Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse Coming TODAY – First Time In 150 Years.

Romantics around the world … unite! The rare phenomenon will take place TODAY and the scientists call it Super Blue Blood Moon. All you have to do is look at the sky, to indulge the magic and realize how “small”…

Supermoon 2017: The Biggest Full Moon of the Year.

On the 3rd of December will make its appearance the most impressive Supermoon of 2017.

Breathtaking Photos from Across the US Captures the Brightest Supermoon in Seven Decades

Some incredible photographs have emerged of the largest full moon in nearly 70 years. The full moon appeared for several days and had Earth-bound skywatchers awed from it’s mesmerizing glow. This was the closest the moon appeared since 1949, according…

New research reveals where the water in the subsoil of the Moon comes from.

When the first humans landed on the Moon, the estimates of experts was that in the unique satellite of our planet there is not a drop of water.