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THIS IS HUGE: NASA Records Sounds From Space, And It’s Absolutely Terrifying.

  • Matt Peake

    urnaus has rings??

  • Matt Peake


  • Luis Katroulis

    In the video, earth has a song and a voice. Assuming voice is the “electromagnetics” that we hear for the rest planets, what could the song of earth be?

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  • So says NASA, well any sound can be recorded but there is natural sounds from any planet or moon, ect, I mean Saturn does not have all those rings of rocks spinning round without no sound that can’t be picked up with high technology, everything makes a sound, just have to be able to tune into it ,funny the military hide any Alien sightings though?

    • “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”
      by Edgar Allan Poe, is a phrase that suits perfectly here! 🙂

    • Stupidity causes misconceptions by Edgar Allan Poe, suits perfectly sir.

  • Sounds like The Shining soundtrack

  • Jerry L. Potter

  • Cool!

  • Liz Dingeldei

    I could meditate to that!!

  • Steve LaFontaine


  • pizza boy

    2001 movie

  • Not terrifying, just wonderful

  • s

    So… Kubrick was right

  • These are amazing!

  • Gilbert Randall

    Could be signals emitted by the planets so that travellers can locate them from huge distances and navigate to them. Similar to what planes use to find airports except in a much larger scale.

  • Luke Mendes

    NASA cant be trusted with this crap. They are scamming the planet. Every nation pays them. Space is just like Underwater. Guillermo the director of ‘Gravity’ got it correct. Its like being underwater. There is no wind in space. Space should sound like being underwater. its ether all over. a Vacuum. Sad the world is getting scammed by this organisation.

    • Scott Koue

      It would be nice if folks who really don’t understand the science didn’t pretend to know it. A vacuum is nothing like underwater. Space is an almost perfect vacuum so it’s about 15 psi less that sea level. There is very little mater in that space so sound doesn’t travel well because “sound” is a displacement wave and with nothing to displace it just doesn’t propagate far. Under sea on the other hand has extremely high pressures (go really deep and you are looking at thousands of PSI) and is mostly water, which is pretty dense and doesn’t compress much. So sound travels fast and a long way underwater.

      However what is in the video is low frequency radio waves which is not “sound”, so you are right that the explanation is dumbed down to the point of being BS, but the RF does exist and they just took the RF and translated it directly to sound waves so you can hear it. It all sounds very much like contact mics of large objects and the reason that is sounds like “a SiFi movie” is because sound designers have for years used contact mic recordings as “space” sounds.

      What is similar to underwater and would make the RF in space slightly similar to the sound waves under water is that RF in space can travel far and fast because the things that get it it’s way on Earth are missing in the vacuum of space. What makes them totally different is that most of the sound underwater is created by living and mechanical things moving. Even if they were all moved into space living and mechanical things don’t generate a lot of RF.

      The most interesting / surprising thing about the video is that really large cosmic events and planetary events create RF with similar qualities to terrestrial sonic waves.

      Oh and there is a kind of “wind” in space, but it’s electromagnetic. But if you were thinking that these recordings sound like wind on Earth I think you need to pay more attention to what wind sounds like. For a hint it pretty much makes no sound till it interacts with objects. When you hear “wind” you are hearing the wind go through or around something.

  • ceili_dancer

    How is it supposed to sound terrifying?

  • Sky Palma

    Here’s the article this website ripped off without giving any credit: