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Stephen Hawking Just Issued a Chilling Warning to Scientists Searching for Alien Life.

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  1. More scientific faith towards alien life. Good luck with that.

  2. It’s so cold . When there is a ghost next to me maybe . Got electricity?

  3. Dave Cole says:

    I suspect we’ll manage to send ourselves back to the stoneage before we encounter aliens.

  4. Tony Reader says:

    Can’t cos his robot voice grates on me

  5. Has he been screened for depression lately?

  6. Most humans would also destroy other planets…then what?

  7. Who cares? I live on this planet called home and if after death then my spirit will leave the body. Enjoy each day!


    We are all aliens. But yes life is common in the Universe and there is at least one other humanoid civilization within 160LY

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