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4 Reasons Why Deep People Feel Alone and Misunderstood.

  • Tali Oriya Gross de term “deep people” bestaat ook al 😉

  • Don’t worry about it. Life is too brief to let that bother you.

  • Photon

    You forgot how most of the population (unfortunately) is rather stupid sheeple.

  • Life has taught me to not care what people think of me. I know who I am , & those things & beliefs that define me.

  • Cocktails!

  • Felicity. (Just learned that word today. It’s an awesome word. 😉

  • Saengthip Keosaeng

  • I LOVE to be an deep person. So, doesn’t matter they understand or not. I am very happy with my mind and heart. Nah, I can’t say this is a bad thing… This is wonderful, being deep, feeling deeply and loving deeply. So, live without boundaries and tell everything to f<3ck themselves kindly. <3

  • Raemi

  • All true, I can be a bit impatient when other people don’t get it.