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You Have To Choose Her Everyday. (Or Leave Her)

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  1. This is the most perfect thought out well written, from the heart, to your gut, article about what most of us sadly experience in our lives…brought me to tears — his honesty, knowing the hurt it brought her — as a person who wasn’t chosen daily herself….wowwww…such a strong man to be so honest about his wrong actions….I applaud him for realizing, and most probably correcting, the way he loves, and doesn’t love….my hope for all men to know and understand what it does to us women who love them so…

  2. Yep, sometimes you gotta be cruel to be kind….

  3. Bob Ritchey says:

    While I agree that we need to know when to end things, the overly simplistic idea that we should “choose” someone might be better if we replaced it with mature partner selection. If we get swept up by chemistry wit out test compatibility, we will repeat this cycle over and over. Learn to see past the rose colored glasses of a new relationship.

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