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Stephen Hawking Just Issued a Chilling Warning to Scientists Searching for Alien Life.

Stephen Hawking is known for offering insightful and often scary commentary on the universe and technology. The world-renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist has cautioned against rapidly evolving artificial intelligence, humans exploiting and destroying Earth, and Donald Trump becoming one of the most…

NASA Says There’s Another Zodiac Sign, So Everyone’s Life Has Been A Lie.

Do you swear by your horoscope? Do you feel like you are a perfect Libra or Virgo, or Leo? Do feel like your monthly horoscope is always accurate?

China just managed to construct the world’s largest telescope.

In China, one great accomplishment has been completed after five years of effort. The Five-Hundred-Meter Aperture Spherical Telescope, also known as FAST, is the largest radio telescope on earth.

New research reveals where the water in the subsoil of the Moon comes from.

When the first humans landed on the Moon, the estimates of experts was that in the unique satellite of our planet there is not a drop of water.

NASA invites us to admire the Aurora Borealis from space. (Video)

See the impressive natural phenomenon through a gorgeous ultra-HD video that was filmed at a resolution of 4K!

NASA Shows Us Impressive Information About Mercury.

A few days ago, NASA published a complete digital model that illustrates the topographical features of the smallest planet in our solar system.

For the first time NASA records the explosion of a star.

Recently, NASA recorded the explosion of a star that was 1.2 billion light years away.

Asteroid passing close by Earth, has a one in 250 million chance of colliding with Earth

March 5, 2016 is when we will experience the fly-by of Asteroid 2013 TX68. Coming in at somewhere between 11,000 and 9,000,000 miles, the asteroid is 100 feet in diameter and twice the size of the Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded…