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A Bike-a-thon Calls on Delhi to “Switch on the Sun” by Greenpeace.

Hundreds of people on 25 stationary bicycles switched on the sun on World Environment Day on June 5 at Dilli Haat in Delhi. Delhites came together and pedalled away to claim their right to sustainable energy in a first of…

App Allows Votes Against Monsanto, For GMO Labeling.

A new app aims to become an engine for consumer activism, helping users spend money on products from companies they share causes with, boycotting those they don’t. The prime targets at the moment are Monsanto and Koch brothers.

Monsanto Halt Production In Europe.

Monsanto halt production of genetically modified corn in all of Europe, except Spain, Portugal and Czech republic. The agribusiness multinational states not to spend any more money on trials, development, marketing, court cases or anything else to get GM corn…

Trella Laughlin Has Lived A Lifetime Of Exposing Injustices.

Most people’s lifeworks are gathered in one place, and though invaluable to ourselves, rarely would such work be important to hundreds of people scattered all over the world.

The Truth About GMOs.

One of the hottest and most controversial issues in the world today is genetic engineering and the truth about GMOs. With protests against Monsanto on May 25th in over 400 cities, people have shown that this is a topic they…

Worldwide March Against Monsanto May 25th.

Countless individuals will soon assemble in small and large groups around the nation and the globe alike in worldwide march  protest against Monsanto’s genetic manipulation of the food supply. Organized under the May 25th movement known as the ‘March on…

European Commission to Criminalize All Seeds and Plants Not Registered with Government.

A new law proposed by the European Commission would make it illegal to “grow, reproduce or trade” any vegetable seeds that have not been “tested, approved and accepted” by a new EU bureaucracy named the “EU Plant Variety Agency”.

Protesters Successfully Shut Down California Monsanto Office.

A recent two-day protest in Northern California against  genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) led to the complete shutdown of a Monsanto  corporate office for an entire day, according to reports. On Friday, March 16,  2012, activists affiliated with the Global Days of…