91-Year-Old Terminally Ill Hospital Patient Knits Over 9000 Winter Hats For The Homeless

Ask yourself an honest question: if you came to know that you would die of something, what would you spend your time doing before the inevitable strikes? Most of us would be making bucket lists of sorts, with all kinds…

This Man Turned Old Truck Into Mobile Shower For Homeless People

The so-called ‘homeless problem’ has been faced by the US and other developed nations for quite some years now. The divide between rich and poor has been so great in recent years that the countries cannot find any bridge element…

Homeless Herbie Voice Singing Hallelujah Will Give You Goosebumps

Millions of people live on the streets and survive on whatever other people give them, spending their lives wasting away; while something like this is enough to break our spirits, Herbie gives us much to learn from.

Watch The Surprise To A 4-Year-Old Homeless Girl – Her Reaction is Priceless!

Even though we don’t like to admit it, we all love getting gifts on our birthday, especially when we don’t expect to. And that’s exactly what happened to a 4-year-old girl named Bella when Christian entertainment group, the Prayksters, surprised…

Chef Faces $2,000 Fine for Feeding Homeless in San Antonio

A Texas chef who has fed San Antonio’s homeless population for the past 10 years from a non-profit mobile food truck was suddenly cited and fined by local police for feeding the homeless.