When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’ ~ Sydney J. Harris

Sydney J. Harris
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  1. Heidi Reeves says:

    I totally agree with you Sergio. One size does not fit all. A person could being dying from some incurable disease, so compare that to the above picture. Narrow minded morons, who write these statuses. They obviously have no understanding or life e experience!!!!

  2. We should look around before we speak, we are blessed.

  3. Frank Jensen says:

    There is some truth in this. People in the Western world tend to complain about trifles. I have seen people from third world countries who have lost everything: family, home, belongings etc. and yet they manage to smile. People in the Western world complain if their team loses, if their coffee is not hot enough, if they can’t afford to buy the latest IPhone, if someone is swearing on TV etc. Things that doesn’t matter in the great picture of life. Rather than complaining about trifles, they should make an effort to change their lives – or their attitudes.

  4. You guys are so pathetic. You see an inspirational picture with a girl that despite the difficulties, she goes on with her life trying hard day after day cause that’s the life of an athlete. And next to this lovely and inspiring woman, a really beautiful quote from Sydney Harris, an american male photojournalist who died in 1986 mentioning exactly what you two guys say. You agree with the image and the quote, and you dissing cause you think that this quote came from the person of the image. Try to add some positivity and love in your souls guys before you come back and make some research before you comment, or else you will remain pathetic ignorants spreading hate for no reason(or obviously because you have no understanding), under some inspirational beautiful images(!!!) Peace!

  5. The way you refer to us as “pathetic ignorants spreading hate” because we gave our opinion makes you look like the pathetic ignorant spreading hate. How come someone so hateful is managing a page called truth inside of you haha what a narcisisstic prick. Take your own advice and try to add some positivity and love in your soul lmao

  6. Heidi Reeves says:

    So do many other people with disabilities carry on with their day to day living, not just these athletics guys, but people with disabilities of the mind such as schizophrenia would love to able to be motivated to become an athlete but other invisible underlying illnesses stop them from doing so. Like I say ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL.
    I have nothing but admiration for this woman because she has over come many obstacles in her life and is achieving goals,but if you COMPARE her to a person with an invisible illness for example, these people are unable to do these types of things because underlying causes prevent that. So pathetic ignorants NO!! Educated YES.!!!

  7. Heidi Reeves says:

    The picture says “When I hear someone sigh and say life is hard, I am tempted to say COMPARED TO WHAT?” Well COMPARED to other disabilities, terminal illnesses. Don’t these types of people count?

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