California Becomes First State In U.S. To Ban Plastic Bags
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California Becomes First State In U.S. To Ban Plastic Bags.

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  1. Hurray
    This is good
    Do disposable diapers for children next

  2. Timothy Fox says:

    Wait, what about trash bags… and fruit/veggie bags in the produce dept., and the bags that frozen veggies come in, and the big plastic bag that holds the toilet paper together, ban them all!!! Let’s make California more like a 3rd world country than we already are!!! For the record, those bags weren’t one time use, most people used them for trash bags as well.

  3. William St says:

    That’s how I recycle them. As small trash bags for the bedrooms.

  4. William St says:

    So much for recyclable plastic being a good thing.

  5. They were probably the ones who complained the loudest to get rid of paper grocery bags years ago.

  6. Well there’d my trash can bags…I haven’t bought trash can bags in 10-15 yrs…just “recycled” mine for trash use…why spend money u are literally throwing away!!!
    Mayb better to ban sale of in-home trash bags & offer “in store credit”…bring 2 for price of 1 bag for those who reuse or recycle them at store (they charge $0.10 per bag in sum WA ST counties for those who don’t bring bags & don’t wana “Costco” it)

  7. I use mine all ovr, in evry room, to include kitchen…forces trash to get taken out evry othr day instead of a huge can & days of a smelly kitchen/house

  8. Keith Crews says:

    It’s just about cutting down on plastic use, and there still available for 10 cents that encourage you to use reusable bags. Kinda like everyone one should…

  9. David Scragg says:

    Hopefully banning Trump is next

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