I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up alone. It’s not. ~ Robin Williams

Robin Williams
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  1. It’s so sad that in his depression he justified these words. The worst thing is to feel alone in your head while the ones that truely love you can’t reach you. Anyone with true depression can’t come out of it by someone saying..just snap out of it. You are in your own head so deeply that their words go unheard. He was a wonderful, beautiful mind that we all thought was just happy go lucky. He is missed.

  2. Shai Corry says:

    I’m always alone I never have anyone to talk to

  3. The Truth says:

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  4. I miss you Robyn for someone so happy and full of life its sad that you where so unhappy and dying inside.

  5. I was a great admirer of his talent, sadness at his choice of leaving this world

  6. I care. Talk to me….my number is 909-589-0866

  7. poor Robin. No one can make you feel alone. Take responsibility for your own life and your own feelings.

  8. I am lucky to have my brother and sister, coz they always make me feel I’m not alone, I LOVE YOU GUYS VERY MUCH THANKS.

  9. Yip been there
    Done that
    So over it!

  10. Karl Alberts says:

    It’s the truth…

  11. Please stop. This dude killed himself. That is cowardly and nothing he said means anything anymore. Let’s try posting pictures and quotes from somebody that is fighting depression and has been battling adversity without KILLING themselves. Kids and people suffering see this and will end up thinking of this guy as a hero instead of the coward he was. What do people do regarding their heroes? Oh yeah, mirror their behavior. I was a huge fan of Robin Williams but come on, he gave up. Whatever he said is invalid.

  12. William St says:

    That’s a horrible thing to say. His entire life worth of television shows and movies is not invalid because of the way he went out! Remember the good anyone does. That is what’s important.

  13. Exactly why I got a divorce. Know exactly what you mean.

  14. It is true. He chose the easy way out causing his entire family and fanbase to suffer for the rest of their lives. That’s not good. That’s NOTHING good. He deserves to be forgotten. Stop idolizing people for giving up. He made a choice it was a poor one. Let’s praise the people who fight and work through their issues.

  15. William St says:

    You focus too much on the negative. I will remember his as Mork, from his roles in: Good Morning, Vietnam and Dead Poets Society, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Patch Adams, RV and Night at the Museum 1,2 & 3. I don’t care how he died.
    Robin Williams provided us with tremendous memories while he was alive.
    Those are what we should cherish most. 🙂

  16. Loneliness in a croud is terrible thing.

  17. The negative is killing yourself. No one should be applauded for that. You can cherish him if you want to. Put someone who killed himself on a pedestal. I’m not going to because he’s a coward and it negates everything he’s ever done.

  18. Moe Kanji says:

    You are cruel Tracy. He obviously had issues we had no clue about. Have a heart man! Let’s see how you feel when someone trashes a special person in your life?

  19. Dylan Crowe says:

    Would feel different if he died from something like cancer instead? Depression is a disease like any other, it’s just much harder to see and treat. If you could feel for one moment what he had to live with his entire life, you wouldn’t say such heartless remarks. People like you shouldn’t have a voice about subjects like this until you know how it feels to live with it. It’s not weakness that he took his own life, it’s strength to continue on and make others happy until he could no longer bear it.

  20. William St says:

    No one should be putting anyone “on a pedestal”. I’m saying remember the good from those who have passed on, regardless of how that happened. We started off as cute babies and tried to good in our lives. Some have done more than others. In his case, he meant a lot to millions of people. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that Robin Williams truly understood that before his passing. 🙁

  21. Phil Aubry says:

    You have no idea his life or what he was going through, maybe one day you will hit your own rock bottom and realize your hurtful words.
    The way he left does not negate the laughter and memories that he gave us!

    I’m glad your a strong person, but that does not give you the wisdom to UNDERSTAND and speak about whatever pain he was going through as if he could just snap out of it..

  22. Phil Aubry says:

    And also, guess what?
    Read his quote again, then read your comment..

  23. Phil Aubry says:

    A lot of people with depression do not show it or talk about it, so you will not see pictures and quotes from those people.

  24. San Nguyen says:

    William St I couldn’ t agree more .

  25. Do you have depression sir?

  26. Kerry Harlen says:

    Miss you heap’s. Very wy’s man.

  27. Kerry Harlen says:

    Clearly this tracy person has never been alone !! And lives in a world of fantasy ..

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