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11 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times.

  • Jennifer Sheehy I enjoyed the read. Thought of you.

  • Kamila Kinga Lang kaum drüber geredet, schon das erste zeichen.. 🙂

  • Esta interesante

  • Not so sure about this, but have experienced some of these things mentioned.

  • Jolie photo <3

  • Aunty Keri you’re #11

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  • Michael Harris

    I can relate to some of the points. I believe souls do exist, and we have a very symbiotic bond with them which rewards both (but I sense they need us more). Alot of people will say they have met people for the first time (and perhaps you may never meet them again), but it feels like you have known them for a very long time. I don’t think its possible to knows things about the future, but more a possible future that may or may not happen. I don’t think I have an old soul, but I believe my soul has seen alot which has forced it to mature more. I always feel like I done something extremely bad in the past, I see a monster in a mirror so full of guilt who needs to make amends in this life that makes me want to go above and beyond to do good. Now, I haven’t really done anything bad, at least not bad enough to be burdened with weight I don’t understand. Perhaps my struggles are linked to a soul or perhaps its mental. I don’t know, but many people experience unexplainable things that just doesn’t make sense to their life.

  • Really? How did you come by truth? Alpha Female by your definition wants to know? ???

  • The truth is these posts are full of shit, pandering to gullible idiots.

    • Then WHY ARE YOU READING THEM JEREMY -LOL ….being a hateful angry TROLL your highest calling ? what do call it when a Hillbilly comes back again ? REINTARNATION

    • Then you must be an atheist. All religions are based on faith.

    • Yes, and an antitheist, just as all intelligent people should be.

  • You just never know

  • It is a possibility