9 Celebrity Dads Who Raised Their Kids Alone

We always see posts about single-moms raising their own children. It’s a very common thing, so much so, that we have forgotten that there are many fathers do the same too. Fatherhood is just as important as motherhood and both…

According To Science Fathers Have More Influence In A Daughter’s Life

A family is full of feelings of love, affection, and harmony of which love is the strongest that holds all together. It is often noticed that mothers have an essentially strong bond with their sons, while daughters share a special…

The Inspirational Story Behind This Photo Of A Poor Farmer & His Son

It is very easy to just give up, and lament the fact that the world conspired against you. Very simple, in fact, to let fate take its course, and surrender to it. But, that doesn’t make you a lucky winner.…

53 Year Old With Down Syndrome Reunites With His Father And Is The Best Thing In The World

A child’s first idea about adulthood and being functional comes from its father. A father symbolizes authority and power, but at the same time, a kind of strong love, and presence that promises the child security and stability.

12 Things That Happen When Daddy Is Left Alone With The Baby

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These Hilarious Dads Will Do ANYTHING For Their Daughters

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Children Of Superheroes – Hilarious Comics Show How Adorable and Menacing They Can Be!

Have you ever wondered how would the children of superheroes be? Eduardo Lucas Nascimento is crazy about comics and of course, has such concerns. So he decided to sit down to paint the little offsprings of famous superheroes.