They are trying to incite a race war.

They are trying to incite a race war.
  • incite?

  • great picture

  • if you´re talking about KKK please dont´t forget black people, because american president is black and he did not make anything about murders of black people, the question is who wants war??

    • historically that´s the answer but who´s in charge ? i mean, talking about racism i see a black president who doesn´t care what happen with black race

    • no doubt hes git a gin to his head too.. if he diesbt appease his campaign funders and corporate masters..

  • Hahahaha too late, question is are people gonna be smart enough to figure out who the real enemies are?

  • did they really mean to spell insite, or incite???

  • Always. DC = Divide and Conquer. It’s their main goal.

  • “The Government”

  • Government Control.

  • What goes round comes around

  • Is there an unspoken rule that memes must contain at least one misspelled word? Incite not insite.

  • Whom does a race war benefit? Whom does any war benefit?

  • Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you !

  • Minus ten points off for misspelling “incite.”

  • The people diverting your attention so they can do evil behind your back… Those guys, you know who they are..