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8 Signs You Have A Strong Personality That Might Scare Some People.

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  1. No wonder….now that figures.

  2. what’s the deal with the arabic fonts plug? are you insane?

  3. Don’t even need to take the test….

  4. Fred Laude says:

    Sebastien Collin
    Tim Roozing
    Jo Macfarlane
    Mels Jonas
    Virginie Laude
    Gilles Marguier
    Cameron Jones
    Camille Cesbron
    Fanny MB
    Gwen Breizh
    Jacqui Rye
    Lisa Ekdahl
    Laeti Glendewar
    Renate Verbrugge

    Interesting read ,,,for some,,,,may be,,,a sense of freedom,,,,definitely ✌️

  5. Don’t be too harsh with yourself

  6. Some explanation to believe 🙂

  7. Avicenna Titans says:

    True. Now I understand.

  8. dilike, a kétfarkú cicuska, says:


  9. caca says:

    wha? donald trump character? jajajajajajaj he loves you

  10. caca says:

    no arabic fonts are permited in united states

  11. BethLC says:

    Now you tell me, now I know!

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