4,000 Native Americans in Bundy Ranch-Style Protest as DHS Cuts Water Supply — Media Blackout.

Cannon Ball, ND — (Common Dreams) Growing in number and spirit, the Standing Rock Sioux protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is swiftly gaining strength ahead of a federal hearing on the controversial project. Support has spread across the country,…

New research reveals where the water in the subsoil of the Moon comes from.

When the first humans landed on the Moon, the estimates of experts was that in the unique satellite of our planet there is not a drop of water.

United Nations report, as 2025, 1.8 billion people will not have access to water.

According to a new survey that carried out by a statistics group, on behalf for the United Nations, in less than 10 years, one in four people on the Earth will have limited access to water.

Why We Drink Water the Wrong Way, What Does Chinese Medicine Say.

Drinking a glass of cold or iced water-especially now that the heat is rising-it may not be as good for your body as you think. This at least supports the Chinese medicine, according to MIC.

Futuristic Water Bottle Replace Toxic Plastic.

The Ooho! orbs will replace toxic plastic! Though they might look like something from a futuristic movie, the globs have a purpose, to battle the worldwide epidemic of plastic pollution.

Man Gets Prison Sentence for Collecting Rainwater on his Own Property

Collecting rainwater on your own property can now lead to jail time, as proven by a man from Oregon who was just sentenced to prison for doing just that. Who owns the rain? The US government, apparently, now.  Not so…

Fontus – Fill a Water Bottle from Thin Air When you Bike.

Forget constantly stopping to refill your water bottle on long bike rides. This designer has come up with a new way to quench your thirst on the go.

11 Reasons Dehydration Is Making You Sick and Fat

Digestive, skin, bladder and kidney problems, fatigue and headache are just some of the adverse effects from not drinking enough water. We need it as much as air we breathe in! It’s not a joke. Did you know that when…