Miserable And Unhappy People
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Habits Of Highly Miserable And Unhappy People

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  1. The movie will be my dream today….

  2. Heidi Marie any one come to mind?

  3. I have always said that you are the product of your own decisions

  4. Eva Brocken ben jij dit niet op die foto

  5. Eva Brocken says:

    Hahaha ja dat ben ik, beetje sad dat het zo’n artikel is

  6. Eva Brocken says:

    Richard Brocken leuk artikel weer hoor

  7. Hahahahaha Eva Brocken jij hebt echt altijd geluk met die artikels

  8. Good info. Dyer-like.

  9. Very good article! Extremely interesting!

  10. Todd says:

    These all play a factor, however I believe focus and hope play a huge role in happiness.

    If you limit how much you focus on the bad and relentlessly focus on the good it will be
    harder for you to lose hope, and others will be drawn to your positive
    nature. Good things tend to come to those who focus on the good, and
    bad to those who only see the bad.

    Hope. If one has hope for a better life they tend to be happier. If one believes there is a chance, a possibility, even the remotest unlikely probability, that they can cling to, it can offer a light at the end of the tunnel. When there is no hope and only despair, then all else becomes insignificant. When there is no hope, life can become unlivable and people start to consider how to end their hopeless existence. I have found hope is huge. Even in the darkest parts of wars, catastrophes, dismal work, unloving relationships, if someone can focus on that small chance of a better life in the future, can envision being in a better place and thinks there is a way to get there, then a person can be happier. This is why even a smile to someone having a bad day, even a small act of kindness to someone who is struggling to find hope has huge significance. That small act of kindness demonstrates that their hope is not in vain, that good still exists and some of that good will come their way. Thus focus and hope are wonderful ways to help increase happiness.

    Perhaps this is one reason why people who believe in a benevolent God, forgiveness, and heaven tend to be happier. If they have been good, and truly feel remorse for their wrong doing they have a chance of being rewarded in the afterlife. Even if God does not exist, thinking this way helps those who believe have a better life and be happier.

  11. Myra N. Johnson says:

    I totally agree with what you have written here. It is unfortunate people are more about themselves these days.

  12. The Honest One. says:

    Just stay in the “RIGHT NOW” and it’s easy to be happy. Living in the past, for me, is pure BS and brings nothing but pain. To be quite honest, the reason I’m happy is because I love myself enough to want to be happy. I stay in the “RIGHT NOW” and find joy in it. For myself this comes natural. I don’t enjoy being around negative people.

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