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Green Moon Phenomenon on 20th April 2016

Green Moon
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  1. I was thinking if it happens every 420 years, how could their be a pic?

  2. Brave Art says:

    make sure you sit on the lawn and scoot around on your butts people, if you want to see a green moon …

  3. Sounds too coincidentally pot-related to be true. Green on 4/20? 420 years? Dude. 🙂

  4. Wow..your thought is amazing!!

  5. Diane May says:

    Untrue! This is a SCAM!

  6. Oh come on! Don’t be so stupid.

  7. Anonyme says:


  8. Jeff Hudson says:

    420 in the afternoon!

  9. Kenneth Saastad says:

    oh dea. if this happends every 420 year than this pic is clearly just demonstration of what they imagine it would look like..

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