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The Day I Stopped Choosing You.

The Day I Stopped Choosing You
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  1. i chose to live, instead of dying every day.

  2. Carrot Zol says:

    Uyaral Luvsandorj fml

  3. jaaaaaaa goeenaaa naijaaaa jugeelee jugeelee iim um bdimaa

  4. Janeen Herr says:

    I don’t KNOW you, you who wrote this, but I DO know you, because I felt all of this, and you, thankfully have been able to capture the essence of what we have had to go thru to be this. I am so very sorry that you had to experience this pain, to be able to know it and write so succinctly about the details. I will tell you this. I will promise you this; someday, you will you WILL be able to move forward into the Light, and you will love yourself as much as you loved another. That is the #Truth Inside Of You

  5. For a moment in time you captured my heart. Right from the start I was captured by not only your words but the feelings that you brought out of me, that I had once felt in my life before. Love is so strong and when it’s wrong it begins to sin. Freeing yourself from sin is the BEST feeling, in time it heals the heart will feel.just be yourself and be real, and always remember it takes time to heal!

  6. This is so beautiful! I love this not many can capture ones feeling when writing

  7. I didn’t stop chossing you Lisa.

  8. lol… You left Steve. You’re still gone. That’s not really a conversation for Facebook though.

  9. Been through this…no more excuses for anyone…

  10. Such a beautiful comment… Thank you Janeen for your words and these beautiful vibes here! We do appreciate it!

  11. Anne Millar says:

    I never understand the I-chose-to-love-you thing. U love what/who u love, it’s not xactly a conscious choice.

  12. What a wonderful read ♡ When I really started seeking what true love was and learning how to remove ALL toxic people from my life …which included my husband , my parents, my in laws and close friends…. a beautiful healing and peace came .I learned by leaving my painful relationships I created a ripple effect of healing for not just myself but those I cherished ♡
    It takes courage to stand up for what you know is right ♡
    Much love and strength to those of you are finding it in yourself to change the destructive patterns that will destroy your peace. May you be encouraged to love yourself and build the life you deserve ♡

  13. Adnan Arif says:

    simply incredible it is….so much feelings so much emotions in single passage…no words just marvelous

  14. Marty Gray says:

    Been taking out my lil darlin for 55yrs , for better or for worse it is baby xo

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