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Dear Selfless Women, This is Why we Attract Men who Need Fixing.

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  1. Jenna Lee says:

    No woman can “fix” a guy. Regardless if they think they can. Better off getting out of the relationship before it’s too late because they’ll change when they want to if they ever decide to. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.

  2. Naomi Perez says:

    CeeJae Eckiwaudah this is what we were talking about and what I meant by J helped me see what matter and was more important in my life by giving me a choice. Definitely it wasn’t to be with him.

  3. My mother is just one such woman; she attracted my dad, who gradually came apart into many pieces, and finally he ended up resting in peace. Womanizer, wife-beater, OCD in domestic cleaning which usually entails flares of rage over trivial matters. I’m glad he’s gone.

  4. Bnge South says:

    Faithlove Bundles Mariecel Myrtle Ching Reyes read on.

  5. it is up to them to fix cannot do it for them.i tried. it almost broke me. now having to fix myself.

  6. I lived with women that needed fixing also. Hardest thing to do is to let go. To tell yourself that it is not your battle. To save yourself. Namaste.

  7. Brought to you by the “Women who love too much” LOL Was this a semester project from a women’s study class?

  8. Donna Lepage says:

    Thank you Namaste ❤

  9. We need to stop wanting to pick up other people’s broken pieces.

  10. Sean Bradley says:

    Hahaha u attracted shit men cause u are shit

  11. It’s a reflection of self.

  12. Timothy Mark says:

    Men that need fixing are NEVER worth it. Trust me on this.

  13. Daniel Godin says:

    The woman who wants to fix a man. It is she herself that she wants to fix! Fix yourself and you will have less of that feeling of having to fix someone else!

  14. mari says:

    Thanks to him and thank you for this post!

  15. Ed says:

    “Women who love too much” by Robin Norwood. There is much more to this tendency in women…and their patrners. Their enable each other playing the roles that were given to them at some point in childhood. These women need to be needed to feel alive. It distracts them from adressing their own painful patterns of relating, which came from either trauma or lack of proper (loving, supporting, present) parental figure/s. It is really sad actually, they keep on burning out themselves and ultimately ‘failing’ over and over as a consequence of their disfunctional upbringing. As if that wasn’t enough.

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