Asteroid passing close by Earth, has a one in 250 million chance of colliding with Earth

March 5, 2016 is when we will experience the fly-by of Asteroid 2013 TX68. Coming in at somewhere between 11,000 and 9,000,000 miles, the asteroid is 100 feet in diameter and twice the size of the Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded…

Are We Alone In The Universe?

After decades of space-related research and space missions, there is a some-what hard to explain fact concerning it. We have yet to find a form of life on other planets. Don’t Aliens exist, after all?

Our Night Sky, if Celestial Bodies Were Closer to Earth.

From breathtaking nebulae to spectacular galaxies, the cosmos is chock-full of stunning celestial objects.

The International Flag For The Next Mission In Space.

The “Red Planet” is considered the next big “new frontier” of Humanity. And while studies show that the prospect of colonization is considered difficult because of the inhospitable environment, the flag will place scientists when they finally manage to reach…

Extraterrestrial Civilizations Visited the Earth in the Distant Past

It isn’t a question anymore, if ancient man was visited by intelligent extraterrestrial beings in the distant past. A great amount of evidence has been gathered that proves that in the distant past, human beings were visited by beings from…

New Impressive Galaxy Map.

For the first time in a galactic image are contained stars and cosmic matter.Impressive and important data for research activity the new galaxy map.

Spectacular Video Spacewalk From GoPro Camera.

For most of us, these videos are the best substitute for a real walking space. Astronauts wore GoPro camera before going to work outside the International Space Station received spectacular shots in high resolution.

What an Astronaut’s Camera Sees at Night.

Featuring the haunting, ethereal music of Axial Ensemble, title track “Premonition.” Aboard the ISS, we fly along over Earth’s luminous nocturnal landscapes, with Dr. Justin Wilkinson as our guide.