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This is What the Ideal Woman’s Body Looks Like, According to Science

  • ..totally agree 🙂

  • Women with curves RULE!

  • Agree !!!

  • I absolutely love looking at curvy women. And I’m straight.

  • There is no perfection. What matters is being satisfied by the way you are. =)

  • Pasop net waar jy stilhou oral wagtende oe en hande op kwaad veilige plek lekker ontspanne

  • Healthy is what’s important…we are all shaped different…’perfect’ is a silly word…

  • No such animal as perfect all shapes and sizes women are beautiful all in their own ways.

    • you *** the ugly ones then.

      • Sam Pearson

        Your attractiveness just went down with that comment

  • Oh well…..

  • I don’t care. The perfect body is the person

  • Every woman has a perfect body to her husband 😉

    • My ex husband preferred four other women’s bodies. The fool, lol.

    • Catherine Maniford, belive me he ain’t wise. if a man prefer the carcass than the core, then no doubt he is foul!

  • What I found really interesting in this article, is that they say they use skinny models because they are trying to sell clothes. If the average woman is not the size of a runway model, shouldn’t they make the clothes differently? I think clothing designers should consider all body types in their designs. Some things should flatter the tall slender types, because some people are shaped that way, but a lot of women have wide hips or larger breasts, so even being “skinny” (or just healthy) they are made to feel like they can’t wear the popular designs. Just make a damn t shirt that can fit her chest in it without buying an xxxxxxxxl. Please.

    • Because they don’t think it’s art

    • RexJ

      Sensible response. Advert actors are usually hired for a shoot because of a particular physical attribute – not a whole body shot.
      Movies actors are the same.
      We’re not a perfect species that fits the caricature of the liquid marketing fashion industry – we’re better then that.
      What makes a woman beautiful is not just looks – try looking at two photo’s of women. One clothed and smiling – one naked and not, then swap them around – then add personality to the mix.

  • Oh, geez. In the US we measure in inches. I nearly fell over when I saw 99-63-91. She’d be a giant.

  • Becka evolution says you’re perfect

  • UncleJoe223

    They’re all perfect.

  • The body does not matter! The love does!

  • we all have different idea of perfect

  • Monika Dluzniewska
    Katherine Burge
    Laura Albarran
    My calendar beut!

  • This must be before kids and liposuction

  • The perfect female body is the body-size you decide is perfect for you and feel comfortable, happy and healthy with.

  • Bah, where’s the backfat?

  • This has nothing to do with the truth inside you.

  • photoshopped maybe?

  • Bart van Orizande
    Boris van Duijn
    Mika Ignatius
    Max Blom
    Now you know who that gawj girl in the hallway is

  • RomertL

    She definitely look healthy, more so than most catwalk models that can almost look sick because they’re so thin. Does she look more healthy than a fitness model model? I don’t think so.i think she would look even more healthy with a more tuned body

  • A very confused commentary. Isn’t it the case that women (and men, for that matter) are constantly pulled between “looking themselves” and assimilating themselves to the latest “look?”

    • I co.mpletely agree. Why do we have yet another article focussing on women having perfect bodies! Ugh

  • Why are we focussing on women having perfect bodies!! This is just another way of doing that. Ugh!

  • ideal body for a woman is what ever she wants her body to look like- GTFO it!

  • BeeZeeEcoKid

    😱🤔🔫 You just turned women into a walking fertility blobs… So those women that can not have children, do not have pretty face like her and have different proportions than this woman are abnormal ugly TRASH?! Sorry I grew taller and prefer eating mostly veggies and fruits – could never get that size in my life because it is NOT my nature and I am not that body type… Will go shoot myself right now. Seriously DUMB article.

  • Viviana Milioti

  • Naqra barma hmmmm!

  • This is such bs! The ‘perfect’ female body, is the one each female feels comfortable with, regardless of the shallow opinions of society!!!

    • Ellena gd why judge God creation n mk other feel inferior

  • It is of course crap as the perfect body is what makes one happy. However despite this evidence that people like curves, the fashion industry and media persist in pushing skinny and skinnier as “ideal”.

  • Japanese rain goggles.

  • Lol , don’t think so

  • It depends on on individual’s choice what type they like

  • It is all about proportion. Science is about numbers defining aesthetics, which is just another way of saying mating potential.

  • Marianna Kansou

  • it looks like whatever you f*cking want it to-

  • not to me. My Donna has the best body. HUBBA HUBBA

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No need for science to see someone as beautiful. Perfection is not a “constant”.

  • Science is basing their studies in the perfection of shape, the perfect woman’s shape would be impossible if her father is not also a perfect match… and it would be so boring.. everybody looking “perfect” regarding what is perfect for your likings..

