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How People’s View Change Towards a Child Depending on His Clothes!

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  1. Josue Falu says:

    Sadly I wouldnt only because I feel people might think I’m a pervert up to no good approaching a child and talking to them.

  2. Lynn Bender says:

    how profoundly sad indeed

  3. The truth is out there indeed. Its the art of life.

  4. I would ask if she were lost or needed help.

  5. Hemant Jena says:

    Bheka thile , bhika miile .

  6. Dee Pearson says:

    Let’s stop doing this kind of thing, ok? I have a hard time believing that UNICEF had anything to do with something so vague and ethnically charged. This little ‘test’ is a poor example of the general public. I don’t know where it really was, but where I live, people would not discriminate based on wardrobe, or ethnicity, or anything. A child ALONE regardless of clothing, would bring caring people out of the woodwork to see if help was needed..

  7. Lesley Karon says:

    I do believe that the majority of the population are pompous, pretentious and judgemental. Very sad reflection of our society.

  8. Of cores I would want to help a girl but have difficulty handling the situation and knowing how to get her to respond and not be frited over me I would genral be freaked out no mater what clothes she is wearing if she just started following me and also if she sat down in a char right next to me if I am with my own friends of family but that’s more what some one feels comfy able with off corse I would help her if she arsked me something and if she followed me I would arsk her why she was following me and if she needed my help even if I feal uncountable with some thing some one does I would still help them if they needed it

  9. Totally understand but you can only do your best try to explain why you are doing what you are doing if some one arks

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