population of Texas doesn’t remotely fit my idea of stupid…Of course there ARE plenty of stupid people in Texas though…
    I also have no problem apologizing when I’m wrong.
    Eh, I’ve been to Texas plenty of times and have had some really good business dealings with more than a few Texans so I know a bit about some of the various Texan cultures.

    Look Here ;
    MY WORDS:”I was making a jibe at the hideous text book debacle and made the error of insulting the entire population.”
    YOUR WORDS “So, you’re using “hideous text book debacle” as an excuse to insult the entire population of Texas?”
    In your sentence, you contradict what I just said my motivation and intent was and changed it to fit what you want my motivation to be. How does this make sense to you?
    Who does that?

    As I already as said, I was referring to the dumb a$$ Text book BS. Seems like you’re just itching to fight over silliness, So if you don’t take my apology in the honest spirit that it was given, then you either need to go back and re-read what I said or go screw yourself.

  756. bryan king says:

    I’d be willing to bet the people against hunting are the same people who are against the right to bear arms. They’re also, probably, the same people who claim Trump is the next Hitler. If you believe Trump is the next Hitler wouldn’t it be a perfect example of why we have a need for the right to bear arms in order to protect ourselves from a tyrannical dictator like the left claims he is. Shoot the hunter with what gun? My money is all on the idea you attend anti gun rallies and other leftist stuff pertinent to cuckoldry

  757. bryan king says:

    I was just going to make the sarcastic comment about I’m sorry I offended you and how you’re a “strong African queen” like black females refer to themselves as if they’re superior but it’s actually a defensive coping mechanism to protect themselves against the feelings of inadequacy/inferiority but then I noticed you have the queen part in your username lol so it just validated my original assumption

  758. bryan king says:

    I ain’t igggnant

  759. bryan king says:

    I have a couple trophy wives (only the exes I hang on the wall) lol

  760. bryan king says:

    May I also mention that it can double as sex lubricant? Dick Sticker may be interested in some of your Pam

  761. bryan king says:

    I don’t believe my race is superior so I can’t be a racist by English Oxfords definition

  762. bryan king says:

    I’m like 5 minutes from NYC lol literally watched the towers burn from my house

  763. bryan king says:

    I concur the subhuman species of negro erectus has little to no control over their aggressive tendencies and emotions and thus should be treated like a dog that pissed inside on the floor in need of more training rather than held responsible for their actions like modern humans

  764. bryan king says:

    Velcro was invented by black people when the field masters took note of raw cotton constantly getting stuck to the afro of the cotton pickers

    Black history lesson 101

  765. NinaQueenoftheGreatLakes says:

    You are a sad person. I am God. I am queen. If you were a good person you would have God inside of you too and you would exude it, but you are full of hate and its eating you alive. Have a wonderful night Bryan.

  766. Luminous Flux says:

    An apology doesn’t change the fact that you are an ignorant bigot and try to stereo type entire states. yes, I read it, Maybe you should learn how to control your need to make ignorant claims.

  767. Luminous Flux says:

    Racism 101 is all that is. George de Mestral Invented Velcro. Bryan, you are the subhuman species that has no control over your ignorance.

  768. Luminous Flux says:

    “need of more training rather than held responsible for their actions like modern humans ” yes, yes you need more training in how to be a decent human being. you’re making blanket statements about black people and bragging about living 5 minutes from the towers. >”LOL literally watched the towers burn”….why is this funny? You really are a disaster of a being.

  769. Luminous Flux says:

    Also, you say “Name a country in Africa and I can name you the western country or company which created those problems” This is the most ignorant thing you’ve let out your mouth. So the west is responsible for every country and their bad fortune in Africa? And you still believe white people are the only slave owners, even though the first slave owner, was a black man, The west isnt to blame for the shoddy state of Africa.

    “You must be from Texas eh? Get yourself a well written, well researched, peer reviewed history book with primary source citations.”

    You must be a Liberal, always trying to blame other people instead of trying to get those responsible to take responsibility.

  770. zinjanthropus says:

    First slave owner was a black man?
    What you’re reading ancient papyrus leaves ?
    You mean first US slave owner?
    You’re talking about Anthony Johnson right?
    Yeah that would be wrong.
    Reading comprehension Luminous, it’s not enough to parrot what you hear from others at breitbart, or to glance over details.
    You must read with the intention of understanding.
    Maybe you are a semi literate Texan after all!

