They are trying to incite a race war.

They are trying to incite a race war.
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  1. if you´re talking about KKK please dont´t forget black people, because american president is black and he did not make anything about murders of black people, the question is who wants war??

  2. Edgar Ramos says:

    Hahahaha too late, question is are people gonna be smart enough to figure out who the real enemies are?

  3. did they really mean to spell insite, or incite???

  4. Jane Dough says:

    Always. DC = Divide and Conquer. It’s their main goal.

  5. historically that´s the answer but who´s in charge ? i mean, talking about racism i see a black president who doesn´t care what happen with black race

  6. “The Government”

  7. no doubt hes git a gin to his head too.. if he diesbt appease his campaign funders and corporate masters..

  8. De Churchill says:

    What goes round comes around

  9. Is there an unspoken rule that memes must contain at least one misspelled word? Incite not insite.

  10. Thein lies the clue of who sent the message.

  11. Whom does a race war benefit? Whom does any war benefit?

  12. Tina Clarke says:

    Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you !

  13. Minus ten points off for misspelling “incite.”

  14. Andy Owen says:

    The people diverting your attention so they can do evil behind your back… Those guys, you know who they are..

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