Space – Facts from the world for our space.

Potential Habitable Super Earths.

A new study gives hope for the possibility that many potential habitable Super Earths planets orbiting distant stars have exposed continents rather than just water-covered surfaces.Super Earths that have both continents and oceans are more likely to be populated than those that are…

Listen what space sounds like.

Have you ever wondered what space sounds like? Truth is, sound does not travel through a vacuum so sound in space is actually different from what you might be used to here on Earth. In space, sound has to travel…

A Huge Asteroid Will Fly By Earth This Sunday Morning June 8th.

A huge asteroid that goes by the  nickname the “Beast” will fly close to Earth this Sunday Morning, June 8. Asteroid 2014 HQ124 is larger than a football field but does not threaten our planet, according to the calculations of astronomers, as it will pass at…

New Type Planet Discovered By Astronomers : Kepler 10c.

The announcement of the detection of a rocky planet that weighs 17 times as Earth did today astronomers of Harvard observatory within a conference of the American Society of Astronomy.

The Known Universe – 6 Minutes of WONDER

If this amazing video produced by the American Museum of Natural History does not provide perspective, nothing probably will. Science, when it understands its limits and defines them, opens up the possibility for a taste of the Infinite….