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People All Around the World Take to Streets to Protest Against Climate Engineering.

Organizers have designated April 25th “The Global March Against Geoengineering”. Since many will be recognizing Earth Day on April 25th, this is a prime time to expose the climate engineering issue.

France Declares All New Rooftops Must Be Topped With Plants Or Solar Panels

A new law recently passed in France mandates that all new buildings that are built in commercial zones in France must be partially covered in either plants or solar panels.

Something The Entire World Should See – Most Of Us Are Simply Unaware

North East of Hawaii, the ocean currents form a giant whirl pool of debris from around the Pacific, the scientific name is called the North Pacific Gyre. It’s one of the largest ecosystems on Earth, comprising of millions of square…

A Video Showing Earth 100 Million Years From Now

Earth’s landmasses were not always what they are today.

What The MSM Isn’t Telling You… The Pacific Ocean is Dying.

The mainstream media is great at pointing readers in the direction they want them to go, reporting what they want people to focus on and downplaying, hiding, burying the information they don’t want you to know, or to rephrase, information…

Never Happened Before: Frozen Waves Crashing Into The Beach

The large drop in temperature has broken hundreds of records this winter, making February one of the coldest months in US history. In Massachusetts though, has so cold that even the waves begin to freeze. 

Non-Biodegradable Plastics, Do We Really Need It? Plastic VS Green Alternative

By Richie Holterman We have a Plastic-problem, and I’m not talking about the social “image” one is encouraged to maintain, I’m talking about an actual issue causing extinctions of entire families of species upon our planet, Us included. And it…

Some People Tried to Help Τhe Animals Ιn Flaming Australia.

The fire in Adelaide, Australia, continues its destructive work and dozens of people flee in danger from the flames. Among them there are those who are brave and tried to help the animals that faced destruction.