First Solar Road in the World Opened by France.

A kilometer long road made with solar panels is open in a village in Normandy, in France. It’s part of a $5.2 million and 5 years old project. Though expensive, the project might not be a successful one. However, it…

This Amazing New Tent Will Make You Rethink About Camping!

Summer is almost here and the first equipment for camping have made their appearance.

This Man Grew up Without Electricity, and He Found a Way Around It.

70% of people in Tanzania have no access to electricity at all. George Mtemahanji was one of them growing up. He was even born in a place with no electricity, during the night, and his mother narrates that she had to…

This Revolutionary Spray Turns Windows Into Solar Panels.

A company in the United States has developed a method of spraying windows with a liquid that hardens into see-through solar panels.

Cycle Path Filled With Stars.

In the city Nuenen of Holland where he lived from 1883 until 1885 the famous painter Vincent van Gogh, a cycle path filled with … stars. This is the work of pioneering workshop, «Studio Roosegaarde», which tries to discover with…