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“Gaslighting”: One of the Most Dangerous Forms of Mental Manipulation We All Deal With.

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  • had this with both exes. one denied he agreed to a divorce, then a day later said no as his mistress was not willing to take my place.apparently this never happened.

  • maybe everyone should read this article — the whole article

  • gusman

    Been there, nearly sent me totally mad.

  • I feel like that would never work unless you had no idea it was going on or just weren’t that bright in general.

    • Intelligence has nothing to do with a person’s ability to undermine the beliefs of another person. Perpetrators are artists at this – con artists.

    • Yea, but if you know they are doing something intentionally for this purpose then how could it work? I feel like they’d have to be significantly smarter than you in order to successfully pull that off.

      • Caryn Lynn Clark-Helmer

        It’s called trust. Trust given when it should not have been.

        • babyshark73

          Absolutely, especially easy for people to gaslight a child. The child would not know the term.

    • It’s an evil thing to be unleashed on someone, the thing that makes this so effective is that the people that use it are normally great actors at the start of a friendship/relationship so people let there guard down..Yes once you’ve have learn about you can pick up when it’s being used a lot easier..

    • No, I get that part. People attempt to feign friendship or love all the time to get what they want, but I mean it’s not terribly hard to distinguish when it’s real or fake. Genuine people tend to make things easy rather than making things difficult or producing excuses as to why they can’t hang out or treat you properly. I suppose someone that is unfamiliar with healthy relationships or had never had any (ignorance) could be pretty susceptible to this sort of a thing, but most of the population I don’t think this would work on.

    • You will never really know what this about until it happens to you. I live with it everyday. My wife does this to me. I finally figured out what was going on. There was a time early on that i wanted to end my life. When i figured out what was happening i was able to slowly learn to deal with it

      • James Casola

        just walk away

    • A spouse is one the most intimate relationships that you can have with another person, so to have someone that would get that close to you in order to manipulate is bordering on socio or psychopathic tendencies in my opinion. What exactly does she do if I may ask?

    • Exactly, Shawn McMichael! If it’s all you know, it’s what you end up with. Until you wise up and move on. Ah, but what could have been…

    • Craig Fisher, please check out Richard Gannon The Spartan Life Coach here on facebook.

    • Shawn Arstill

      or a child with a parent that can not handle that the child IS DIFFERENT from most people. been there done that ! 🙁

    • Alita Wibert

      It works

    • Narc Hammer

      The word we’re looking for is “innocent”. They prey on the innocent.

  • if you are aware or not, someone trying to convince you that what you remember is not how it was is confusing and can happen to highly intelligent people.. i was subjected to this, before i knew about the narcissist character, just thought the abuser was mistaken and very puzzled as to why it was important that i fell in to the trap.

  • one may as well say the media ‘gaslights’ most of us, daily…

  • been there.

  • Dee Walker

    had this happen twice now by the same person only each time they have manipulated a scenario that occurred in the past to what they thought it was, which actually was nothing of the kind – the conversation would end abruptly before i got the chance to challenge the statement by the phone ringing /door knocking /someone else changing the subject or ooh i have to go see you later and they were gone – it still riles me now that i never got the chance to put them right but now i think how sad it is that people have to do this to make themselves feel better – carry on you nubs nuts we know who you are and you are gathering labels quickly lol

  • VaughanTobyWilde

    Seemingly affable friends, neighbours and colleagues can be gaslighting narcissists, too. A long standing friend continuously kept winding me up, and I thought it was his stupidity. I don’t know if he even knew he was doing it, but he’s lucky I didn’t hit him. If someone baffles, or upsets you for no good reason, there’s a good chance they’re one of the many flavours of narcissist. Keep clear of all of them, if only for their personal safety, and your own clean criminal record.