Pepsi Admits That Its Aquafina Bottled Water Is Just Tap Water

Aquafina Bottled Water
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  1. Karen Young says:

    No way…. Having said that they all put the quality of water at source on the label…..which is not the quality when we drink it. That should be what’s on the label

  2. What’s shocking is that people find this shocking.

  3. Jen Albin says:

    I knew there was a reason I didn’t like the taste of it

  4. I don’t use it but it’s good to know.

  5. Roger Levirs says:

    No doubt, taste like crap !!

  6. What’s truly shocking is people have continued paying for water the way they have…

  7. Karen Young says:

    I don’t find it shocking in itself, am shocked they have admitted to it

  8. Isaac Mills says:

    Charlotte Wild-Mills

  9. Darren Baker says:

    Brandi Nicole Joy Lister well I be …

  10. Darren Baker says:

    That’s why I was never a fan of Aquafina. Or Dasani

  11. I wonder who else is doing that

  12. I always didn’t like it anyway.

  13. Not surprised. It tastes funny. I never liked it.

  14. I’m shocked because I always wondered about it being just tap water. It just doesn’t taste good.

  15. Fiji is the best.

  16. Don Hopkins says:

    Not suprised, research the unapproved sweatner they put in pepsi and what it does to ts. Never drink Pepsi products

  17. Muhammad Umair Abdul Razzaque

  18. which is why i dont drink it.

  19. No surprise there then!!

  20. Why are they being arrested?

  21. Well, most bottled water is further treated tap water.

  22. How about a class action lawsuit for fraud and false advertising?

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