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Amazing: This Girl Got The Alien Voice. She Can Sing Two Notes at Once

This Girl Got The Alien Voice. She Can Sing Two Notes at Once
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  1. Eloise Meyer have you seen this?

  2. Darn! Really wanted to hear this, but the site isn’t mobile friendly and crashed my IPad. Searching YouTube.

  3. Harmonics, or overtone singing. One set of tones is created with the vocal cords, there are seven places in the mouth and throat to essentially, whistle concurrantly.

  4. The Mongolian throat singers do this also, and lower tones as well.

  5. Humans have two sets of vocal cords, with teaching, you can learn to use both

  6. Richard Ward says:

    Jennifer Simon Ward

  7. Perfekt som avkoblingsmusikk

  8. Seef Saffah says:

    Tibetan monks have been doing this for ever! So why call it ‘alien’??

  9. I’m a big fan of Tuvan throat singing.

  10. Beautiful singing :-), stupid headline.

  11. Holy crap causes goose bumps “all over my body”!!!

  12. Majo Piazza says:

    Étrangement beau

  13. Nyla Cione says:

    I’ve seen this before – it’s awesome

  14. Laura McLean says:

    I can do the Tuvian thing! Also whistle and hum simultaneously! Get me a job doing this. : )

  15. Really? We are so going to do something about this! How magical!

  16. Laura McLean says:

    I will trade you a couple enlightened Cowboys!!hawwww

  17. Laura McLean says:

    Wait…a couple OF…not a couple ; )

  18. Overtone singing is great 🙂 doesnt take to much practice to learn actually but that being said she has great tone in her harmonics!

  19. Rena Cookson says:

    Abby Yarbrough have you seen this??

  20. denis says:

    Too much !

  21. Kim Scott says:

    Seriously. I rather see a foot with 6 toes .

  22. Canis Majoris says:

    Nice try,weirdo

  23. Really strange! But nice!

  24. Quite a talent… trouble is I don’t like the song.

  25. It sort of sounds a little eerie!

  26. Yes. It would be interesting if they could sing something ‘normal’

  27. Hester Langstraat het bestaat nog ook

  28. it is like throat singing. see mongoling singing..

  29. check out throat singing… lots of different styels & music check out modern style done to rock music.. on youtube.. mongolan throat singing..

  30. Billiejo Bennett thanks, I have listened to some. As I said very talented.

  31. Lisa Norris says:

    Acoustics… echo.

  32. Actually, it’s totally possible. The Gregorian monks have been doing it for centuries. I personally can do it, though it’s far less controlled than that.

  33. Roger Bailey says:

    I think it is beautiful.

  34. Hazel Nuts says:

    This is the most useful talent I have ever seen.

  35. Mias Van Den Berg says:

    I’d like to see her do that while keeping her hands still.

  36. Gordon Onomatapea Bennet says:

    its actually spelled..useless!

  37. Chris Baker says:

    Other than the goofy as hell hand/arm gestures, that was super cool.

  38. majorKAP says:

    Damn. That’s three minutes and twenty five seconds that I’ll never get back. I could have rotated my shoe trees in that time.

  39. hailey says:

    lol all these people saying how unimpressed they are… do you have any idea the kind of control and development that goes into that? there’s a reason only Monks can do it usually. I sang opera professionally for years and barely came close to this, although I wasnt trying for it. But the amount of resonance she’d have to have to produce this, the amount of compressed power in her voice, is exceptional. **** me, people are so jaded these days, even when they don’t understand what they’re looking at.

  40. hailey says:

    that probably helps her concentrate. it takes an extraordinary amount of focus to do something like this.

  41. hailey says:

    it’s a step above the talent some people have for trolling people with talent.

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