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7 Subtle Indicators of Psychosis.

  • Jillyin James

    As a trans gender person there really is a conspiracy against my people and considering what I do to survive, I get hand fulls of haters that plot against me and my life has proven that I have trust issues for a reason. It feels like psychosis but when all is said and done its not its genuine caution based of specific articulable experiences and the trauma associated with them. So as psychosis creeps in how can one differentiate and address the underlying cause in the midst of so much dishonesty and hate?

  • Personally I think I’ve encountered other aware energies, having an extended communication with one, and believe myself to have a heightened awareness compared to most (3rd eye fully open) and tend to be wary of those lacking in this. Does that make me psychotic? Before deciding let me say what I don’t believe and find both laughable/tragic/downright scary in others that do. I don’t believe in chem-trails (pure bunkum), I don’t believe the Moon landings are fake (they happened), I have no doubt 9/11 was an action of terrorists (not some so called “false flag” attack) and I find laughable the idea of a group called the Illuminati that are seeking to establish a New World Order (delusional). Also, whatever I think, I employ mind tools such as Counter-intuitive thinking (scientific approach) and Occam’s Razor when evaluating… …yet by the criteria stated apparently I rate as delusional paranoid psychotic; go figure!

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