How People’s View Change Towards a Child Depending on His Clothes!

Revealing the attitude which citizens keep in the face of a small child just by its appearance is the “experiment” of UNICEF.

Would You Help A Lost Child?

What would you do if you saw a child on the street in need of help?

When Gifted $100, This Homeless Man Spent It On Feeding Other Homeless Individuals.

When given a large donation of $100, a homeless man named Thomas used the flow of funds to purchase food for other hungry homeless individuals. You can see the entire experience unfold in the video below:

The Social Experiment With 2 € Shirts Shows A Bitter Truth.

A social experiment held in Berlin reminding people of the working conditions of the people who make the clothes that everyone else buy with very few euros.

Racist Attack on Bus Stop. The Reactions Will Amaze You!

ActionAid has conducted a social experiment in the center of Athens in a bus stop , on racism.

Purging The Ignorant…Thankfully The Majority Has Sensitivity!

Thought the world often seems cruel and few seem to understand us, certain events lead us to have restored faith in humanity’s ability to act in a humane manner. Having an autistic child does not mean one is to be…

What Happens When This Homeless Man Tries To Eat A Stranger’s Food

Social experiment shows both generous and violent reactions to this hungry man in McDonald’s

The Racism Experiment.

This Racism Experiment  has been repeated several times in the past, and it was here as part of the campaign against racism.