10 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media

Privacy is rare today, as social media has come to the forefront of our lives, and the way we handle them is often inadequate. However, there are some personal details that we should never post on social media.

15 Hilarious Pictures That Show The Reality Behind Social Media Profiles

Your social media profiles are like your online CV and everyone is free to judge it according to their will like as if they’re paying you for it.

Social Media Cause Depression – What Illusions They Create.

Excessive exposure to social media increases the chances of depression worldwide. There are even those who argue that it will not be long before the time that most people will renounce.

In Brussels Lockdown, the Internet Is Having Fun As Always.

Brussels is under a continuous limitation of the citizens freedom, as police tries to locate a supposed mastermind of the Paris attacks, who poses a threat to other western countries.In Brussels Lockdown, the Internet went crazy.

The Video Against Bullying Which Shortens with Each Sharing.

The black clip cartoon showing a boy who falls victim of bullying at school. “I feel alone,” he says.

What’s On Your Mind? A Video about Social Media.

Real life is not measured by likes. A short clip on the popular social media networking . What is true and what is not ;  ” What ‘s on your mind ? ”

These Kids Are Texting While Having Dinner. Dad’s Reaction? PRICELESS!

Technology has come for good in the lives of most people, probably more than it should. I believe that we all know the problem of the new generation with smart phones and the “addiction” caused by the Social media.

New Anonymous Op Takes Down Israeli Government Websites In HUGE Counter Hack.

In a startling move that has flown completely under the radar of the mainstream corporate media, some leading Anonymous “hacktivists” have taken down a large number of Israeli government websites.