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Extraterrestrial Civilizations Visited the Earth in the Distant Past

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  1. Jajati panda says:

    stop this crap man. There is no solid evidence about aliens and UFOs. This writings are purely taken from Ancient aliens show in History TV which has been firmly rejected by scientists as pseudo science .If aliens had really visited our planets then why don’t we have solid proofs about them. If they were interpreted as Gods then why did our ancestors worship them???Then we can infer that those aliens might have helped our ancestors by some way. If that is so then why did the aliens help them???Also why don’t they visit us frequently???One thing is also left. This site claims that the writings in ancient texts say about aliens and mahabharata is one of them. You need to know that mahabharata also has mentions of extraterrestrial creatures other than lord krishna and other gods. IT clearly mentions that creatures of other planet do exist.If lord krishna was an alien himself then why didn’t the text mention him as an extraterrestrial creature? Also why do we have moral and ethical values in texts like geeta,mahabharat,Bible etc. Did aliens teach them to the natives??

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