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Bottled Water Exposed (Not Good) & A List Of Brands To Avoid Revealed By Experts.

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  1. I have many sincere doubts about this article. I will continue to purchase Ozarka as it’s pure spring water and Ozarka does NOT add Fluoride. I do purchase GV water

  2. Jackie Crowe says:

    Bottled water not only takes out impurities but also takes out all the things that make water, water..

  3. You will have to expound on that, the understanding of the article, provided you actually read it, more said the were more things added,i.e. Fluoride, than removed. So your comment is a misnomer

  4. Te das cuenta que los USA es el mayor consumidor y el mayor productor de basura plástica que manda a la INDIA !!! Perdón ? Guau !

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