North Dakota Is The First US State To Legalize Armed Police Drones.

  • They will be blown out of the sky if they are caught flying over my house!

  • Good. After January 20th, fly it over the white house and level it. Make sure the Orangutan is there

    • Watch you mouth Sir…You are threatening our President Elect.. Like him or not he is our President for the next 4/8 yrs … Settle down..It will be ok…

    • Carol Summars Boling, the beauty of our country us, we have freedom of soeech. You are anither redneck bitch. He is not, and will not be my president. No pervert, and sex offender is not going to be my president
      So my words to you are GO FUCK YOURSELF

  • New bird hunting game irl

  • Has to be reversed and fast.

  • George Orwell just spun in his grave.

  • Of course it would be North Dakota with Standing Rock happening right now..

  • Looking at these riots we have had the past few years, drones armed with tear gas would have an effect without endangering a police officer’s life.
    Armed with something stronger if used against a terrorist would likely have the same result.
    Used against innocent civilians is where the paranoia sits in.
    Let’s hope it never gets to the extreme of that.

    • I’m going to guess they will be using it on peaceful water protectors since a lot of the police are starting to come to their senses and not wanting to defend big oil companies #waterislifeforeveryoneandthing

    • That’s a whole nother mess. I saw the map of the path of the pipeline. It crosses the river near the Indian’s land, then crosses back across the river. Why they didn’t plan a route that just avoided the river all together, I have no idea.

  • Orwellian

  • Now it begins “Terminator “

  • And there will be one drone that errorly will atack people without cops knowlege….

  • Cool, but that may turn around and bite law enforcement in the ass once the assholes figure it out.

  • They need to head on over to Portland an LA .

  • Think it is a great thing….

  • Good, now they can injure, maim or kill there own as their government is doing in the middle east, africa, afghanistan

  • The beauty of our constitution  is freedom of speech. and you can’t stop it. he is as fucked up as you are you fuckin bitch

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  • The police state is here and it’s about to get worse!

  • WTF !!!

  • He is not OUR  president elect. He may be yours, but he sure in the ain’t mine. We are going to prosecute your asshole.

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