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13-Year-Old Physicist Has A Mindblowing Theory On God. [Must Watch]

  • Very interesting young man.

  • Salami Arms Barry George

  • Wow really valuable conversation he is champ

  • Cluey lil guy , when he’s actually read the Bible for himself I’d love to hear his thoughts on it then

  • Wat a wonderfull mind I hope that people listen to him!

  • Same with the Bible! We also include the New Testament

  • Taoic Pantheism… I came to the same conclusion at about the same age, 30 years ago.

  • even a 13 years old kid know better.

  • Yep. I am aware. Though his theory is only based on bible, which is a bit concerning for any physicist to come up with conclusions without further researching existing documents that are available.

  • I have had that same theory! Ima a physicist!

  • Every group of people has a theory

  • A clever young man,I can accept some of his theories.

  • ❤️❤️❤️ your insights.