    Anthony Johnson was the man who had to petition the courts for the right to own slaves thereby being the first person to have his slave ownership sanctioned by the courts. That’s a far cry from being the FIRST since the only reason he had to petition the courts in the first place was because of his race.

    Also, he wasn’t the first black slave owner in the US. That distinction went to those former slaves who had the skill and luck to be able to buy their freedom and later, to purchase their loved ones.

    As for Africa, I’m sure there would be many instances of injustice, corruption, war, and inhumanity out of Africa if they were always left on their own. However since all of the continent was conquered, ruled despoiled and exploited by various western countries, the current situations are almost wholly the result of western influence.

  771. zinjanthropus says:

    You lack the capacity to understand. There’s nothing left to say to you on this as you have no interest in dialog, you simply want to hurl invective as you grasp tightly to your pearls.

  772. Luminous Flux says:

    The only pearls laying around is the pearl necklace you wear. i’m not the one trying to pretend i didn’t make a comment on the internet and I’m not the one pretending an apology makes me a better person, meanwhile you continue to make assumptions like the bigot you are.

  773. Luminous Flux says:

    Actually, if you knew history, The first slave owner predates American History.

  774. zinjanthropus says:

    ….aaand that’s what I was alluding to when I mentioned papyrus leaves. Can you actually read?

  775. Luminous Flux says:

    Oh nice novel you typed here, mr know it all whos completely wrong and assuming he knows everything about everyone and everything. But then again, you probably forget the time that even venice was big into the slave trade and even had to segregate their slaves by religion.

  776. zinjanthropus says:

    Nothing I typed above should’ve given you that impression.
    Once again, reading comprehension.

  777. zinjanthropus says:

    Also, I see no compelling reason to continue with you. You’ve stated your opinion and I’ve stated mine. You’re trolling around stalking like a mad man/woman in need of meds.
    BLOCKED due to useless diatribe.
    Go somewhere with this nonsense.

  778. Silvercat says:

    How are they being purchased to save other animals? They are ENDANGERED animals. Did you bother to read the article? Or are you just a Jimmy Johns fan who also likes to kill endangered animals. The LAST black female rhino. Maybe these words are too big for you to understand but endangered means they are almost extinct.

  779. Luminous Flux says:

    You lack the capacity to be a decent human being, You keep pretending you something, while everyone else sees that you are intolerant bigot that can’t adapt to logic or reason but only selfish entitlements.

  780. Luminous Flux says:

    Obviously, but you are struggling with it. Only women go around alluding. Men will be direct and to the point.

  781. Luminous Flux says:

    Then your English comprehension is shot and you don’t even know what you are typing you pretentious little snowflake.

  782. Luminous Flux says:

    LMAO, I like how this kid can’t handle logic and has to insult me and block me because his illogical claims have been challenged. Blocking me only means you lost, know you’re wrong, and can’t handle the heat.

  783. Luminous Flux says:

    No, actually, I’ve never ate at jimmy johns, but the money He has to pay to go hunt that animal helps build animal reserves. P.S. that was not THE LAST BLACK RHINO. You keep pretending snowflake.

  784. Anthony Morris says:

    You missed the point, genius. You can see the moon, but you can’t see the atmosphere between here and the moon. That doesn’t mean the atmosphere doesn’t exist just because you can’t see it.

  785. Chris French says:

    God is a made up being to get people to behave like santa or the Easter bunny. Not to mention one of the biggest evils and biggest cause of hatred towards others

  786. Shelby Lovino Koenig says:

    Big game hunters (NOT POACHERS) can actually help boost the population. The hugeamounts of moneythey spend to hunt big game that is already a threat to the people and wildlife in the area goes to conservation efforts and warding off poachers.. they’re only allowed to hunt specific animals that are sequestered as a danger to their surroundings and only during certain times of te year.

  787. margaret jaeger says:

    And what about the country who has laws to allow this kind of trophy shooting? Having people so willing to shoot big anaimals is one bad thing but to have laws to Allow this to go on… that wonderful? This Legal Trophy hunting renders a Lot of money to the coffers of this country. And perhaps the animals are selected for culling because of their age..? Trophy hunters save them time and money for park rangers to cull. I don’t know but know I don’t like unnecessarily shooting these big beasts jus tfor someone to brag that they shot and killed one.

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