  • I thinks she has a beautiful body.. I looked like that once upon a time..and was extremely happy.. now not at all wish I could turn back time

  • 10+

  • Sofia Lindgren-Barrezueta

    All these comments just confirms my thinking, that beauty is on the eye of the beholder. Healthy is what matters. Take care of yourself, eat balanced meals, and exercise frequently. The rest doesn’t matter as much.

  • I guess all our wives had this hevenly perfection many years ago.but good things are never foever including this lady in the picture.

  • Trump calls this “Fat!”

    • Seriously ! I highly doubt that

    • myfav

      Really? When?

  • Noooooooo it is not

  • No

  • Beautiful:)

  • She has a beautiful body. .

  • There is no PERFECT or ideal female body !!!
    Every body is different!!!
    Every female body is unique!!!
    The concept of a perfect body has been passed to us from Ancient Greece.
    But even they found it impossible to find this in real humans.
    When they used male models for their statues, they would use parts of each models body. You know the perfect leg from him, the perfect torso from him and combine the bits, to create the illusion of perfection.
    The concept of perfection is bull….!!!

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has a different opinion of what that “perfect” woman would look like and I respect theirs.
    I don’t know if this was done by polling people, but to me, she’s a bit top heavy. So, my vote would have been different than this result.

  • We are all perfect just the way we are

  • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It comes from within.

  • Truth according to click-bait

    • Justin Avery

      Dang it I was caught.

  • Yea At what age and what life style

  • Kelly Brook is beautiful but I am always suspicious when it comes to so-called scientific studies trying to disclosure love, attractiveness… I do not believe each guy on Earth could like her kind of body, in the same fashion there is no scientific recipe for making an art masterpiece.

  • Scientifically trying to define love and attraction is like putting on a dress shirt and trying to button it from the back. (You struggle, then realise your doing it wrong)

  • The ideal body surely looks like my own body, I’d not be here if I didn’t have it

  • Too thick…..

  • To me, Marilyn Monroe had the perfect body..but thats my opinion.

  • Rumpled

    Ratios / proportions / near-perfect bi-lateral symmetry.

    The most important part of a woman is between her ears.

  • Colin

    There is an old phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and I think it is so right.

  • Science is wrong !

  • A different size from the front to the back?

  • Pretty sure it has to do with personal preference, nothing to do with science

    • Yes culture that you live in also plays a part

  • I’d like to see the body of the ideal male.

  • Every Body is perfect. Most important is what YOU think & not the other way around!

  • Beautiful

  • no it doesnt exist

  • So what does it do better than every other female body?

  • 5″ 6″ Tall 39″ x 25″ x 36″. She looks great and is what I would consider attractive, but I also think that other sizes are attractive as well. Beauty and attractiveness are external and internal, are a combined score. Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone.

  • This is what the world says .What does God say ?.

  • Looks good to me ♡

  • Yes with significant curves and meat to grab on to. This is what I’ve been told.

    • Troll

    • How on earth is she trolling saying this? She’s simply agreeing with the article.

    • Andrew Jensen

      This is mostly true, and the eye is attracted to round shapes, but health and wealth also play a factor. It is dependent on culture, but there is a ratio that underlies most of it. The reason models are usually so skinny is twofold. First they do not want anything distracting away from the clothing, and 2, the camera adds weight. So for the clothing to look like it fits on a camera, it is easier to use someone who is tall and skinny.

  • Oh shame, I am too tall and too slim…

  • Forget the perfect body I want a perfect soul with the mind to go with it.

  • Any takers? Text me, any time

  • What’s the ideal men’s body? This has mugging to do with science.

  • Beauty is subjective, but science is really shallow.

  • Beauty is totally subjective. What are the grounds for the basis of perfection?

  • She looks good – healthy and not too thin or over weight – she looks like she could do whatever she needs to in order to take care of herself. SHE LOOKS CONFIDENT, STRONG AND POWERFUL!

    • She looks…..and looks aren’t necessarily what the person is.

  • The problem with this post is somewhere, there are innumerable young girls, women who already have difficulty finding acceptance among their peer group. No, you can’t shield them from articles like this, but you can present a flip side!

  • I’m one of her legs……I should shoot myself then…..

  • Not so

  • Yes, but for whom

  • Aneta

    There’s no way that Kelly Brook’s measurements are 99-63-91! Her body’s shape has proportions like in that measurements, but it’s more likely (at least) 109-73-101.

  • Earthlife

    are we shocked that models are skinny things that make gay men happy – they dress them to be as their idea boy lover not as women men love

  • lesliebarnes8

    I tried to model at 15 and was told that I would need to lose weight. It took me another 11 years ( and several handsome boyfriends lol ) to finally see myself in a positive way. Now, 15 year old Leslie would have no problem modeling. My figure back then would be just right now. I am so happy for my beautifui daughter, who “get it from her momma” , isn’t shamed for her lovely curves.