I Don’t Like People! Help me Cure my Social Anxiety!

I Don’t Like People! Help Me Cure My Social Anxiety!

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  1. Moofie says:

    Sherrie, most of us feel that way at one time or another – some of us more than others. Usually it comes from the disappointments and hurts we’ve received over the course of our lives. It’s good to remember that there are other people who feel *just like you do*, and for many of the same reasons. We are made in such a way that we *need* interaction with others, in spite of how we feel, and what’s happened in the past. Reach out to others who seem to want to keep to themselves … among them, there will be some kindred souls. Help each other learn to love people again – simply by offering an understanding ear, and a non-judgmental response. It takes a first step … and it may take a second, and a third … but there are people out there who would love you, and whom you could love.

  2. giesthaus says:

    Consider this… your gravitate toward the household pet because, generally, the pet is none threatening and the pet may accept you unconditionally (especially if it is a dog). Pets rarely take their own mental traumas and project them onto people making them accountable. People on the other hand, take their past, demons and all, and project them onto other people, especially people that are non-threatening. A first step might be to recognize that people that are overly critical are just being what they think is normal because of how they were treated/raised. The problem lies more in them. You sound like a warm and sensitive soul; the type of friend that is a very rare and very valued. Surround yourself with kind, loving people. When you encounter an overly critical soul, remember, they are only expressing their demons, not yours. Offer them a kind word and move on.

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