Rare White Giraffes Caught on Camera for First Time in History

Once in a while, the Earth decides to mesmerize us with things as rare as this. Making us re-evaluate our choices as we keep destroying such a wonderful planet. Recently, a survey showed that white giraffes might go extinct thanks…

Photographer Captures The Glimpse of Love In Animals And It’s Too Adorable

Artist named Freya Ever After started a beautiful project in which she captures the glimpse of love in animals. The birds, horses, cats, and dogs are too adorable.

Quimera Is Probably The Cutest Accident That Ever Happened To Nature.

This is Quimera, a beautiful cat from Argentina, whose unusual features is the reason she went viral on the Internet.

Couple Fashion Makeshift LIFEJACKET To Help their Aging Goldfish Swim

A young couple has come up with a brilliant solution to save their goldfish from a terrible existence.

Animal Shelter Collaborated With An Elderly Care Center To Save Both Orphaned Kittens And Elders

An animal center has recently organized to have their kittens cared for at the elderly care center and the results have been incredible.

Mama Elephant Blocks The Road For THIS Reason

This amazing video captures just how smart elephants are! The leader of the small group of elephants emerges out of the jungle and on to the road.

How Much Consciousness Does An Octopus Have?

Animals ranging from parrots to elephants continue to challenge our perception of consciousness, long-held as a uniquely human trait. But the reaches of consciousness don’t stop at animals. The ethics of consciousness, not just in humans but also animals and…

This Video Shows Thousands Of Birds Dancing in The Sky

There is something moving about seeing so many individual birds unite in the sky as one. It may have something to do with our yearning for connection; with nature, with our higher selves, with each other. Whatever the reason, I hope you…