How Popular Music’s Lyrics Perpetuate American Idiocy

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  1. jem says:

    I think part of it is just that there’s a lot more competition in the music market, so the stuff that filters to the top is the stuff that will have the wildest appeal. It’s much, MUCH easier to have wide appeal if you’re taking a very wide thematic approach — a little something for everyone! They take one simple word and use it as a hook, and people go, “yeah, I can somehow apply that to my life” and it makes money. The deep lyrical stuff still gets made, it’s just not “pop”.

    Also, I suspect you’d find that how people listen to music has changed, too, and that would influence results. If you’re just half-listening on the go, as many of us do (think of all the music you listen to in a day — how much of that is active listening?), lyrical depth isn’t necessary. Particularly with the advent of streaming services which make it super easy to carry some music with you all the time, which turns music into a soundtrack for your life.

  2. Martin Fano says:

    Yep…there are three of the biggest idiots right there!

  3. Terri Straun says:

    Yep, totally I hate all the new music it sucks, give me my old time rock, like Queen Foreinger, stix, fleetwoodMac, Boston, and so many more good bands, who actually played musical instruments and have talent.

  4. I don’t listen to this crap!

  5. Maleko Paulo says:

    Do people still listen to the radio? Surely, popular music has always been like this.

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