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Incredible Discovery: Say Goodbye To The Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth In 9 Weeks.

  • Shirley, you might want to read this.

    • Sounds great but the procedure is not available yet and I would bet it will be even more expensive than an implant when it is.

  • Burhan Guney read on askım!

  • Patrick Lippold

  • amazing just wooooow

  • Ernani Maeda

  • Problem is insurance companies seldom pay anything for it. So it’s out of pocket 2-4K per tooth

  • Chubamen Kubzari

  • Ahmed read the article

  • Grow a yellow stained tooth…??? Internet bullshit…… The article should start off… .Dear morons …..

    • Yes, things like smoking and coffee stain our teeth yellow but not everyone has naturally white teeth. Once we lose our white baby teeth also known as milk teeth, our DNA dictates the natural color of our permanent teeth. Yellow is more a natural color for unstained teeth than bleach white.