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Why Do We Fear Rejection So Much?

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  1. Religious beliefs about being either accepted or rejected by the ‘creator’ with eternal punishment for the wayward has created an exaggerated fear of rejection

  2. Julie Noneya says:

    because most r insecure or they would not care

  3. Look around you, I don’t think people are afraid of being rejected by ‘the creator’. I think they crave the attention of other people because they lack the confidence and love for themselves while ‘the creator’ loves you no matter what because you are it’s creation and it constantly gives you chances to turn your face towards it. But for some reason people go their whole lives worrying about what others think and only on their death bed they realize ‘why did I care? They did no create me’ and by then of course you would fear rejection from the creator because you think that you’ve done too much ‘bad’ to make up for, but this is again lacking self love and acceptance and by doing that you are again disputing with the will of ‘the creator’.

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