5 Signs That Show You Have The Coolest Parents

I guess every one of us is guilty of taking our parents for granted once in a while. We fail to value that today we are here and happy because of them.

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Totally Support Their Daughter, Shiloh, In Choosing Her Gender Identity

Gender normativity and gender identity are concepts that many adults grapple with uncomfortable. There are a vast amount of people who still aren’t able to get the basics of gender spectrum and non-binary existence.

A School Principal in Singapore Sent This Letter to the Parents Before the Exams

This inspiring letter went viral on Reddit because the principal tries to motivate the parents to think outside the box in the best way.

8 Phrases You Should NEVER Use When Talking to Children, Psychologists Warn

The parents are a child’s first teacher. They stay with you most of the time and you are the ones who influence them the most. It might not be very evident but physical features aren’t the only similarities that children…

When Your Anxiety Makes You An Angry Mom

So it happened today morning. I sat on the floor being helpless. No, it wasn’t something huge. I was just trying to unwrap a packet of soap and meanwhile, I thought about how I have so many burdens on me.…

Scientists Reveal the Best Age for Motherhood.

Although women are unanimous on the opinion that there can be no perfect time to become a mother, scientists seem to suggest that there is in fact an ideal age.

Want To Raise Successful Daughters? Science Says Nag The Heck Out Of Them.

A scientific study seems to have had a breakthrough on how to raise successful daughters. During the course of the study, which was conducted by the University of Essex, it was found that teenage girls, whose mother nagged them on…

This Is Exactly How Society Kills Creativity – In A Breathtaking Short Film.

Be it an adult or a child everybody has their own life and we all need to cope up with our society at different stages of our life. Children are jovial and playful by nature. They don’t understand all the…