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Religious Children are Meaner and More Punitive than Secular Kids, Study Finds.

Children in a religious program
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  1. Nica Dowd says:

    Any ‘writer’ that publishes generalized results of a study never quoted or officially NAMED is invalid. Any magazine, newspaper, or social media with ANY journalistic integrity that publishes an obviously biased article/BLOG loses all credibility and is no longer seeking ‘The Truth Inside You’…but manipulating minds and inciting social bias, racism and anger and finally INJUSTICE…just like EVERY OTHER MEDIA OUTLET. How disturbing…and sad…pathetic fallacy really…fallacy meaning untruth–> you know?–>A LIE. There is no proper bio or attribution other than to the ‘writer’…shame on you Waking Times.

  2. Nica Dowd says:

    Interesting that some comments were lost…talk about mind control…no one should control the mind but YOU. In fact…one of my own…fess up Waking Times….feeling irresponsible yet?

  3. Rachel Lynn says:

    I didn’t find this true. Kids down the street from me tell and curse at me and say racial things as I drive by- I’ve met a lot of the parents in this neighborhood and none are religious or Christian.

  4. I think it’s true. My niece who is adopted went to Sunday School at the Open Door Bible Church in Lisbon, Maine aboard a church school bus. She was six at the time, and all the other children started calling her a ” n_word”.” My niece is African American and in Lisbon, Maine there aren’t any black folks.

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