10 Inspiring Positive Stories That Will Make Your Day

The internet is full of different stories. Sometimes you’ll come across too many negative stuff that just makes you want to turn it off. But here’s some positive stories that will restore your faith in humanity.

This Amazing Video Will Teach A Lesson To Those Who Judge Others

Why do we judge others on the littlest things? I really don’t know. Maybe it’s because of evolution that we categorize people on whether they are threatening or agreeable. But is it really necessary in this day and age? We…

Bullying a Plant Brings Out Astonishing Results That Will Make You Think

A bit of empathy can do a lot for the world. We have read about the tragic effects that happen when little kids get bullied in school. Maybe someone among us has faced bullying when they were kids. It’s really…

Woman Chieftain From Malawi Canceled 850 Child Marriages And Sent Girls Back to School

A Malawian woman chieftain has introduced a new law on child marriage prevention and has finished around 850 weddings across the country to date.

Internet Falls In Love With Featherless Lovebird, Send Tiny Sweaters To Keep Her Warm.

Social media has been up and about with pets as usual, with kitties, puppies, and birdies getting the better of people with their cuteness or plain old antics.

He Saved 669 Children During The Holocaust… And He Isn’t Aware They Are Next To him.

We have all watched the amazing film Schindler’s List; the Spielberg film had everyone in the world reassess their lives and the value they attach to simple acts of kindness.

53 Year Old With Down Syndrome Reunites With His Father And Is The Best Thing In The World

A child’s first idea about adulthood and being functional comes from its father. A father symbolizes authority and power, but at the same time, a kind of strong love, and presence that promises the child security and stability.

Incredible Moment: Man Breaks Down In Tears After the Mother He Hadn’t Seen In 10 YEARS Surprises Him From Africa

It was moment that had been in the making for 10 long years. And for one Massachusetts man, it was too much to emotionally handle. The man, Jeffrey, had not seen his mother, Madeline, for a whole decade, because she…