Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.

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  1. Bob Rose says:

    We need a lot more people to believe this truth and live it!!

  2. Emily Ray, I would so do this for you mom

  3. Love is forgetting your sons umbrella

  4. Disagree. When you’re not happy inside of yourself, how can you “make” someone else happy? Sorry, but, you’re living in the old way of thinking…it’s all perspective…think about it, when someone “tries” to make someone happy and they see that as fake or they just don’t see it as you trying to make them happy…you can’t make anyone happy…happiness can only be inside and when someone is happy, it’s magnetic and enigmatic

  5. Eve Zabel says:

    Not a healthy view on relationships at all.

  6. Hank Paul says:

    I would do that for My Grandaughters any day

  7. Ha find a man that actually puts a woman first is impossible because no man knows how to put a woman first it’s always something else that gets used as an excuse it’s too much for a man to put a woman first like she puts a man first.

  8. Vera Theelen says:

    Oké! But do not forget yourself !

  9. that’s how i knew neither of my ex husbands ever loved me.their happiness always came first, even when children were involved.

  10. I would say that Love is when the other persons happiness is your happiness too.

  11. Leila Anna Perry says:

    Never thought I had it in me, emotionally im done though

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