Never forget those who helped you along your way.

Never forget those who helped you along your way.
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  1. Eileen Kelly says:

    What a tall man…demonstrates so much respect and kindness…well done!

  2. Whoever wrote the right up on this story needs a lesson in grammar. He taught him NOT LEARNED HIM!!! My goodness what are we teaching our children of today?!?!?!

  3. U could be Dutch… and that ‘s not a compliment. This message is sooo much more then making problems of grammar!

  4. *Tears*…so special and so wonderful.

  5. God bless him for being kind.

  6. Just be way taller than everyone else. Got it! Okay…not happening.

  7. Barb Ruben says:

    Bless all the kind hearted people in our great big world , that sweet !

  8. Darren Tay says:

    Brad Robinson Ian Tan Simon Pettigrew Ruizi Luo

  9. I met Kareem in a bar in Syracuse, NY. H is so tall my nose reached his belt buckle… lol

  10. It’s an honor to see love and respect bestowed on a well-deserving mentor. God bless them both!

  11. Great picture. Kareem, one of the all time greats.

  12. 40 plus years ago I made a scrapbook about an up and coming basketball player names Lew Alcinder. Sure wish I still had it. Great man.

  13. This is how you show respect and honor. Your a great man and player Jabbar

  14. Michel van Swieten ahhhh

  15. That’s what we call
    Class , world class gesture

  16. Respect , a class act . We need more articles like this instead of all the bad stuff

  17. Sham Bukhari says:

    Much Respects to this Guy!! Always show Honour & Respect to the one “Lifted you” to Life.

  18. May Allah bless him …and all d coaches in every game ❤️

  19. Showing respect & honor. Lovely scene..

  20. Sharing!! Awesome!! All Respect!!! For than Man!!!

  21. Show respect to father, teacher that is what the basketball man did

  22. a great respect to his mentor.. who taught him to perfect his sky hook shots..

  23. Gratitude. Appreciation. I guess we all need that. That walk was both glorious and humbling!

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  26. Both of them made UCLA Basketball into a dynasty. Thanks Kareem for showing what a class act you are by honoring your mentor.

  27. Amazing
    Lourdes ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  28. So loving and beautiful.

  29. Coach…John Wooden I was fortunate enough to get to know him❤️

  30. Rie Bautista says:

    Damien Ira Valenzuela

  31. Never hesitate to help those who are in need as they approach you, you never know with the future!

  32. Kareem is a real gentleman.

  33. Gia Marchal says:

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