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21 Ways An Alpha Woman Stands Out From Everyone Else

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  1. Renee Lajoie says:

    From reading this I found out I am definitely an alpha woman.

  2. These are nice rules for developing character but they have nothing to do with being “alpha.” In nature, “alphas” reach physical and social maturity sooner than others, making them natural leaders. While male alphas are challenged physically by other males, the females organize the social sphere. Both males and females depend on beta animals to help manage their groups. All of this is instinctual, hormonally driven and controlled, in the lower animals. In humans, it doesn’t work the same way. For human beings, it’s not necessary to be alpha to have the best life offers and most successful and accomplished people are not alphas by any measure.

  3. Brilliant! so very true there is only a handful of them!

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